The Ultimate Student In The City Chapter 2918

Chapter 2920: Black Soul Fly

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Donghuang Linger hugged this cold but wet body, the strange feeling from her chest made her pale face a little more blush, but she couldn't tell that she was at this time. What kind of mood.

Very complicated.

At this moment, a snow-white snake suddenly sprang out from the snow-covered cliff on the side, spitting a vicious snake message, and quietly rushed towards Donghuang Ling'er.

The poisonous snake was silent, and Donghuang Linger's mood was very complicated at this time, so she really didn't notice it.

When she reacted, the poisonous snake's fangs had already pierced the white coat on her body, and was about to pierce the flesh of her back.

At this moment, the sharp sword aura flashed past like a bolt of lightning.

In an instant, the snow-white long snake was cut into countless pieces in an instant, and the flesh that was still distorting disgustingly fell down, and was directly swallowed by the dense white mist, disappearing.

Dong Huang Ling'er raised her head to look at Dong Huang Mei'er who was swinging the sword, and nodded slightly.

Just about to say thank you, Donghuang Meier said coldly: "If you are grateful, you don't need to say, because this lady doesn't want to save you, but it's quite unhappy to see that **** snow snake."

I thought that with you as a **** in this kind of ghost place, with this kind of uselessness that is no different from death, this lady will not be so lonely, and will not be so... scared!

So for herself, this lady doesn't want you to die so early, nothing more.

Donghuang Linger said, "Thank you."

It's my business to say thank you, and it's your business to accept it or not.

Donghuang Meier's face flushed all of a sudden, and she cursed: "You... bitch."

This lady just killed a snow snake, you thank you so politely, and that **** **** saved this lady several times, but this lady wants him to die, so it doesnt appear that this lady is extremely shameless and shameless. ?

Donghuang Ling'er did not respond, and realized that Li Zedao in his arms was struggling even more, so he subconsciously hugged him tighter.

At the same time, he was alert to the surrounding movement so as not to be attacked by the surrounding creatures again.

Donghuang Meier gritted her teeth, and finally looked at Li Ze, her cold eyes suddenly became a little more complicated: "How about this useless?"

Before Dong Huang Ling'er could say anything, Dong Huang Mei'er gloated and said, "Really deserves it. Who told him to torture Princess Black Fox with **** plum blossoms?"

Donghuang Linger did not respond.

She probably knew that Donghuang Meier was actually worried about Donghuang Xiaochen's safety and wanted to protect him, otherwise she would not be here now.

Thinking of something, Donghuang Mei'er frowned even more.

"What do you mean by marrying a concubine that the black fox patriarch said?"

Donghuang Linger's brows also frowned, and there was a tinge of unpleasant feeling in his heart.

Slightly shook his head: "I'm afraid it's to humiliate you and me."

Donghuang Meier gritted her teeth: "Such a terrible strong man used such words to humiliate two women, and it is really quite contemptible."

Donghuang Linger thought what if it wasn't humiliation?

Donghuang Meier cursed: "Damn it! When this young lady becomes a stronger than your **** sister, she must kill the whole family of black foxes and burn the black fox nest."

Donghuang Linger corrected: "She is also your sister."

"Hehe." Donghuang Meier sneered, "This lady does not have such a strong and proud sister."

Donghuang Linger shook his head slightly.

The mother and the second wife and the third wife are in the same situation, and the sister is extremely cold. Even when she returns to the East Palace, she never meets with their sisters. Even if they meet, they are treated as if they have not seen it, and ignore the others. Her salute, no wonder Donghuang Meier would say so.

Donghuang Meier didn't want to talk about the woman who made her afraid and hated, and said coldly: "Be careful of cruel creatures, this lady won't save you a second time."

As he said, his beautiful eyes condensed.


A terrifying sword aura burst out, instantly slicing a black shadow that suddenly emerged from the dense white mist into countless pieces.

At the moment, the two soul clouds continued to fall silently, shuttled in the denser white mist.

Moreover, under the effect of the horrible adsorption force that originated from the bottom of the abyss, even if Donghuang Linger and Donghuang Meier tried hard to control the soul cloud, the speed of falling down was still extremely fast.

But it hasn't been able to reach the bottom of this Xueyuan for a long time, one can imagine how deep this Xueyuan is.

During this period, from time to time on both sides of the cliffs there were savage, poisonous insects and beasts quietly haunting them, or they regarded Donghuang Meier and Donghuang Linger as invaders, or regarded them as delicacies, and they came in surprise. Was cut into countless pieces by the sword in the hands of Donghuang Meier.

Some poisonous insects and beasts are even extremely powerful. Facing Donghuang Meier, such a powerful person in the same realm, they did not lose the wind for a while. Although they were successfully killed in the end, they also consumed a lot of Donghuang Meier's breath.

Upon seeing this, Donghuang Linger said, "Take care of Xiaochen, and I will deal with those fierce beasts."

Donghuang Meier's aura surged fiercely, and she responded quite annoyed: "Can you just throw him on the soul cloud?"

"He is struggling hard, I'm afraid he will roll off, and I'm also worried about being attacked by the surrounding creatures."

"Damn waste, really troublesome." Donghuang Meier reluctantly took Li Zedao from Donghuang Linger's arms.

She didn't hold Li Zedao in her arms like Donghuang Linger, but rather held Li Zedao in her hands with disgust, but she was itchy with depression.

If it weren't for this **** waste, how could he be in this ghost place?

So why bother about this **** useless life and death? Throw him down.

Thinking like this in her heart, Donghuang Meier wanted to throw Li Zedao out.

But the fingers that were about to be released were still clenched after all.

The pain continued, so Li Zedao, who was quite disgusted by Donghuang Meier, was still struggling and twisting, and there was a constant weak but painful gasp in that throat.

In the eyes of others, this is a tortured dying person, but only Li Zedao knows how clear his mind is while being tortured.

He could clearly hear every word the black fox patriarch said, and the words "marry you as a concubine" he said to Donghuang Linger made Li Zedao quite concerned.

In Li Zedao's view, the Black Fox patriarch was not using words to humiliate Donghuang Linger and Donghuang Meier, but was mentioning this matter very seriously.

It really appreciates Donghuang Linger, and is seriously considering the matter of accepting it as a concubine.

It can also be seen from this that this black fox patriarch is quite a narcissistic person.

It thinks it wants nothing it can't get, so Donghuang Linger didn't care what he thought when he heard this.

So does this mean that even if the creatures are not born in this primitive space, when this primitive space becomes unstable, there is a way to stay in this primitive space?

Of course, this kind of staying is naturally not sleeping here, otherwise the matter of the Black Fox Patriarch's desire to take Donghuang Ling'er as a concubine will become meaningless.

After that, Li Zedao clearly felt how soft Donghuang Linger's chest was. Judging from his extremely rich experience, he was afraid it would be 36D!

He also clearly felt Donghuang Meier's emotions that seemed to be disgusting but caring, and he also noticed that he was almost thrown out by Donghuang Meier.

At this moment, he could even see that a small bug the size of a fly was biting his soul unscrupulously there. With every bite, the pain would erupt violently from the depths of the soul, and then follow that one. A painful nerve spread throughout his body.

At this time, he would growl, twist, and tremble uncontrollably.

The uncontrollable wanted to say that he could die now, and that he would not have to suffer such pain.

He could still clearly see that Butterfly Wing stayed there with the heart of the earth, watching the little bug biting there as if watching the excitement.

Even Butterfly Wing was still there to cheer on the black soul fly.

"Yes, just bite... I'm taking a bite, yes, just like that, kill this weak and shameless guy."

"Your sister, how can you bite like this? Does it make a difference if you bite like this? Your sister's son can't stand it anymore. I can't help but want to teach you how to bite."

In fact, when this black soul fly enters Li Zedao's body, the butterfly wings and the center of the earth can wipe it out, just as the **** plum blossoms were wiped out before.

But Li Zedao stopped the butterfly wings and the center of the earth in time, so that they must not act rashly.

Li Zedao must not let the patriarch of the black fox clan know that he can easily kill this **** fly, or let him know that he has butterfly wings and the center of the earth, two Horcruxes that can be called heaven-defying, otherwise who knows it will not Will forcibly separate the center of the earth and the butterfly wings from his soul?

So Li Zedao can only endure that kind of pain.

But now in this bottomless snowy abyss, there are no members of the black fox clan around, so there is no need to continue to bear it.

Li Zedao was annoyed at the Butterfly Wing, who was cheering on the **** black soul fly, "What are you doing in a daze? You didn't see you, the master of the wise martial arts. Damn fly."

Butterfly Wing was even more annoyed, and said angrily: "Your sister, it was you who didn't let this **** soul fly be killed before, but now it is also you who kill it. ?"

"Your sister thinks that you are the master of this son, it is amazing. Don't you know this son's self-respect identity, so you have never regarded you as the owner?"

The butterfly wing, who was disdainfully despising Li Zedao, suddenly stunned, and then annoyed himself.

"Your sister, Pebble, why did you go? This weak and shameless guy asked you to do what you did? As a powerful Horcrux, can you be a bit assertive..."

"Your sister, Xiaoshizi, would you be too cruel to start? Such a cute black soul fly, you crushed it all at once? It's too cruel, this son is the top ten with you. Divine weapon, it's really embarrassing."

Die Wing's heartbroken sigh was constantly echoing in his mind, and the pain without a bottom line finally disappeared without a trace.

Li Zedao panted heavily, the originally distorted face was slightly loosened, and the **** dead fish eyes instantly recovered a trace of expression.

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