The Talentless Inheritor Book 4 Chapter 133

Volume 4: The Stigma's Truth Chapter 133 Extreme Love Breeds Extreme Hate

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In the end, for the entirety of the trip back, Melody was seeking advice with Sebastian. Ainslie had gotten out at some point, seeing as how she had little to contribute to the conversation. Once they had reached the borders of the city, Sebastian got off the carriage.

"Thank you for guarding us until the end."

"We didn't do much."


Melody looked at Sebastian, who had suddenly become mute after he left the carriage and giggled.

"If fate permits it, let's meet again."

Sebastian and Ainslie both bowed and left. Though the kingdom tolerated assassins like them, it wasn't like they could just storm into the front door. And, Sebastian wouldn't want to go inside anyway.

"Such a curious pair."

Melody couldn't help but laugh as she saw them off.

"I really hope Sana gets better soon. Jeez, that father of hers should just come back and meet with her already."

"Lord Sebastian doesn't seem to be in the country."

After hearing Deimos' report, Amy frowned.

"Are you sure? Foreign assassin organizations wouldn't be able to hide him this well. We've even requested cooperation from the neighboring countriesBlue Rose is the only one that can hide him for so long without any traces."

"Here's the report I received when I filed for an investigation for Lord Sebastian."

'A few pieces of paper?'

It was rare. Usually, they would be given at least a small stack of papers, even when investigating someone as lowly as a beggar.

Amy's eyes scanned through the papers, she already knew everything about his physical information and history from a few years ago, and the records that she was seeing weren't anything new.

After reaching the final page, her frown deepened.

'Location unknown.'

Amy looked at Deimos for an answer, and she responded by handing over a small pouch to Amy. The sound of coins hitting the desk could be heard from them.

"They only kept around a quarter of what we paid and returned the rest."


Typically, instead of returning the money, they would continue investigating. It wasn't like Amy had put a time limit on themthey could send her the information whenever.

However, they had given up after just a few days.

"With this, there are only four possibilities left."

Deimos raised both her hands with two fingers raised each.

"First, he's dead, and his body is somewhere that nobody has seen."

Deimos lowered one finger, and Amy twitched. She bit her lower lip as Deimos continued.

"Second, he's living in a place with no people within miles or that he's changed how he looks."

Deimos lowered another finger on her other hand. Now, both hands only had a single finger raised.

"Third, he's hiding using the influence of a Sage, which is unlikely as he'd be closer to their enemies than allies."

"And fourth, he's affiliated with the higher-ups of Blue Rose, and possibly one of their most important members."

"...How many branches does Blue Rose have?"

"A lot. As far as we know, there are six, and possibly seven. However, that's just what Blue Rose has disclosed. It's entirely possible for them to have ten or more. Seeing as how all of the branches we know of are stationed within the capital of each country, then it's safe to assume that they have a lot more than what they're revealing."

Deimos looked at the file in Amy's hands and continued.

"It's unlikely that we'll be able to find him even if more years pass."

With the truth presented to her, Amy had a hard time accepting it. She clenched the papers in her hands enough for her knuckles to turn white and completely crumple them.

"...please give me some time alone. Don't let anyone within twenty meters of my training room for the next few hours."

"As you wish."


Amy inhaled sharply and swung her sword with enough force to make the air tremble. She was wearing some light clothing, but she was still covered in sweat.

Once she finished her swing, she retracted her sword and took the towel that she left and began wiping her body.

As she did so, her eyes inadvertently caught sight of herself in the mirror, and she paused.

'I've really grown a lot'

When she had read through Sebastian's information from a few years ago, she had realized that she was nearing his height. Though, she had already stopped growing taller a year ago.

'I wonder how much he's changed too'

Amy took a look at herself from top to bottom. Compared to the past, her hair was a little longer, but she had kept it groomed and left it around her lower back. The baby fat on her face had disappeared, and she looked like she had really grown. Her chest had also developed a little more.

If she put her current and past self in a side by side comparison, she would be hard-pressed to realize that they're the same person.


Amy turned around to the source of the voice and saw Deimos with her head lowered.

"What is it?"

"You've already been training for more than six hours. Please take a bath. Dinner will be ready soon."


Then again, her body was all sweaty. Even if she swung her sword for a straight hour, she wouldn't sweat even a little. If that much time had really passed, then it would be understandable.

"Also, please wipe your sweat and wear these before going out."

"Thank you."

Amy took the thin robe from her and began to wipe herself again. She was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts. Clothes fit for training.

"The Saintess had just returned with Sir Douglas."

"I see. How was the mission?"

"They've managed to seize the mine containing gemstones. However, they believe that it's only one of many and wouldn't impact the enemies much."

"Even just a small decrease is fine. One less threat is one more person saved."

Amy had finished cleaning herself up and wore the robe then stepped out of the room. Just as she did so, she saw a familiar face.

"...Saintess Melody."


"Aren't you tired? You've just gone on a trip for a few days."

"I did nothing but sit around and eat during that time, why would I be tired?"

Amy shrugged and moved ahead. Melody walked beside her. Deimos greeted the saint before going off in a different hall.

"Are you about to take a bath?"

"Yes, I have just finished training, after all."

Though they were nearing the bathroom, Melody still continued to follow beside Amy, so she shot her a glance.

"Don't mind me, go ahead and take your bath~"


Seeing as how Melody wasn't planning on leaving her alone, Amy sighed and changed course. Though she was wearing a robe, it wasn't like she wasn't wearing proper clothes underneath.

The two of them arrived in her office.

"What does your holiness need of me?"

"It's about Sana."

"About Sana? Is there something wrong?"

Amy knit her brows.

"So serious~ No, she's fine. You don't have to worry about her. It's just that, she's been feeling down again and I want some advice to get her back to her usual self."

Amy sighed in relief but she couldn't completely remove her worry. After all, it had been a while since she had seen Sana in person.

"...Did she say anything?"

"She did, though you might not like it very much."

Melody giggled and held a palm to her cheek.

"That girl, she said that she misses her father very much."


Melody could see Amy's mood worsen and quickly changed the subject. Though she was the one who brought it up, it wasn't like she did it with any ill-intent.

"I met someone that seemed like her. They both had the same disconnection to the world and hesitation in their abilities. I asked him about the reason for his feelings and he told me that he couldn't see the person he was fond of anymore."

Amy closed her eyes for a moment before responding, "I'll go and visit her next week."

"You will? Thank you~!"

While Amy would typically want to see Sana more, going to meet her was troublesome. The Saintess was a role with little restraints, because she was second and sometimes even on par with the pope.

Two years ago, Sana had caught the attention of the church with her outstanding healing abilities. Wanting to cope with the disappearance of Sebastian, Sana joined even after much dissuasion from Amy. Fortunately, the Saintess was sympathetic to their story and took it under herself to take care of Sana while she was in the church.

However, Sana was no longer just someone being cared for by the church, but instead, the next Saintess.

With the addition to her role, her movements became more restricted. Until she became the Saintess, she would undergo strict training and have her entire day scheduled for her. Because of that, Amy now had to go through many things to get a chance to talk with Sana and as time passed, their contact became less and less frequent as her training became more and more difficult.

"I'll do my best to help you get in too."

"I appreciate it."

As Melody left the room, Amy stood up and got ready to take a bath when she had the sudden urge to pick up the dagger on the table and throw it at the wall.


There, a photograph of Sebastian was nailed to a wooden target and the dagger had struck directly between his eyes.

"I swear I'll find you and I'll kill you myself!"

It was unlike anything the Amy of four years ago could say to Sebastian. The love and care that was always present in her voice when she talked with him had all but disappeared and was replaced by hate and anger.

All the years had taken their toll on her and instead of reuniting with him, she wished to end his life. Her father, their separation, and the night that they spent together before his departure. All of it was swirling inside her heart and creating the vortex of anger.

Deimos was standing outside her door when she heard the dagger hit something.


She called out in her heart as she closed her eyes. There was a single tear streaking down her face as she remembered her mistress from the past. Those sweet and loveable eyes of hers had been replaced with a thorny gaze.

"Please return to how you were"

She made a wish. It doesn't matter if it happens in one or two years, it could even be a dozen. Deimos didn't mind waitingso long as Amy would one day regain the smile on her face.

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