The Strongest Violent Emperor Chapter 983

Chapter 983: Inauguration as the lord

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"If any of you feels that he is qualified for the position of this city lord, my son can let it out."

Liu Ce smiled slightly.


When the leaders of the major forces heard the words, the corners of their mouths twitched. Stop talking.

Isn't the city lord who is going to be the Black Flame City who is the one who is going to die? Naturally, no one will want to. Therefore, no one of these people will persuade them anymore, and some people are willing to be substitutes. For these forces, it is naturally better.

"Okay, let's sign an agreement. At that time, if you run away before the demons, no matter where you are from, you will be wanted by our entire Blue League."

Jiang Chao looked at Liu Cedao.


Liu Ce picked up the contract in front of Jiang Chao.

After reading it carefully, Liu Ce smiled faintly at Jiang Chao, "However, after this young man has repelled the demons, he can continue to serve as the city lord of Heiyan City, is this clause also written? Into the contract?"


Jiang Chao frowned. This clause was indeed not written into the contract, but the Juyuan Sect gave up this Black Flame City only as a stopgap measure, and their Juyuan Sect was naturally unwilling to truly give up this Black Flame City. Although this Black Flame City is not the most prosperous giant city under the Juyuan Gate, its geographical location is the best. It can hold the hub of the entire blue sky region, which is of great significance to the Juyuan Gate.

But soon Jiang Chao laughed at himself. How come I suddenly suffer so much from gains and losses. How could this guy be able to hold the Black Flame City, the power of the Demon Race, Jiang Chao knew very well. Even if they let them guard the Juyuan Gate, they might not be able to defend the Juyuan City. How could this person from Yunlongyu, a remote country, be able to hold on.

However, I think so much what to do. This person is only used as a scapegoat. Whether he can keep it or not, what does it have to do with our Juyuanmen?

This Jiang Chao never thought of handing over Black Flame City. Previously handed over the seal of the city lord, it was only Jin Chan escaped from the shell.

"Okay, this one, I can write it down, I hope Young Master Liu can successfully defend the Black Flame City."

Jiang Chao immediately wrote this article on the contract with a pen.

Soon, Jiang Chao left.

Of course, even though Liu Ce became the lord of the Black Flame City, he couldn't collect a bit of the resources in the Black Flame City.

Although Liu Ce received the seal of the lord of the Black Flame City, the major forces in the Black Flame City were extremely disdainful of him. He didn't pay much attention to Liu Ce, the city lord.

Of course, Liu Ce never wanted to get help from the major forces in Black Flame City. The main thing comes from the power of the big man.

The army of the big man, Liu Ce can be recruited from the Heavenly Palace.

After arriving at the City Lord's Mansion, Liu Ce sent out a talisman.

The army of five million Dahan entered the heavenly palace, and then flew towards the blue sky.

Although Tiangong is huge, the speed of flight is definitely not slow. Five days should be enough to reach Black Flame City.

At the same time, the one million troops of the demons were rushing towards the Black Flame City.

Black Flame City was a little turbulent at this time. After all, Juyuanmen's abandonment of the Black Flame City had long been spread throughout the city. No one knows.

Before the Juyuan Sect was suppressing, therefore, some forces in Heiyan City were relatively honest and did not dare to cause chaos in Heiyan City, but at this moment, Juyuanmen gave up Blackyan City, and some of the monsters, ghosts and snake gods of Heiyan City came out to make chaos. .

For a time, the City Lord's Mansion was all people who came to report the crime.

"Your Majesty, the big thing is not good, now the entire Black Flame City is in chaos, what are we going to do?"

Fei Puff frowned slightly.

Although Fei Peng, Zhonglou and others are very strong. But now guarding the Black Flame City could not solve the problem by force.

"Huh, is this obviously the major forces in the Black Flame City stumbling us?"

Liu Cexin is like a mirror, so naturally he knows what's going on.

"Your Majesty, what should I do? If this Black Flame City becomes chaotic, it will not be good for us."

Fei Peng said anxiously.

"Chaos can't be messed up. The Black Flame City is going to be chaotic, and it's not good for anyone. These forces just want to warn me who is the master here, and they also think that we are alone and can't fight them. "

Liu Ce said blankly.

"Your Majesty, that..."

Scaboo is still a little anxious.


"Let's go, where is the most messy?"

Liu Ce asked.

"On Zhongyuan Street."

Fei Peng said.

"Then go to Zhongyuan Street."

Liu Cedao.

At this time, in a magnificent villa in Heiyan City, the heads of several major forces gathered together.

"Sect Master Zhao, do you think this outsider knows each other?"

Guo Chaodao, the Lord of the Earth Dragon Association.

"If you don't know each other, you must know each other. As long as the time comes, he will come to us. We will take the initiative. In the future, the black flame will be round or flat. Even if he is the city lord, we still have the final say."

Zhao Bingquan, the master of the Black Wolf Gate said.

"Hahaha, that's right, that's it. I just don't know how long he will persist before coming home. The Lord of the Association is looking forward to it."

Guo Chao, the host of the Earth Dragon Club, smiled.

In another courtyard in Heiyan City

"Hong Lian, what do you think of the new city lord?"

A burly middle-aged man asked faintly as he looked at the distant view outside the window with his hands behind his back. .

"Father, what do you mean?"

A 17 or 18-year-old girl with a beautiful face asked with a silver bell-like voice.

"The children play house, the forces of the Juyuan Sect dare not guard the Black Flame City. Only a few people can stop the Demon Race. If you don't believe it, just the major forces of the Black Flame City, he won't necessarily pass it. Up."

Middle-aged manly.

"Father, my daughter doesn't think so."

The girl said indifferently.

The middle-aged man turned his head and looked at the girl in surprise and asked, "Hong Lian, what do you think?"

"Father, do you think that people who are not sure about it, dare to take the seal of the city lord? Or the other party is too frustrated and wants to enjoy the power of the city lord before death. Or the other party has no idea about the arrival of the demon ."

The girl smiled.


The middle-aged man thought about it carefully and felt that what his daughter said did not seem to be true.

"Then the other party is really sure?"

The middle-aged man thoughtfully said.

"Well, my daughter, the other party must be sure. Otherwise, it is impossible to joke about your own life, unless the other party is a fool. But the people my daughter sends to observe, these people, obviously cannot be fools."

Girl Road.

"Well, it makes sense."

The middle-aged man nodded slightly.

"Lian'er, do you think we should choose to support them?"

The middle-aged man frowned.

"Father, we have already lived here. We are under the Great Yuan Sect on the Black Flame City, and under the suppression of the major forces of the Black Flame City. We have no choice. If the demon army comes, all of us will be in vain. . But if we choose to send charcoal in the snow when the new city lord comes, it seems..."

Girl Road.

"Lian'er, you are going to gamble..."

The middle-aged man stared at the girl blankly.

"Father, in fact, everything we are in Black Flame City now, even if we don't gamble, can we still keep it when the Demon Race comes?"

The girl looked at her father seriously.

The middle-aged man thought for a few breaths, and finally made a decision. In fact, when her daughter faced some key choices in the family, she made the right decisions and never made mistakes.

This time, the middle-aged man decided to believe his daughter's judgment. What's more, his daughter's last words really moved him.

Yes, ten days later, after the arrival of the demons, it doesnt matter whether you choose or not, but if this mysterious son can really repel the demons, then their family will obviously get Great benefits, this is beyond doubt.

Zhongyuan Street, this is the most prosperous place in Heiyan City. The hustle and bustle is crowded. Although recently, because of the demons, many foreign caravans have been missing. But this city of Heiyan is extremely huge, and there are many aborigines. Even if the flow of outsiders is reduced, it is still extremely prosperous, and it is not reduced.

But at this moment, all major shops have been smashed. Bragging to be completely confused. Of course, the major shops that were beaten were all forces without the background of the major forces in Black Flame City.

However, because Juyuanmen announced that it had abandoned the Black Flame City, the Heiyuan City at this moment was equivalent to no army maintaining order. Therefore, these people were confident and extremely arrogant. Of course, these people are all sent by major forces, so they are naturally confident.


Fei Peng and Zhonglou stood up.

Liu Ce and Tuxing Sun, Xiaodie, and Young Master Void also stood not far away.

"Boy, who are you? How dare to take care of our affairs?"

A scared man came over.

"Give you ten breaths to lead your people away. Otherwise, kill without mercy..."

Fei Peng said coldly.


The Scar Man didn't know who he was facing, but he was still very confident about himself. With a wave of his hand, dozens of warriors appeared all around.

These people held weapons and surrounded the flying tents from all directions, looking at the flying tents fiercely one by one.

"How are you doing now? Hang up again?"

The scared man looked at Feipong triumphantly.

Fei Peng looked at the scar man coldly. Coldly said: "It's a pity, you will lose your life immediately."


The scabious did not move.

But a terrifying coercion immediately shrouded dozens of ruffians.



Dozens of ground ruffians instantly exploded into blood mist.

Although these ground ruffians can be regarded as cultivating warriors, they are no different from ordinary people in front of Fei Peng.

"What? How come these people died suddenly."

"That prince doesn't seem to be annoying."

"There is a good show, these people see from behind that someone is supporting..."

There was a lot of discussion all around.

Soon, a man in his 30s appeared with a grim expression. He paced to Feipeng's front.

"Boy, do you dare to kill people in the street? Don't you know this is the Black Flame City? This is also a place where you can go wild?"

The grim man looked at Fei Peng threateningly. The latest chapter address of the most violent emperor: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/120192.htmlRead the full text of the strongest violent emperor: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/120192/The strongest violent emperor txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/120192.htmlThe most violent emperor mobile phone reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/120192/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click \"Favorites\" below to record the reading record of this time (Chapter 983 as the city lord), and open the bookshelf next time. To! If you like "The Strongest Rambling Emperor", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), Thank you for your support! ! (www.wuxiaworld)

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