The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Im Yours I Only Like You

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Chapter 1010: Im Yours, I Only Like You

Listening to Xi Jin’s every word, Shen Yunya felt like a fishbone was stuck in her throat. She felt what despair really was at that moment, and how it felt like being repeatedly stabbed in the heart by someone’s knife. She now knew the kind of heart-wrenching pain that tore her to shreds.

“Big Brother Jin, you lied to me. Shen Qingdai must have incited you and encouraged you to do these things. She instigated you to go to the state preceptor to reveal the truth to the world. She initiated all of this.” With tears in her eyes, Shen Yunya shook her head desperately. She could not believe such a thing.

Everything was Shen Qingdai’s fault. She did it. It had nothing to do with her Big Brother Jin.

Xi Jin looked at her coldly and said, “It included the last time when I also deliberately brought Queen Mother over.”

“No, no way, Big Brother Jin, you’re not this kind of man,” Shen Yunya shouted in disbelief. Her tears fell down thick and fast. She held her stomach and sobbed as she said, “This is our child. How can you bear to strike against me?”

How did it feel to have her world crumble and to lose her faith? He clearly knew that he was everything to her.

“Ever since I woke up that time, I have been clear-headed, so I went to the state preceptor and saw the truth. In order to retaliate against you, I took Luo Shiyun as my consort and planned to let you be caught in the act. I had also taken the aphrodisiac pill I was drugged with on that day so as to make you a common consort, in order to let you be lower in class than others, so that you would be disdained by all the people” he explained.

Shen Yunya yelled that it was impossible each time Xi Jin said something. She did not believe that Big Brother Jin would do such terrible things.

Xi Jin ignored the cold-as-ice Si Mobai and gazed gently and affectionately at Feng Tianlan. He said, “I like Dai’er. From the first moment I set my eyes on her, I have liked her. Did you think that more than ten years of feelings could change overnight? I was just giving you hope, and then following it with despair. Everything I had done was only to avenge Dai’er. Because killing you would be letting you off too lightly.”

He had fallen in love with Dai’er from the first moment he saw her. Huddled in a corner, such a tiny person with bright and intelligent eyes full of tears, looking at him in confusion. He would never forget that look in her eyes.

He had loved her for so long and would continue to love her. He only had eyes for Shen Qingdai in this life and no one else.

Si Mobai clenched his fists at his side. He really wanted to step forward and pummel Xi Jin again. Xi Jin had actually declared his love for Lan’er in his face. He wanted to lay waste to Xi Jin!

“Calm down, I’m yours. You’re the one I like,” Feng Tianlan repeatedly said as she put her arms around Si Mobai’s waist. His jealousy had erupted, and he could be worked up enough to beat Xi Jin up if she still did not pacify him.

Listening to the words of Xi Jin and Feng Tianlan, Shen Yunya frantically yelled at him, “Do you hear that? She loves the Demon King, not you. She has never liked you. Why do you still love her? What’s good about her? She’s inferior to me in every way. You are precious to me while you are nothing to her. Why do you want to lower yourself to like someone who doesn’t like you?”

She was clearly the one who loved him the most.

“I like her, so she’s wonderful in every way. I don’t like you, so you’re not as good as her,” Xi Jin said evenly. His gaze fell upon her belly as he added, “I, Xi Jin, can like anyone in this life except you. I will never like you, in this life or the next.”

“Xi Jin!” Shen Yunya was so worked up that her eyes reddened, and she got up to get out of bed.

Xi Jin coldly reminded her, “If you don’t want your child, then rage all you want and feel free to use your Spiritual Force.”

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