The Three Years When I Was Forced To Wear Women’s Clothing On Campus Chapter 123

Chapter 116:

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Seeing that Lin Jianlu saw him, Yan Han shook his water bottle, and finally sat with him on the bench next to the stadium.

Yan Han personally unscrewed the water bottle cap for Da Ling and handed it over.


"Thank you."

Taking the bottle and taking a sip, Lin Jianlu wiped the sweat from his forehead with the towel he had brought.

Frightened by the soaking hair of Big Lin, Yan Han joked with him: "Isn't it a friendly match? Why are you so serious?"

Lin Jianlu was silent for a moment, then looked at him and said seriously: "No, even if there is no this game, I will practice."

"Then you are... completely in love with basketball?"


"Oh no wonder, I said why your level has improved so fast...you won't come here every day to practice this week, right?"

He was shocked when he thought of this, and felt that Lin Jianlu's paranoia was normal.

"Usually I don't play for so long, but I will come to practice after school." Lin Jianlu: "After all, I will go to bed at half past ten."

After speaking, Lin saw the deer and took another sip of water.

Yan Han bought the kind of functional drink, which tastes sweet and sour, a bit cold but not too ice, which is very suitable for replenishing energy after exercise.

"Hmm." Yan Han shook his legs, sitting quite boldly.

Anyway, he and Lin Jianlu are the only people here. Under such an atmosphere, the older brother's words and deeds are very relaxed.

"Then do you want me to practice with you?"

"Okay." Lin saw the deer saying that he was about to stand up again, and was pressed by Yan Han: "Wait, take a break, you just need to rest after playing for so long, or else you can't stand your knees."

Yan Han was long-winded, "You don't want to be a professional player and rely on this to eat. Don't fight like that. How can you get rid of the illness when the time comes."

His face is still bright under the dim street lamp, even the profile and shadow of his profile reveal a perfect perfection. Looking at him from the side, Lin Jianlu can't help but curl his mouth: "Okay."

Then there was a relative silence for two minutes. It seemed that it was really late, and finally felt a kind of coolness that belongs to the night. Yan Han gradually relaxed and continued to shake his legs: "I just took a self-study class and tried to ask the teacher for questions. "

"Huh, then?"

"Then I found that I seem to be used to your way of lecturing." Yan Han said collapsed.

Lin Jianlus lecturing ideas do not strictly follow the knowledge points in the book. He uses more comprehensive knowledge to answer from a higher perspective, which is completely different from the teacher who teaches specifically for the college entrance examination. .

This can be said to have pros and cons.

But regardless of the pros or cons, Yan Han has become accustomed to the way of learning by relying on live courseware to teach himself, and then with the method of lecturing by Da Lin Ge. Just now he deliberately tried to ask the teachers questions in the evening self-study, and I felt that the teacher said It was very detailed and specific, but there was no feeling that would allow him to learn by analogy and swim freely in the ocean of knowledge.

Yan Han said desperately: "When we are not in the same class anymore, can I still ask you questions?"

"Not in the same class?" Lin Jianlu's focus was crooked.

"Yes, you go to Class 9 after the placement test, then we will be separated."

"...Not necessarily to be separated."

"Oh, you don't know what my strength is." Yan Han shrugged and said, "I won't get into Class 9 anyway."

In fact, after realizing the reason and telling Lin Jianlu, his mood improved a lot.

Brother is not a sentimental person by nature.

Or someone who doesn't allow himself to be sentimental.

So as long as I comfort myself a little bit, Yan Han wants to open it-separate and separate.

Although they are no longer in the same class, the brothers are brothers after all, and they can play and study together usually and on weekends. There is nothing to be sad about.

When Yan Han wanted to drive, he heard Lin Jianlu say: "There is still a week left."

"...It's less than a week."

"Well, there is hope for working hard."

"Then unless the top dozens collectively missed the exam." With a chuckle, Yan Han began to ridicule again.

He thought the other party was comforting him, but Lin Jianlu was serious.

Lin Jianlu suddenly asked, "Do you have all the books you need on the weekend?"

"Ah yeah, what's the matter?"

"Go to my house at night, it's time to give you a hell-style tutoring."

Yan Han: "..."

Why is Big Lin calm when he said this, but in his opinion, he has a feeling of gearing up? !

In the next two days, no, it should be said that until the placement test starts next Thursday, he really experienced a kind of cruel training in hell.

Although this kind of cruelty...It sounds strange to describe it.

In addition to the daily normal study and review tasks, Lin Jianlu found him more than one set of simulated monthly test questions for each subject, and asked him to be serious, and to face the test within the specified time. Finished the topic.

This was originally a very difficult task, and it would take at least an hour for Yan Han to make a set of those science papers.

But fortunately, not all the questions in a set should be done. Lin Jianlu will read all the questions first, and then draw the parts that Yan Han needs to do. Sometimes a set of papers only needs a few multiple-choice questions. Calculate, this makes the whole task a lot easier.

It's cruel, because besides that, every time after Yan Han corrects the answer, Lin Jianlu has to "review" the test paper seriously.

Every time I took the test papers and looked at it very seriously, I don't know what I was looking at, but Lin Jianlu's workload was obviously greater than that of Yan Han himself, and his seriousness also made my elder brother speechless.

Da Lin, who never writes questions and never writes questions, suddenly took this set of simulation questions so seriously... This made Yan Han once thought that Lin Jianlu had discovered the mystery of the teacher's question, such as points. The questions of the class exam are selected from these mock questions.

So he takes these simulation questions very seriously.

Even before entering the examination room, he almost thought that the questions Lin Jianlu asked him to do were the ones that Big Lin himself gave him.

Although after entering the examination room...found that the facts are not all like this, although some of the questions are similar, most of the questions are not within the scope of his training these days.

Fortunately, excluding those questions that Lin Jianlu gave him, most of the remaining questions Yan Han still knows how to do.

He has learned a lot in the past six months, and after entering the exam state, he has entered a state of simulating deep concentration. When answering questions, he no longer thinks about whether he will answer or the questions of placement exams.

Entering a situation where I have forgotten everything, only the test papers are left in Yan Han's mind.

Although he will be disturbed from time to time, the state is hard to match with true deep concentration, but it is enough for him to analyze and answer questions efficiently.

After answering all six questions steadily, Yan Han checked the answers with his classmates after leaving the examination room on Friday afternoon. Yan Han estimated in his heart that his test results might be higher than he had previously expected.

But even so, it is impossible to enter Class Nine.

He knew that for the best classmates in the school, there is no question of whether or not to answer this kind of question. An exam of this difficulty should not be difficult for the students in Class 9. For them, the difference is just whose mistakes are made. The problem with a lower rate.

So comparing myself to them is not at the same level, and I really shouldn't expect it.

Hey, of course, you can't be depressed too early, in case the top dozens of students in the school are really absent.

Yan Han thought to himself amused.

After the exam on Friday, the school was closed early, and the evening self-study was also cancelled. Many students wanted to be very open. Anyway, the results will not be known until the weekend. Before this time, I have a good time and have a good time.

There are many people who invite each other to eat, go shopping and play games. Yan Han is packing his schoolbags, and Lin Jianlu next to him whispered, "Go to my house?"


Next Monday, the second-grade basketball game will officially start. I went to Lin Jian Lus family last weekend and Yan Han wanted to teach each other some skills that he had learned for many years, but at that time the two of Lin Jian Lus family retreat to learn. Two days of study.

It was done at that time, first learn to cope with the placement test, and then conduct basketball training next weekend.

So at this moment, Yan Han agreed without even thinking about it, and then the two of them ditched strategically, tidying up their things, and when everyone in the class was almost gone, they came in unconsciously to pick them up. Lin Jianlu's car.

There was no delay in the scandals during the exam week. At this time, if someone saw him and Lin Jianlu leaving by car after school...

Actually it's nothing.

If someone really asked him where he was going, he would ride Da Lins car, and no one would have thought that he was going to Lin Jianlus house for the weekend.

So the elder brother who reacted to this after getting in the car couldn't help but laugh, and couldn't help laughing: "This is what we two call a guilty conscience."

"Yeah." Looking at the person who was lying on the back seat and laughing heartlessly, Lin Jianlu also curled his mouth.

Immediately afterwards, Yan Han suddenly sat upright again, with two long slender white legs placed together, with a skirt covering only his knees slightly exposed. He held the heart shape with both hands and blinked at the sight of the deer with his hands "Jiaodidi". He pinched his throat and said, "If you can't accept a man or a woman, they will go to your house for the night. If you let others know what to do, Brother Lin, you have to be responsible to them!"

After speaking, before seeing Lin's reaction to seeing the deer, Yan Han laughed.

After pretending for less than three seconds, he completely returned to his nature when he laughed. Yan Han waved his hand and said, "No, I have goose bumps."

Seeing Lu smiled at him, Lin didn't think there was anything wrong with him. He just said to the driver, "Let's go."

When I arrived in Lin, I saw the deer's family meal that I had agreed with my aunt last week.

Every weekend when my young master comes back, the aunt finally has something to do and she won't feel lonely, so she starts preparing ingredients early every Friday.

In addition, Yan Han is coming this week, and he rolled up his sleeves and worked hard, prepared a large table of nutritious and exquisite and delicious dishes, and ate Yan Han directly until his stomach was bulged.

It doesn't matter if you eat too much, the Lin family's garden is large enough to digest it after two walks.

What's more, he can also help Da Lin with some work, tidy up the room and so on. Lin Jianlu comes back every Friday to clean his room on school days.

It was too late when everything was cleaned up. The two went back to their rooms to rest. When they got up early tomorrow morning, Lin Jianlu took Yan Han to practice playing in the professional arena.

In fact, there is also a basketball court in the backyard of Lin Jianlu's house, but it is too hot during the day. If you want to have fun, it is best to choose indoors.

The indoor venue is rented. It is a kind of high-end gymnasium dedicated to the outside world. In addition to basketball courts, there are professional venues such as badminton, billiards and bowling. The decoration and equipment look quite luxurious, which is more compelling than ordinary gyms and gymnasiums. high.

I don't know if it is because of the high prices and high prices that attracted many wealthy people or social elites.

Many people do not come to play, but to socialize.

So even on weekend mornings, the basketball courts several courts were already overcrowded. Some were watching and some were playing. Yan Han and Lin Jianlu called yesterday to book a court, which was not occupied.

Because of this, there are generally no high school students who can come to this court to play, so when Yan Han and Lin Jianlu appeared here and were discovered that they were two people enjoying a basketball court alone, they were quickly attracted. The sight of a wave of people.

"Is this kind of basketball court charged by the game or by the hour?" No matter which one wants to come, the charge will not be low. Yan Han feels sorry for the money again. "Actually, you can play at your home or go back to school. You can run here. ...How much money do you get this morning!"

Lin Jianlu comforted him and said, "It's okay. I applied for a card because I came often during the holidays. There are more discounts, so it's not expensive."

Yan Han: "..."

Suddenly, there is a sense of seeing that he is the kind of old people who are not willing to spend money on their children.

He wanted to say to Lin Jianlu: Brother Dalin, you don't need to explain to me, anyway, you spend the money.

But since all the money is spent, don't waste time. Throw the bag aside, and Yan Han began to do various stretching exercises.

If there is no accident, the results of the placement test should be down tomorrow. Whether it is to relax after studying for too long or just to commemorate the last day of being at the same table, Yan Han has already decided not to think about studying today. Just concentrate on playing.

Yan Han wears the sportswear that the two of them bought together before. The thin and breathable fabric shows off his beautifully curved body. Needless to say, his looks are so beautiful that he is the most beautiful no matter where he appears. Bastard.

When he warmed up, Lin Jianlu followed suit. He wore a ball jersey. His body, which was usually wrapped tightly in summer short-sleeved trousers, was exposed at this moment. It did not match his temperament, but it became more and more obvious. It made him tall and straight, with slender limbs.

Because of this, they attracted the attention of a wave of people when they warmed up.

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