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The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 361 - God of the Sky (5)

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Chapter 361 G.o.d of the Sky (5)

"Oh, the G.o.d of the Sky is beating a man. Oh, it stings."

I wandered around the G.o.d of Order with my face flowing with blood.

Of course, I wouldnt bleed just because my face was stabbed.

It was the blood I made for a more colorful presentation.

The G.o.d of the Sky did not respond.

He didnt even budge as he was bound by the G.o.d of Order.

[Mad lad.]

The scornful curse of the G.o.d of Hope flowed in.

[Do you know that the intelligence of the G.o.d of Order is at the level of a monkey? How about you stop using that appearance because Im embarra.s.sed to look at you.]

When I listened to the G.o.d of Hope, I became a little bit embarra.s.sed myself.

I stopped the blood that was flowing like a waterfall and returned to the front of the G.o.d of the Sky.

So self-harm blackmail didnt work.

Too bad.

I wanted to find out how the G.o.d of Order would move after the G.o.d of the Sky attacked me.

Would the sanctions be strengthened, or would he take action?

If not, would he judge me as an attack against the G.o.d of the Sky under his jurisdiction and try to intervene against me?

Whatever I did, I thought I could test the behavior of the G.o.d of Order through that action.

It was really worth trying.

Above all, I thought it would really work.

If the G.o.d of Order is as the G.o.d of Hope had explained.

If it exists as the system itself.

If hes a self-less mechanical G.o.d.

I thought he could act with the fact that I had been injured by the spear of the G.o.d of the Sky.

Or maybe he wasnt aware that I was attacked.

Because the damage was too minor?

Will it change if I take a little more lethal damage?

For the sake of experimentation, one or two arms could be cut off by the spear blade of the G.o.d of the Sky.

Its easy to recover anyway.

This time, before implementing the idea, I sought advice from the G.o.d of Hope.

[ How could it be? The G.o.d of Order would have already recognized it. It is not a wound according to the will of the G.o.d of the Sky. And that youre trying to blackmail him.]

The G.o.d of Hope said in a low voice and swallowed his sigh.

Somehow, it was a voice that was filled with pathetic feelings.

Even a little regret.

What are you regretting?

[Would you like to stop doing this and return to your planet?]

The G.o.d of Hope keeps whining.

It was no different from a child who whined to his parents to return home.


The purpose is to understand the G.o.d of Order.

Its a matter of course.

I underestimated the intelligence level of the G.o.d of Order.

I thought that artificial intelligence that would become the most powerful G.o.d in the world is an artificial intelligence of the level that Earths science could achieve.

"Then how about cutting myself on the blade of the G.o.d of Order?"

[ Please stop.]

The G.o.d of Hope groaned.


To begin with, it failed.

Attempting to blackmail the G.o.d of Order by self-harm.

"Did you know?"

[ Of course I didnt know. You were the first to come up with the idea of approaching the G.o.d of Order and attacking yourself.]


There must have been a few people who thought the same thing as me before.

[There wasnt.]

Just because the G.o.d of Hope doesnt know, doesnt mean there werent any.

At least one.

[Im sure, there wasnt. And if there were any beings who tried to do such crazy things to the G.o.d of Order, how would I have no idea? I am an apostle of the G.o.d of Order.]

He boasted.

He was so scared of the G.o.d of Order that he couldnt wait to run away.

[Usually, when facing the G.o.d of Order, it is common to try to escape the situation, to be discouraged, or to run away. There has never been a case where someone attempted a stupid experiment like you did.]


I could understand.

In the first place, in front of the G.o.d of Order, there will be only a few beings who can fully maintain reason.

Between all the G.o.ds of the Hundred G.o.ds Temple and the Pantheon, there would not even be a hundred.

Anything less than that would not even be able to touch it in the first place.

I told my thoughts to the G.o.d of Hope.

[A hundred? Its not even ten.]

"What ten, theres the old man and the giants."

Without much thought, I looked back at the old man and giants.

And I could see them frozen in tension.

[I dont know when the excitement of the battle paralyzed their reason, but there arent many beings who can face that with a calm head.]

I think so.

The emotions on the faces of the giants were not fear.


Rather, it was closer to the tension and pressure felt by the warriors facing the bloodiest battle of their lifetime.

It was amazing.

Even though it is clear that the G.o.d of Order has no intention of harming us, they have such feelings.

Thats why the G.o.d of Order has a great presence.

Just being there is enough to press their minds.

"Old man."

[King, we are ready.]

Ready for what?

All of a sudden.

[We will not back down. We will fight together!]

"Okay, just go somewhere else."



I sent the old man and the crowd of giants to another place.

At this time, I also sent Grandmother and the other giants.

I sent a message to continue the pursuit of the remnants of the Pantheon G.o.ds before the summons.

Grandmother answered affirmatively, but the old man did not.

The attack on the G.o.d of Order seems to have inflicted mental damage one way or another.

After all this work is over, I think he will need separate care.

"Its hard to reach a fight."

I grumbled for nothing.

Then I reached out my hand toward the blade of the G.o.d of Order again.

[Can you stop doing this and go back?]

I cant.

I ignored the words of the G.o.d of Hope.

Reaching out my hand, I tried to touch the golden blade.

Naturally, the cold and sharp texture peculiar to refined metal was expected.

But my fingertips just pa.s.sed through the golden blade.

Like holding air.

Like trying to touch a hologram projected by light.

It was also fun.

After becoming a G.o.d, I believed that there would be no unknown realms to me.

I thought that even though there are stories of the past that I do not know, there are no unknown abilities that I do not know.

I thought I understood and mastered all the powers in the world.

The fact that an unknown realm did not exist gave me a strange emotional sense of stability.

But on the other hand, it was a little sad.

The fact that there was no longer something to be discovered.

And today.

Contrary to my expectations, I was facing a number of abilities that touched the unknown.

The golden blade of the G.o.d of Order was still embedded in the incarnation of the G.o.d of the Sky.

But if I try to touch it.

My fingertips once again shook the air.

It is an illusion.

Is this possible?

Its a real blade for the G.o.d of the Sky.

To me, it was just an illusion that was visible to the naked eye and did not exist materially.

This may be the reason why it did not suffer any damage from my Zit Pop, from the Old Man, and from the attacks of giants.

Its an attack that cant reach it in the first place.

Only the G.o.d of the Sky, who had been arrested, suffered damage, but he could not attack the G.o.d of Order.

It was mysterious.

In the midst of this, the G.o.d of the Sky was bound by the blades piercing his incarnation.

It was absurd.

Existence to one deity, and illusion to the other deity.

I tried a few things, but I couldnt find a way to physically contact the blade of the G.o.d of Order.

If it were in my days when I was human, I would have skipped it and moved on.

Because the other person is G.o.d.

But now that I have become a G.o.d, I can clearly see how ridiculous it is.

It is applied to one deity and at the same time exists as an illusion to another.

[Why do you do that?]

Asked Seregia.

No, just.

Somehow it felt similar to Seregia.

The G.o.d of Order.

[Its unpleasant.]

What the h.e.l.l

All of a sudden.

"Too bad."

Somehow I wanted to find out the behavior of the G.o.d of Order.

It was a little far-fetched and foolish.

Thats because a certain deitys behavioral style is valuable information.

The divinity of order explains some of its behavior.

Indeed, the concept of the order was very vague.


"Ill take Ahb.o.o.boo with me."

I approached the face of the Heavenly G.o.d and said.

He was in a terrible situation, but his two eyes were still shining like the sun.

I looked at his eyes that were flickering quietly.

His eyes seemed to send a meaningless meaning.

Sorry I couldnt read anything.

"As I said before, Ill return the rest."

I didnt have to keep the G.o.d of the Skys new Aubutz, as it was not the Ahb.o.o.boo I knew.

I didnt even want to.

I will separate it and return it.

I looked around.

It was full of energy and heat generated when the giants and I attacked the G.o.d of Order.

This may be the reason the G.o.d of the Sky is still holding on so far.

It was clear why the G.o.d of Order appeared here.

To stop the G.o.d of the Sky who tried to act directly by ignoring the rules.

That was all.

It was correct to think that he was not punishing the G.o.d of the Sky for trying to violate the rules, but that he was preventing the act of breaking the rules itself.

If so, how long will this state last?

For the purpose of deterrence, not punishment.

It would be reasonable to keep the constraints until the G.o.d of the Sky gave up his willingness to act directly.

I think so.

I raised my head and looked up there.

The temple of the G.o.d of the Sky was still shining.

It wasnt just shining.

The power of that temple formed a barrier, preventing the full heat near me and the G.o.d of the Sky from escaping outside.

Enough heat to burn this planet.

"Come here."

I gathered and absorbed the dense heat around it.

It was a little tricky to absorb the energy of the giants, but it was not impossible.

Their foundation was, in the end, my existence.

After absorbing all the heat, I spoke to the G.o.d of the Sky again.

"Im sorry, but I have to see what was going on on this planet."

The G.o.d of the Sky sent his apostle Ahb.o.o.boo down.

He talked about the fundamental reasons for his own appearance here.

"But I will try not to damage the planets believers as much as possible. I promise."

I could have done that much.

Neither did I want to disturb mortals and hurt those who had nothing to do with the G.o.ds.

The G.o.d of the Sky stared at me for a moment, then slowly turned to light and began to disappear.

As expected, the G.o.d of Order did not even prevent the retreat of the G.o.d of the Sky.

It is just preventing behavior that violates the rules.

The G.o.d of the Sky was just holding on because he was worried about the believers of the planet.

Soon, the enormous incarnation of the G.o.d of the Sky disappeared completely.

The G.o.d of Order began to crawl back into the black s.p.a.ce where he came out.



[Because you had the upper hand, I thought you would try to tear off more from the G.o.d of the Sky.]

I would have done that normally.

But not now.

Then, if the G.o.d of the Sky weakens further, and if the G.o.d becomes unstable, it can be an excuse.

"Then, if the G.o.d of Order eats the G.o.d of the Sky, it will be troublesome."

He is already a G.o.d of Order that seems to go beyond a usual deity.

I couldnt know how far he would go if he had eaten the G.o.d of the Sky.

It would become very difficult if the G.o.d of Order became something similar to the G.o.d of Slowness in the past, a G.o.d above a G.o.d, a G.o.d of transcendence.

[Is there any way to do that? The G.o.d of Order cannot do anything else unless it is his mission. In the first place, his ego doesnt exist entirely, so theres no way he can act according to his arbitrary judgment. You cant say that.]

The G.o.d of Hope spoke of the G.o.d of Order.

He has no ego.

He cant speak.

I am sure about that.

The G.o.d of Order would have tried to eat the G.o.d of the Sky without hesitation if he had a chance.

[Its ridiculous. There is no personal desire in the first place for that mechanical G.o.d.]

Its something that Ive already experienced.

On the 59th floor, with the help of the G.o.d of the Sky, I achieved a small source and divine power.

And after clearing the stage, before moving to the fields of Kirikiri, I was summoned into a dark s.p.a.ce.

And all the power acc.u.mulated on the 59th floor was deprived by an unknown ent.i.ty.

Now I know.

That existence was the G.o.d of Order.

I told the G.o.d of Hope about my experiences.

And then.

[It was mine.]

Said the G.o.d of Order.

The G.o.d of Order was creeping into the black s.p.a.ce.

The G.o.d of Order, who had never spoken a single sentence let alone a word, rebelled against my words.

This is nonsense.

"It was the power that I achieved and gathered with my abilities. How is that yours?"

Youre like a robber.

[It is my strength. It is the power you have achieved in my world. The enemies you met there and the humans who gave your strength are all mine.]

Because the world in the Tutorial is part of him.

It was the claim of the G.o.d of Order that the source and the divinity, completed by receiving the faith of the people in the world, also belonged to him.

[The world is a part of me, and I am the world.]

"It wont be soon."

[That wont happen.]

F**king b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Its been a while, but when I heard that voice, I felt like a bug in the past.

"Ive said it before. Ill visit you someday. And Ill let you pay the price for taking my power."

[Well, come and see, challenger.]

The G.o.d of Order finally completely entered the black s.p.a.ce.

And the black s.p.a.ce was immediately closed and cut off.

Son of a b****.

I cant stop swearing.

Come and see, you know I cant go.


I clicked my tongue once.

Then I asked the dumb G.o.d of Hope.

"Who has no ego again?"

[ That cant be true.]

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