The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 I'll Be More Satisfied In The Future

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Chapter 1011: I’ll Be More Satisfied In the Future

This sentence suddenly woke her up as if she had been enlightened with the purest wisdom. She sat on the bed in a daze with both hands on her belly. She lifted her eyes and gazed compliantly at Xi Jin. Then she looked down with a smile and said, “Yes, I still have my child.”

Even if she felt like she was about to die from the heartache and that the world she built with Xi Jin would collapse the moment he spoke, it could still recover because she was carrying his child. The child could salvage her relationship with Xi Jin.

If the child could not be protected, then she would tell him the truth about the dumplings.

Anyway, if no good came to her, then she would not let Xi Jin live well either. No, she wanted everyone to suffer.

“From now on, Shen Yunya will be deposed as the common consort and demoted to her Shen clan name. She will move to Nanyuan until she gives birth to her baby. Then another decision will be made,” Xi Jin said in a cold voice as he gave her a brief glance.

“Big Brother Jin!” Shen Yunya’s hands folded over her stomach, staring at Xi Jin. Was he going to depose her? And Nanyuan was the equivalent of a cold palace, or even worse than a cold palace!

Xi Jin did not look at her again, nor did he say anything more to her. Instead, he went straight out and limped away. His leg was injured from the beating Si Mobai had given him just now. His body also suffered a number of injuries.

“Shen Qingdai, are you satisfied now?” Shen Yunya looked up, full of hate. She wished she could transform the look in her eyes into a sharp blade and repeatedly stab Feng Tianlan to death.

Feng Tianlan smirked slightly and said, “I’m still not very satisfied, but I will be in the future.”

“You” Shen Yunya was so angry that she raised her hand.

“Your child; take care of your child. Don’t miscarry by being careless,” Feng Tianlan said, smiling as she looked at the murderous Shen Yunya who was forced to suppress her anger. “Oh, that’s right. You have to behave when you go to Nanyuan. Otherwise, a palace maid or someone may accidentally knock into you and the child will be gone.”

Hearing Feng Tianlan’s words, Shen Yunya was so angry that she wanted to kill her but had to take back her outstretched hand. She could no longer use her Spiritual Force. Otherwise, she could lose her child. Absolutely nothing could happen to her baby. Absolutely not!

“Let’s go.” Feng Tianlan held Si Mobai’s hand and took one last disdainful look at Shen Yunya.

Watching Feng Tianlan’s back as she departed, Shen Yunya seethed with hate. Both her hands tightly gripped the brocade quilt. However, her lower abdomen slightly ached, scaring her into not moving again. She had to lie down.

She would definitely return the suffering she currently endured to Shen Qingdai. She must!

Shen Yunya laid in bed, wanting to rest in peace. But she could not remain calm. Tears constantly streamed from the corners of her eyes. As long as she recalled those words that Big Brother Jin said, she felt as though her world was full of darkness and that it had completely collapsed.

Big Brother Jin’s words made her angrier than what Shen Qingdai had done to her. It also made her heart ache with a gut-wrenching pain. She could tolerate anyone’s betrayal but could not accept it from Xi Jin.

She loved him so much and had done so many things for him. But in the end, it was the reason he hated her. How could he do this to her? Furthermore, he was like this to her because of Shen Qingdai. How could he do this to her? How could he?!

Shen Yunya seemed to have a monstrous fury burning inside her that could not be extinguished. She wanted to hate Xi Jin, but she loved him desperately and could not bring herself to. So, she took all the hate and directed it toward Feng Tianlan.

But even so, she could only endure the hatred at this time. She couldn’t kill Shen Qingdai. Her hatred only grew because of this.

Everything would be all right once she gave birth to the child. She would be able to kill Shen Qingdai. She would endure all of this for the sake of her child!

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