The Three Years When I Was Forced To Wear Women’s Clothing On Campus Chapter 122

Chapter 115:

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Oh, when it comes to this, in fact, not all of them are love brains. At least Brother Dalin is quite normal. He just likes to come and like to go without opening his mouth and closing his mouth.

Because Dalin has always been "righteous", no matter what others say, Yan Han has never had this idea.

First of all, he didn't even know if Lin Jianlu liked men.

The two of them usually talk about learning and tasks. Yan Han doesn't think Lin Jianlu is the kind of person who likes to talk about love.

Originally, the brain's IQ was different from that of others...because there had never been any signs of this aspect, sometimes Yan Han wondered if he had no emotions.

Secondly, the eldest brother is not seventy and eighty, he can't find a target, and he has reached the age when he has to find someone casually.

He is not yet eighteen years old with this body.

As long as the days are long after completing the task, think about this kind of thing later.

When Yan Han was thinking about his life, a preparation whistle sounded in the field.

The surroundings suddenly became extremely quiet, as if everyone was holding their breath before the referee served the ball.

Yan Han also hurriedly looked up, and saw another whistle sounded and the referee served the ball. The moment Lin Jianlu jumped up like a spring, he stretched out his long arms and hooked the ball with his wrist. Then he landed on both feet and started running with the ball!

Before the start of the game, the two people looked at each other intently, seemingly provoking each other.

When the referee kicked off the ball, Wei Ningxin didn't seem to have thought that Lin Jianlu was still staring at him for the last second, and the next moment people jumped out.

He was preempted by someone, and waited until he realized that Lin Jianlu had passed him with the ball, and seeing that the opponent was about to get under the rebound, it was too late for Wei Ningxin to chase after him!

Lin Jianlu's hand was very steady. When he was about to reach the backboard, he jumped up again to make a shot. The action was done in one go. With a "boom" the basketball hit the ground through the ball frame. Lin Jianlu won the game at the start. field!

There are cheering voices everywhere!

Unexpectedly, Lin Jianlu would be caught off guard, but the rules of 1v1 are not the same as the official game, and the first goal does not explain much.

Wei Ningxin, who was scored in the opening game, didn't get angry, but turned back to the midfield indifferently, posed for the next game.

In the second game, Wei Ningxin took precautions. Lin Jianlu tried to repeat the old tricks and couldn't achieve it. After the ball was thrown, the two jumped up to grab the ball, and then the ball was touched by Wei Ningxin in advance.

But it was too late to show a triumphant smile. Just as he was about to dribble after landing, Lin Jianlu, who had landed an early step to stabilize his body, suddenly took the ball with his hand, and he dribbled the ball to the basket again.

The crowd onlookers exclaimed. Although the ball was captured, Wei Ningxin reacted very quickly, chasing Lin Jianlu and rushing over.

The distance between the two people is only one step away, and Lin Jianlu's dribbling speed is obviously not as fast as Wei Ningxin, and will be surpassed slowly, and may even be taken away from the basket again.

At this moment, those who watched the ball couldnt help feeling very nervous. All those with playing experience hesitated between trying to slam dunk or temporarily changing the direction and throwing off Wei Ningxin. At this time, Lin Jianlu had already made a choice. Did not change direction, but accelerated across the three-point line to the basket, and then made a slam dunk posture.

Wei Ningxin, who was only half a step away from him, reached out to steal the ball, but Lin Jianlu just made a fake move and led Wei Ningxin to change direction while the opponent's body was still in the air, and his feet jumped. , Smash the ball into the basket again!

Despite this, Wei Ningxins reaction can be called a different kind. He made the fastest response when he found that the opponent was a fake action. After landing, it was another take-off. He looked at the ball that was about to hit the basket or was caught. He broke off, and because of too much strength, the whole ball "bumped" and drew an arc in the high air, directly hitting the opposite half of the court.

In the next moment, the two men chased the ball at the same time.

A match with two wins in three rounds and, logically speaking, could end soon, was abruptly contested by two people, and it took more than ten minutes to finish the match.

Although it ended with Wei Ningxin's two-game winning streak in the end, let alone others, Yan Han, who only knew Wei Ningxin's level, was deeply surprised.

Not to mention that Lin saw Lu also scored a goal, even in the next two fights, the level of Da Lin Ge is also surprising enough!

Lin Jianlu was not of this kind of strength when he participated in the basketball game last semester.

Besides, Wei Ningxin's basketball skills have improved during this period. Lin Jianlu can play with two **** for so long under the premise of such a huge difference in strength... Even if he loses, it is an honor to lose!

Even Wei Ningxin himself was speechless with solemn expression. He was disdainful of watching the basketball game last semester, so he never thought that the university hegemon, who has always been known for his high IQ, could actually play!

The opponent won the first ball when he was unprepared, and Wei Ningxin didn't care.

But the performance behind...

Now the other party's various skills and performances are clearly in front of him, and they can't be faked.

Although he can't beat him, this kind of strength is definitely qualified for the next first and second grade basketball games.

Wei Ningxin had nothing to say. Even if he was in a bad mood, he wouldn't be able to stern in front of Lin Jianlu at this time, leaving only the sentence "You can participate in the game" and left.

Immediately afterwards, amidst the roar and cheers of a group of people, class 14 people swarmed up and surrounded Lin Jian Lu Tuan Tuan Tuan Tuan, all exaggerating that Big Lin was awesome!

Even people who dont understand the ball can see how awesome Lin Jianlu, who can fight with Wei Ningxin, you come and me for so long, is not only a natural and handsome posture, but on several occasions Dalins elder brothers have "grabbed food from their mouths." "Walking Wei Ningxin across the court, both his judgment and the smoothness of his movements far exceeded expectations. The most important thing is how long has their Big Lin played basketball? !

Amid the compliments and vigorous confession of the crowd, Lin Jianlu calmly... went straight to the bathroom.

He was sweating all over. At this time, it's best to go upstairs and take a shower, but before that, he has to wash his hands first.

And Yan Han was called to accompany to wash his hands without exception.

The onlookers were puzzled. Fortunately, everyone in Class 14 knew the rules. At this moment, they all had expressions of course, indicating that they were gone.

After watching the noon game, the study plan still had to be as usual. Yan Han was already under tremendous mental stress only two days after school started. He did not accompany Lin Jianlu to take a bath, nor did he go to the cafeteria, so Wen Juerong and the others brought him back food. , He hurried back to the classroom to study.

Although he was here to watch the game just now, he also followed the call with excitement, but immediately returned to the lack of interest at the end of the game, which was obviously abnormal.

Even Wen Juerong and the others found something was wrong, their brother Yan was too abnormal these past few days!

I used to study so hard, but emotionally, their Yan brother never gave people a very nervous state.

Even in the face of the battle for academic supremacy, their brother Yan is so calm when facing 30,000 question banks. He has a kind of open-mindedness to do everything he wants, and his psychological quality is so good that he is praised.

But now... I don't know why, Brother Yan looks anxious?

This situation is getting more and more serious, Yan Han feels that his state is not right, but he can't tell what's wrong.

In short, the thoughts cannot be stopped, and must be focused on learning. If they are not focused on learning, he will feel uneasy and fearful.

Not to mention that my eldest brother had never encountered such a situation when he was studying. He had never been so nervous and anxious after living for so many years.

Yan Han didn't even know what was wrong with him, and even the others didn't.

But in line with the rule that paying close attention to Yan brother's physical and mental health is their primary duty, the big guys really got together to discuss it.

Wen Juerong, holding a round and round cheek, analyzed: "So is it because the aunt is here again?"

Then it ended when they found that their brother Yan was looking at them murderously.

This situation continued until Friday.

On Friday in the second grade, school ends at 8:00, and students in this city can go home after school.

Since this semester, many students in this city will not go home on weekends to study. This has led to an increase in the number of students at school on weekends. In order to provide more people with a place to study, the school still has a large evening self-study after 8 oclock. The kind that is connected to the festival, there is a teacher who can look at the problem, but school is still at half past nine.

This self-study class is relatively free, even if you live on campus, you can choose not to attend it. It is an exclusive treatment for the second-year students of Luze High School, and this day is called "Freedom Night".

Of course, no matter what the school has arranged, those who don't want to study, of course, pack up their things and leave the classroom early, and the points that want to learn are the same after school. For example, Yan Han sits honestly until the last moment before ringing the bell.

In fact, he wants to go back to the dormitory to live broadcast more than self-study in the classroom, but most of the students' hearts are still growing in the first week of school. There are not many people who stay at school on weekends, and they want to continue to take self-study classes. It's even less.

Therefore, Yan Han took the initiative to undertake the duty activities this evening, and provided an opportunity for those students who want to go home or return to the dormitory early to feel the atmosphere of the weekend school.

Another reason for staying was that he was impetuous and not very efficient in learning these days. Every time he returned to the dormitory after using the deep concentration skills, he insisted on learning for a while, not as efficient as in the classroom.

On the rare night of freedom, Yan Han wanted to take this opportunity to indulge it for a while, so let's not broadcast the live broadcast and think about his life carefully, and see what's wrong with him.

When the school bell rang at 9:30 in the evening, the class with few people left in an instant. When he cleaned the classroom and locked the door and walked out of the teaching building, a hot wind rushed towards him and hit him with fullness.

In the past few days, the high temperature has continued, even at night, the temperature has remained high for a long time.

Is it because the weather is too hot to make myself so impetuous?

This is not impossible.

Carrying the schoolbag up, Yan Han planned to rush back to the dormitory to continue studying.

At this time, most of the students in the teaching building have already astigmatized and returned to the dormitory. Yan Han walked on the campus road alone, besides the cicadas, there was...

The sound of a basketball hitting the ground.

Only then did I realize that I was passing the basketball court.

But this time... it's almost ten o'clock. Who doesn't hurry back to rest after school at night and still play ball here?

Probably because I have been feeling too depressed in the past few days. I want to get close to the court and relax. Yan Hangui leaned in the direction of the basketball court, and then through the barbed wire, I saw a slender figure under the not-so-bright street lamp. Repeated running, layup and dunk under the backboard...

When he saw that figure, Yan Han felt that his heart was like being grabbed by an invisible hand. In an instant, blood burst out and crashed in his body. At the same time, he felt itchy and itchy. He is a little bit intolerable.

For nothing else, mainly because the posture of the layup just now is too **** handsome!

No wonder Lin Jianlus football skills have soared, and it is estimated that he did not practice less throughout the summer vacation.

Yan Han thought immediately.

It's a bit embarrassing to say it. I don't know if the other person's actions are too attractive, or the state of repeating the practice looks too serious, the eldest brother just lay on the wire fence and peeked for a long time before he came back to his senses.

No wonder it is a campus male god, Yan Han couldnt help thinking that the reason why Lin Jianlu can become the omnipotent Lin Jianlu now is that besides his high IQ, he actually put in a lot more effort than ordinary people.

If learning is his strength, and he doesn't need to work hard, then it is enough to show some problems that an absolute shortcoming sport can be so good.

At just eight o'clock, Dalin Ge obviously retreated with a bag, and he was still on the basketball court now...

Looking at it, Yan Han couldn't even feel the sultry air around him.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with the movement of the opponent running and jumping.

It was also forgetting the sultry moment that Yan Han suddenly realized that he had something wrong these days.

He was unhappy, but in the final analysis, it was because of the placement test to be ushered in next.

Why can he go to the fourth floor at his current level, and why does he still feel pressured?

Because no matter whether he went to Class 13, Class 12, Class 11, or Class 10 in the end, it was the same for Yan Han.

It's not a result worthy of happiness.

In his mind, only Class Nine is special.

Not because it is the best class in Luze High School.

It's because... Lin Jianlu will definitely go to Class 9 for this placement test.

The two of them are undoubtedly going to be separated.

From the first day of school, I heard that the exam was about to take place in less than two weeks.

He and Lin Jianlu were destined to only be at the same table for two more weeks.

In the basketball court, Lin Jianlu, who had been practicing for 30 minutes, paused and breathed a little while repeating an action continuously.

The weather is too hot and I sweat when I am not moving, not to mention doing such strenuous exercise.

There was a lot of wet on his body, his handsome face was also covered with sweat, and there were fine beads of sweat on his eyebrows and nose.

Lin Jianlu didn't wipe the sweat with his hands, but held the ball in his hands, turned around to get a towel in his bag, unexpectedly turning around, Yan Han was walking towards him with two bottles of water.

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