The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 405

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 360 - God of the Sky (4)

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Chapter 360 G.o.d of the Sky (4)

It was unrealistic.

That expression was perfect.

That power felt so transcendent.

A golden metal device.

I watched from a distance as the G.o.d of Order binded the G.o.d of the Sky.

As if watching a scene in a movie blankly.

It was like a screen full of very colorful CG spreading out, like watching a blockbuster movie that took away your sense of reality.


And feeling a little ridiculous.

Sharp nails penetrated the body of the G.o.d of the Sky.

The continually expanding branches sticking one by one into the body of the G.o.d of the Sky reminded me of a plant taking root in the soil.

The G.o.d of the Sky could not even rebel.

His body was being eaten, but I did not see him struggle, let alone rebel.

[Lets run away.]

The G.o.d of Hope whispered.

It was truly a G.o.d of Hope-esque desire.

I ignored it.

I couldnt take my eyes off the sight.

I couldnt let go of such an interesting sight.

The scene where the G.o.d of the Sky was being overwhelmed helplessly.

The difference between the G.o.d of the Sky and the G.o.d of Order does not seem to be a simple difference of power.

The problem was the ability of that metal devices sharp nails.

After digging into the body, it was possible to paralyze even the nerves, so the body was stiffened and could not move.

No, this was a nonsensical comparison.

Because there can be no such thing as a nervous system in the incarnation of a G.o.d.

It must be the suppression of ones divine power.

Other explanations were impossible.

In fact, after the G.o.d of the Sky came into contact with the metal device, not only did he not move his body, but I did not see any movement using divine powers either.

However, it was not a convincing a.s.sumption.

It was the same even when I saw Seregia in my hand right now.

She also had the ability to suppress divine power.

With that power, I was convinced that we would have the upper hand no matter what G.o.d we would collide with.

And I never thought that other G.o.ds would have this ability too.

Blocking other G.o.ds powers was no different from giving up ones own powers as well.

Had it not been for Seregias use limited to weapons, it would have been impossible to even try.

"You said you were a believer of the G.o.d of Order."


There is no way that a G.o.d who has apostles as well as believers can use the same method as Seregia.

In addition, that golden mechanical device was not a weapon or something of the G.o.d of Orders, but the G.o.d of Order itself.

[Just because I am an apostle of the G.o.d of Order, does not mean I can escape this situation. Come on, you have to run away while that monster has his eyes on the G.o.d of the Sky.]

It was a whispering voice, but this time it was too much.

He was straining his voice so much that it sounded like gasping rather than speaking.

It was strangely unpleasant.

[Lets run away.]

Somehow, the G.o.d of Hope seemed certain that the G.o.d of Order would attack him.

Despite the fact that he was an apostle of the G.o.d of Order.

Rather than keeping order, he is a G.o.d of Hope who uses the gaps in the system to do business with all G.o.ds.

There must be a lot of things.

"Im sorry."

I had no intention of running away.

Actually, I couldnt.

The G.o.d of Order seemed to be focusing all his attention on overpowering the G.o.d of the Sky.

It seemed that he wasnt even interested in us.

This is worth a closer look.

[Stop! Why are you flying over there!?]

"I need to take a look."

I couldnt see everything from a distance.

Having pushed the two giants away, I approached the G.o.d of the Sky and the G.o.d of Order.

[Stop it! We should run away, so why are we going in the opposite direction!? Hey!]

The G.o.d of Hope shouted.

This guy, hes in a hurry, so hes talking again.

[Youre crazy!]


He even swore.

"Hes not responding to us."

The G.o.d of Hope said he was distracted by overpowering the G.o.d of the Sky.

However, the G.o.d of Order was overpowering the G.o.d of the Sky too leisurely.

It wasnt that he couldnt pay attention to us, he wasnt.

He was just ignoring us.

With such an opponent in front, I couldnt turn around and run away just because he looked strong.


Even the G.o.d of Hope was silent for a moment, wondering why the G.o.d of Order did not show interest in us.

The golden metal blades were still digging deeper and deeper into the body of the G.o.d of the Sky.

I went closer, and closer.

The method Seregia and I discovered to cut off the circulation of divine power was through the contamination of the divine power.

When the two divinities are mixed together, the divinity loses its original meaning and cannot supply any more divine power.

That was our way.

But if it was not this way

How does the G.o.d of Order block the divine power of the G.o.d of the Sky?

The G.o.d of the Sky also found a way to block divine power through Ahb.o.o.boo, but in the end, it wound up freezing both of our divine powers.

It was a technique that came from our experiment.

There was nothing different besides using a s.p.a.ce called a virtual world as a medium instead of Seregia.

After all, it is impossible to unilaterally ignore only one divine power.

Thats what I know so far.

I got closer and closer.

Stretching my arm, reaching through the distance.

Like an incarnation, even though there were holes here and there, no bloodstains or stiffness occurred.

It was natural.

Blood, nerves, muscles, and bones do not exist.

Only divine power flows in there.

I looked closely, but still couldnt find any clues.

It was a sight that seemed impossible the more I thought about it.

Considering the nature of the divine power.

Divinity is power after all.

Dominance is not defined by the dominance of other beings.

The power to ignore the dominance of other beings and exercise your own dominance is.


I could finally understand.

A G.o.d above G.o.d.

There was the G.o.d of Slowness who tried to be reborn as a being higher than a G.o.d by taking countless G.o.ds of the world as believers.

The G.o.d of Slowness wanted to spread his own meaning all over the world.

It is impossible to even try if one is a general G.o.d.

Apart from the consumption value.

I couldnt stop the worlds time even if I ignored the cost of using divine power.

It was impossible as long as there were G.o.ds other than myself in this world.

Because their territory cannot be invaded.

The G.o.ds were playing the role of the axis that supported the world from going to extremes, using only their existence.

But if the G.o.d of Order is beyond the standards of a deity.

Just as a deity can ignore the dominance of a non-deity and carry out their will.

He will be able to carry out his will.

Like the past G.o.d of Slowness had tried.

[There is fear in your heart. Havent you thought of running away? Dont be too discouraged. Shouldnt we live first?]

But not yet.

The G.o.d of Order has not yet been reborn as a completely superior being.

I could be sure.

Seeing that he is overpowering the G.o.d of the Sky, it seems that he has stepped closer to some extent.

He wasnt perfect.

If he was, there would be no confusion left in this world.

The world would already be changed into the way the G.o.d of Order wants and thinks.

The G.o.d of Hope, who is whispering to my ear to run away right now, should have disappeared.

By the fact that the G.o.d of Hope, who loves confusion and extreme emotions more than anyone else, and causes confusion by using the gaps in the system, is still alive and his normal sense, I could know that the G.o.d of Order has not been able to impose his will on the whole world.

[The G.o.d of Order is such a G.o.d. Do you know how many G.o.ds want to get out of the systems constraints? The most powerful G.o.ds of the Hundred G.o.ds Temple and the great forces of the Pantheon. He is a G.o.d who is binding them altogether alone.]

He was indeed worthy of it.

[It is difficult to even call him a G.o.d. As we call it, he is a system that encompa.s.ses all of the world. Now do you understand how reckless you are?]

"Okay. I understand."

[Good. Then lets go back quickly.]

Instead of preparing to go back like the G.o.d of Hope said, I called the giants.

"Old Man, Grandmother. Bring the kids to where I am now. Right now."

[ What?]

The Old Man and Grandmother replied that they would come straight away.

It wont take long.

[What are you trying to do! Stop! Dont do it!]

Then, lets start the outpost until the Old Man and Grandmother come.

[No, youre crazy!]

"Zit pop."

* * *

[King. What is that?]

Asked the grandmother.

Grandmother was a little late to bring all the giants scattered in small groups.

So I explained it again.

"The G.o.d of Order. The System. And the true owner of the Tutorial. Its our main enemy."

[It looks quite different from what I expected.]

Grandmother said with curiosity.

It was a different response from the old man.

The Old Man was agitated after listening to my explanation, and he ran straight to the G.o.d of Order with his subordinates.

And attacked again and again.

Of course it was pointless.

Like the zit pop I used.

No attack could damage the G.o.d of Order.

It was so hard and st.u.r.dy that it ignored all attacks.

Rather, no attack went in at all.

As if it doesnt exist in this world.

Like an illusion that exists only as a hologram, it was impossible to exercise physical force on the golden metal blades of the G.o.d of Order.

The G.o.d of Order still only restrained the G.o.d of the Sky.

I asked the G.o.d of Hope for an explanation.

[Ha! That stupid piece of gold!]

The G.o.d of Hope shouted triumphantly.

His att.i.tude changed.

Is he okay with that?

He said he was an apostle.

[It doesnt matter if you are outside of the target of that execution. That thin G.o.d is basically harmless. Unless you are subject to sanctions.]

And the G.o.d of Hope, he was convinced that he was definitely the target of sanctions and was scared in advance.

He was quite a bit of a guy.


"Oh my."

It became embarra.s.sing.

I called out to the old man and grandmother and everyone else.

I thought that if I could win against the G.o.d of Order at this opportunity, I would be able to achieve my goal immediately.

But it doesnt even fight me at all.

This made my position quite miserable.

I might not be more than the G.o.d of the Sky.

The intertwining of the G.o.d of the Sky was a sight to behold.

He was overpowered by the G.o.d of Order and couldnt even say a word.

In that state, he was attacked directly by the zit pop defenselessly.

Since then, he has been exposed to the angry attacks from the old man and the giants.

Looking at that form, I was convinced.

The G.o.d of Order appeared here only because of the G.o.d of the Sky.

Because of the fact that the G.o.d of the Sky ignored the rules and tried to act directly, he was arrested.


So what about this one?

"Old man. Stop for a second."

I approached the G.o.d of the Sky.

The G.o.d of the Sky was still grasping a huge spear.

Although he couldnt lift a single one of his fingers.

I put my face to the front of the huge spear.

What if I was cut by this spear?

The G.o.d of the Sky was subdued just by trying to act on his own.

If someone is harmed by that action.

Will he be subject to more sanctions?

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