The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 1013

Chapter 1014 We Will Have A Home

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Feng Tianlan pursed her lips and said, “No!”

“In that case, I will embroider that seat cushion, too. We can’t deprive our children of anything,” Si Mobai said as he nodded indulgently. He would do it since Lan’er did not know how to.

“” She had not even said she was going to give him children yet!

Forget it, she’d better give him something else to talk about. She had just taken out a cloth tiger when Si Mobai said, “I can make that, too.”

She took out the undergarments she had worn when she was young. Si Mobai looked her up and down with a burning gaze and said, “I can also make those for Lan’er to wear now, too, and then I will personally take them off!”

“” Feng Tianlan put down the undergarments and stared at him with scolding eyes, saying, “Can’t you talk properly?”

“I am speaking seriously.” Si Mobai looked at her earnestly and said, “When I don’t talk properly, I will get fresh with you using my hands and legs.”

“” Feng Tianlan scowled at him and snorted. She did not speak to him and continued to search through the boxes, looking for memories of her previous childhood. She even shared things with him from time to time even though he would occasionally annoy her.

Feng Tianlan looked at every item in the room and her voice choked up a little as she said, “Mobai, I really miss my father and mother.”

Even though she only had a small portion of them in her memory, she knew that they loved her deeply. They were her parents who loved her wholeheartedly.

“You have me henceforth.” Si Mobai said as he hugged her from behind and took her hands to place on her stomach. “As well as our children. We will have a home.”

Feng Tianlan took a deep breath and the corners of her lips curved into a smile as she said, “Yes, we’ll have a home.”

While she spoke, Feng Tianlan’s gaze drifted across the room again. She looked up at the beam and said, “Mobai, go and help me take down a small box from there.”

Si Mobai looked up and then let go of her hand. His figure took a gentle leap. When he landed, a small box was in his hand. However, it was covered with dust. His hands were also covered with dust after. When he saw Feng Tianlan reach over, he wiped the box with his clothes and then handed it to her once it was clean. He said, “Don’t dirty your hands.”

Feng Tianlan stood on her tiptoes and lightly pecked Si Mobai on the lips. Then she happily opened the small box and said, “I climbed up on my own when I was four years old to hide it. I even broke my leg at the time and had to lie in recovery for a long while.”

“What kind of treasure was it? That you had to hide it yourself?” Si Mobai was curious. He imagined the scene of her climbing the post while she was so small. He actually thought it was rather adorable. He could not help breaking into a grin.

Feng Tianlan picked up layer after layer of cloth. When she flipped to the bottom and then opened a secret compartment, she carefully took something out from inside that was wrapped in a red-colored material. She said, “I made this small box with my own hands. There is a secret compartment, too. Without me to open it, your fingers would be clamped. How about it? I am clever, aren’t I?”

“Clever.” Si Mobai took a look and praised Tianlan generously. She was indeed very clever to have made it by hand and to have produced such a mechanism as a four-year-old.

Well, his Lan’er was very clever. How could he like her if she wasn’t smart? This was the smartest thing.

Feng Tianlan opened up the cloth and took out a safety rune to put in front. She beamed as she said, “My mother hand-embroidered it and specifically sought a master to bless it to give me a safety rune and keep me safe.”

“My mother-in-law was so clever with her hands and a good wife and mother.” Si Mobai looked Feng Tianlan up and down with a questioning look and asked, “Lan’er, why did you not inherit a little bit of that?”

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