The Three Years When I Was Forced To Wear Women’s Clothing On Campus Chapter 121

Chapter 114:

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When Yan Han was in a daze, Wei Ningxin still mumbled to himself: "In order to protect him, you are like a fighting chicken. You dare to fight against Laozi openly, and dare you to say you don't like him?"

Yan Han: "..."

After thinking about it for a long time, Yan Han felt that he was playing the piano against a cow. He said that he likes or dislikes it, and its a waste of energy to be in love with him.

He was made a little irritable for no reason: "My relationship with Brother Lin has nothing to do with you."

"Of course it's my business." Wei Ningxin said, "I have to first know what enemies I have."

Yan Han:...


But seeing the smile on Wei Ningxin's hippie face when he said this, he knew that the other party was joking about him again, so the eldest brother also counterattacked indifferently: "Did you say it earlier? The person I like is not a student in our school... "

"Not a student, is that the teacher in our school?"

His words were interrupted by Wei Ningxin.

The most horrible thing is that Wei Ningxin's eyes flashed when he asked this question, as if he was looking at his expression in order to judge the truth or falsehood in his words. His attitude was so serious that he had changed himself, and it made people feel that... He was not joking from beginning to end just now.


I got a big slot.

Wei Ningxin won't really like me!

Yan Han's heart was roaring.

"Um... what's the matter between you and the goddess of liberal arts? Are you awkward?"

Suddenly aware of the problem, Yan Han began to incarnate as a dear brother, striving to hope that his brother can pursue his own happiness: "It is normal for young people to quarrel and quarrel occasionally. Don't be impulsive, I see the goddess of liberal arts. Very good, very suitable for you, maybe the two of you are true love."

"...Do you know Gong Yuxue?"

Maybe his attitude changed too quickly, at this moment Wei Ningxin asked suspiciously.

"I don't know. But isn't she the goddess of liberal arts? Whether it is fame or ability, she is right against you."

Wei Ningxin said: "You are right, I used to think so too."

Yan Han: "Look! I'll just say..."

Wei Ningxin: "I have liked her for a long time, and I was chasing her this time together."

Yan Han: "Yeah, that should be cherished."

Wei Ningxin: "But I found that she has a bad temper, is too squeamish, and has a lot of trouble."

Wei Ningxin felt annoyed at the thought of this.

His face gets worse when he gets annoyed, after all, he is notoriously bad-tempered.

Yan Han: "...you two will only be together for two to three months, right?"

It's only been two or three months. Normal people should be in a passionate love period. It is rare for people like Wei Ningxin to be too annoyed.

In this case, it might be really inappropriate. Yan Han didn't dare to continue to persuade him, although he really wanted Wei Ningxin and Gong Yuxue to get together... for various reasons.

But even if he really wanted to, he couldn't persuade him. He was afraid of sending people into the fire.

Although Wei Ningxin said: "Yes, only two or three months, I have had enough of this."

Before Yan Han expressed surprise, regret, and other emotions, he immediately smiled badly: "I want to find something rougher now. There are so many things to do, just like you."


It's been a long time since I was so scared to shake Yan Han, Yan Han smiled on his face, and his tone was already threatening and murderous: "I actually have a lot of things, especially many, if we are together, I promise you don't Two months, two weeks will be annoying."

"Why don't we both try first?" Wei Ningxin looked at him, the light in his eyes was brighter.

Yan Han instantly recovered his expressionless face: "Go away."

Prevent some people from hitting snakes and sticks again.

Later, the conversation with Wei Ningxin was unilaterally terminated by Yan Han.

The annoying and ridiculous thing was that until the end of the conversation, he didn't know whether Wei Ningxin liked him or was joking with him.

Although Yan Han didn't take this matter to heart at all.

As a playmate who plays together, Wei Ningxin is still quite competent. After all, the skills are there, and playing Yan Han with someone like him will have a sense of fun.

But that's it.

He likes to play basketball, but basketball is never his all, so it all depends on fate

If Wei Ningxin really likes him, he can only say sorry to him in the end.

If it's just a joke, then continue to play together. This kind of thing is not even troublesome for Yan Han, who has a mountain called "learning" on his back.

He forgot all about it after the physical education get out of class.

However, because of Wei Ningxin's sudden provocation, Lin Jianlu and Wei Ningxin made separate appointments for the game before they played.

The fact that the college tyrant was going to compete with the basketball goddess spread across the school in an instant. Many people didnt know what happened in the physical education class, so they began to speculate, thinking it was the first day of school, and Lin saw the deer looking for Wei Ningxin. "Liquidating" the summer vacation account.

After all, in the past, anonymous forums had only the CP building of school flowers and university tyrants, but after a summer vacation rumors, there was a faint tendency for other CPs of school flowers to emerge.

So this game is well understood.

Just like a duel, only the victor can hold the beauty back.

The university tyrant is unhappy that someone has crossed him to slap the school flower, so I want to PK with someone...

Ah, it's exciting to think about it.

Although some people are also skeptical, after all, if you want to duel, why choose Wei Ningxin's basketball, not the learning he is good at?

But the people who eat melon tend to believe in more **** and dramatic statements, so many people talked about this duel and gave it a resounding name-the battle for school flowers.

So at noon the next day, shortly after the school bell rang, the gymnasium was already overcrowded.

Its not just the sophomore students who came to see the excitement, but also many first-year students who were well-informed and devoted themselves to eating melons as soon as they came to this school.

On the basketball court, two tall boys wearing different colored uniforms stood opposite each other on their own half of the court.

Not to mention that it was the first time that the so-called campus male **** was called out by the handsome in the first grade. It was also the first time that the second-year seniors and seniors saw this kind of scene.

Wei Ningxin, who is wild and unruly on the court, even has straight haircuts. He is standing there wearing a professional jersey and sneakers, as if he is born to wear such clothes and is born to work **** the court.

But the boy opposite him has a completely different temperament from him.

Lin Jianlu has always been calm and introverted, with black short hair lying on his head cleverly, and his eyes are as deep as the purest obsidian. The surrounding area where Lin Jianlu is located has a tranquil atmosphere, as if the noise from the onlookers next to him has nothing to do with him.

When the two of them stood together, it was clear at a glance which was the schoolmaster and which was the basketball captain.

The competition has not yet started, and the freshmen have already begun to wonder which one to follow...

Simultaneous live broadcasts have also been implemented on anonymous forums, although only some photos are uploaded with text descriptions, which may not necessarily be synchronized.

But this is enough for people in other schools to understand the dispute between the two campus gods.

"I'm the one with acne head. He is wearing a limited edition Jordan. He has good taste. The most important thing is that he wears the shoes well."

"Me too, I also fan him! I like his evil smile in his eyes!"

"I am a fan of another one. You don't understand, right? School bullies are no longer popular these days. Quiet and quiet school bullies are the most popular."

"I'm also a fan of Xueba, this kind of competition is a little weaker. I went to the special buildings of the major male gods, and was handsome by the report of Xueba participating in math competitions, ah, ah, studying well and long. The handsome boys are the most attractive!"

other people:""

So being handsome is the point.

"In fact, no matter what fans can only see, male gods like school flowers." I don't know who came next to him.

"...You don't understand this again. School flowers are not popular these years." Someone said unconvincedly: "What's the use of being good-looking, is school flowers the pentathlon of truth, goodness, virtue, intelligence, physical beauty, and labor?"

"I don't know the truth, kindness, and beauty, but I heard that school flowers often fight injustices for classmates."


"I don't know about morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, but I heard that the school sports cell is very developed and I play basketball very well."


"Moreover, the school flower is still brave! Because of that incident, Luze also made a name. When did you see Luze make headlines in the newspaper besides studying? I heard that this year's soaring admission line is also related to this."


Hidden among the crowd, invisibly blown to the sky the school flower: "..."

Although the opponent was honest after talking with Wei Ningxin, in order to prove that Lin Jianlu and the squad leader werent the anyone he called anyone can play, Yan Han also supported the squad leader and Wei Ningxin. Field.

As a member of Class 14, Yan Han would naturally not be absent at this time.

However, because the monitor and Lin Jianlu have only two people on this side, the traditional five-man lineup and 3v3 can't make up the manpower temporarily. Besides, it is just to test whether they are capable of participating in the next game. There is no need to be too serious, so their class After discussing and discussing, finally sent Lin Jianlu to play, 1v1 with Wei Ningxin, two wins in three games.

The reason why Lin saw the deer was sent on the court was because Da Lin was tall and easy to grab the ball.

1v1 three rounds and two wins usually end very quickly. Whoever grabs the ball first will win easily. The focus is to examine the players ability to control the ball and resist shooting. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, the squad leader should send Lin Jianlu as a representative to play with. Wei Ningxin made a decisive battle.

"Unexpectedly, the misunderstanding will be eliminated." After hearing some rumors, the monitor looked at Yan Han and touched the back of his head embarrassedly.

And around the stadium, vaguely knew that the one in the middle surrounded by a crowd of people from Class 14 was the school flower. Many people couldn't help but look in the direction of Yan Han.

Take a look and take another look.

The school flower is actually very easy to identifya flower in the tens of thousands, the tall, handsome, cold-looking person with a breath of abstinence is undoubtedly the school flower.

Because the appearance and temperament are too prominent, as long as you give directions a little, everyone can recognize it at a glance.

It doesnt count to be recognized. I used to think that people who are just talking about school flowers are automatically slapped in the face. Some of them have seen some photos taken by Yan Han on the forum, but they always feel that they have been processed by special techniques, or It's a pose pretending to be a sneak shot, it can't be true.

But when I saw a real person, I just wanted to say...

Who took it? The technology is so bad! Real people are better than photos!

Of course, there are still some students who have not seen the photos, and simply feel that the legend of the school flower is just deliberately exaggerated, and they start to feel deeply that the name of the school flower is indeed well-deserved.

It's not surprising that the male gods like it.

"Hey, it's not necessarily a misunderstanding." After hearing the monitor's words, Wen Juerong next to him couldn't help but start to skin: "That Wei Ningxin said that he broke up with a liberal arts girl, maybe because he is addicted to Yan brother's prosperous beauty. Well! Besides, the scandal between Brother Yan and Brother Dalin is not a day or two, it's okay."

Being "guarded" by his classmates almost half-surrounded, Yan Han, who stood at the forefront of the crowd, gave him a glance, the meaning was very clear, and asked him to be careful of his own dog's life.

"Hehe." Wen Juerong pursed his lips and smiled implicitly, believing that his brother Yan would not be a murderer in full view, and he was not afraid of death and said: "If you want me to see Brother Yan, you can get married with Brother Lin, so that everyone will not think about it. I think it's too tossing."

Yan Han: "..."

So it's still my fault?

Silently looked at the sky-what should I do if the people around me are in love? Waiting online, I'm very anxious.

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