The Ultimate Student In The City Chapter 2919

Chapter 2921: Guarding the heavens

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After adjusting his breath a little, Li Zedao said weakly, "Sister Meier, I'm fine, you can let me go."

Li Zedao was quite depressed. He felt that this woman was so ungrateful that she carried the savior so disgustingly in her hands.

At this point, Donghuang Ling'er did a good job and hugged him tightly.

Donghuang Meier was slightly taken aback when she heard the words, and couldn't believe what her ears were hearing.

Isn't this wimpy being tortured to death, how can he still speak?

When she looked down, she was carrying the wimp in her hand. It was not as desperately twisted and struggling as before, letting out a silent scream, but had calmed down instead.

The face that was originally distorted into an extremely ugly bun also stretched out a bit, and the eyes that were originally ugly fish-eyes also had a lot more expression.

"Sister Meier, I'm fine, let me down." Li Zedao said again.

Donghuang Meier was very stunned, and a mad wolf was raised in her heart, she couldn't believe it was true.

This uselessness is really not painful anymore?

The hand that was quite disgusting at the moment loosened, he threw Li Zedao on the soul cloud, then took out a white silk scarf, and wiped his hand very seriously.

Damn it, as if this lady wanted to hold you.

Seeing this, Li Zedao twitched the corners of his mouth uncontrollably, and the whole person was not well.

I feel that I'm too **** cheap, why should anyone save this woman if he doesn't? Wouldn't it be okay to let the black fox princess torture her to death?

Donghuang Ling'er had just killed an unknown beast that came in a surprise attack, and his chest was ups and downs.

Hearing the sound, he was taken aback for a moment, staring at Li Zedao with wide eyes, and asked uncertainly: "Xiao Chen, are you all right?"

Li Zedao took out a pill and swallowed it in, stood up with difficulty, nodded slightly and said, "Thank you Sister Ling'er for your concern, I'm fine."

Glancing without a trace, it turned out to be really big. No wonder that even though he was tortured by the black soul flies before, he could clearly feel the amazing softness and elasticity, comparable to sister Tian Meng.

"That's good."

Donghuang Linger breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Li Zedao's situation at this time was indeed not like the person whose soul was suffering from the bite of soul insects.

But I was puzzled. According to reason, the black fox patriarch could not let Donghuang Xiaochen just like this and ordered the black soul fly to stop.

So the reasonable explanation is that he solved the black soul fly by himself.

Just how did he do it?

You must know that even those strong people who left their names on the sky list, once the soul encounters the invasion of that kind of scary soul insect, there is nothing to do, and it can only be tortured and tortured, and even in the end, it can only be dispelled.

However, Donghuang Xiaochen was no more than the high-grade cultivation base of the Dao realm, but he was able to eliminate the black soul fly, which in itself was an unimaginable thing.

Donghuang Linger suddenly remembered that after Donghuang Xiaochen had humiliated Tangshan, both his mother and the Tang family couldn't swallow this breath. For this reason, the Tang family even used **** plum blossoms.

But it turned out that the Tang family lost the **** plum blossoms, and even Donghuang Xiaochen was able to drive the **** plum blossoms that the Tang family was able to drive, so he had some powerful means to control some powerful Horcruxes?

I was puzzled, but didn't ask much, turned around and continued to be alert to the surrounding movement.

Donghuang Meier casually threw the white silk scarf in her hand, her suspicious eyes staring at Li Ze.

She did not endure not asking like Donghuang Linger did, but asked aloud, "Well, how did you do it?"

Li Zedao naturally knew what this woman wanted to ask, but while adjusting her breath, he asked in confusion, "What does Sister Meier mean?"

Donghuang Meier was annoyed: "Why doesn't that **** black soul fly continue to gnaw your soul? Do you know that this lady is quite unhappy if you don't be tortured to death?"

Li Zedao said sadly: "I don't know, I thought that when I was tortured by the black soul fly, sister Mei'er was so painful that you couldn't breathe."


Donghuang Meier was so angry that she gritted her teeth and wanted to kill her with a sword.

This young lady can't wait for you to die quickly. How could it be heartache or something?

Seeing that this vicious woman was about to kill with a sword, Li Zedao was so frightened that he hurried to another soul cloud, hiding behind Donghuang Ling'er for a sense of security.

Seeing the two people doing this, Donghuang Ling'er really had a headache. Seeing Donghuang Mei'er reminded: "There are dangers around me."

"Yes, dangers are everywhere." Li Zedao nodded with deep approval.


Donghuang Meier couldn't help but burst out a foul language, and the whole person was on the verge of madness.

At this moment, while her face suddenly changed, Yi Jian slashed behind her back.


A deafening muffled sound rippled violently in this huge crack, and the thick ice on the cliffs on both sides directly showed a series of horrible cracks, as if they were broken and stripped.

I don't even know how many rippling snowflakes were directly shattered by the overflowing horror atmosphere and no longer existed.

Li Zedao had just been devastated by the black soul fly, and his soul was so badly damaged that he couldn't stop the breath at all. When his chest became stuffy, blood slowly flowed out of the corners of his mouth.

He looked up with difficulty, but saw that the ice sword polished by ten thousand years of cold ice in Donghuang Meier's hand was stagnant there, as if the sword had just been slashed on the most powerful shield.

It was naturally not a shield that stopped this sword, but a very thin leg.

Seeing that thin leg, Li Zedao's eyes jumped violently.

He was familiar with the legs that looked like a blade and had barbed spikes. They were the legs of a mantis.

The difference is that the mantis that appeared suddenly was bigger than the one Li Zedao had encountered before, and it turned out to be transparent, like a sculpture made of ice.

The aura erupted by this ice sculpture praying mantis was not inferior to the long sword in the hands of Donghuang Meier.

Therefore, this kind of praying mantis possesses at least the strength of the lower grade in the first stage.

Li Zedao's scalp was numb, and he wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth, expressing his shame.

"Damn, I dared to bother this lady and kill that scumbag and that bitch! This lady will kill you first!"

Donghuang Meier shouted angrily, and in the next moment, her figure had already turned into countless fierce sword auras, which enveloped the ice sculpture praying mantis.

Suddenly, the ear-piercing muffled noise that erupted from the sharp blade cutting on the sharp blade directly cut the countless snowflakes flying around into pieces of foam, and left countless shocking sounds on the cliffs on both sides. Rift.

Li Zedao was tragically affected, and there were countless shocking bloodstains on his body.

"Xiao Chen, are you okay?"

Donghuang Linger's face showed strong concern when he saw it.

"It's okay." Li Zedao gasped and shook his head slightly. Compared with the soul being bitten by the black soul fly, this level of pain is really nothing.

"Xiao Chen, be careful yourself."

After Dong Huang Ling'er left these words, he joined the battle group and fought the ice sculpture mantis with Dong Huang Mei'er.

Only by solving this ice sculpture praying mantis as soon as possible, Donghuang Xiaochen can no longer be affected, and can avoid the excessive noise that attracts more terrifying beasts.

With the addition of Donghuang Ling'er, this fierce battle soon ended.

A mantis leg that resembled a sharp machete soared into the sky, frightening Li Zedao to avoid it.

At this moment, Li Zedao's figure abruptly stagnated there.

An icy sword hit his throat.

The biting cold radiating from the sword instantly caused Li Zedao's neck to condense hoarfrost.

Donghuang Meier's chest was ups and downs sharply, and there was a fierce light in her eyes.

She glanced at Donghuang Ling'er, and said angrily: "This lady can kill that **** praying mantis, why do you want to be nosy?"

Donghuang Linger ignored it.

Donghuang Meier was even more angry. She retracted her gaze and looked at Li Zedao. She wanted to cut off his throat with a sword, and said angrily: "Say, how did you do it? If you are not honest, be careful that you end up with that **** praying mantis. It usually ends."

Li Zedao's scalp was numb, and he tried to squeeze a humble smile on his face, and said, "Sister Meier, you take the sword back first. I'll be afraid of you like this. I don't know what to say when I'm afraid. Up."

Donghuang Mei'er snorted coldly, and moved away the ice sword that had reached Li Zedao's neck.

Li Zedao hurriedly hid behind Donghuang Ling'er.

Donghuang Meier stared at Li Zedao with cold eyes, as if looking at a cold corpse.

Donghuang Linger knew that this woman was not just talking about it, but was really going to do it, so she asked, "Xiao Chen, you did it this way?"

Li Zedao was a little dazed, and said, "Sister Ling'er, I don't know why it doesn't hurt anymore."

"Dong Huang Xiaochen, this young lady is giving you the last chance to tell the truth." Dong Huang Mei'er raised the ice sword in her hand, and an icy breath continued to radiate from her.

These breaths condensed into countless ice swords at once, covering the top of Li Zedao's head, and they were about to pour down.

Li Zedao's scalp was so numb that he couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

The truth is absolutely impossible to tell, you can only lie.

He thoughtfully said: "Thinking about it, maybe it is the black fox patriarch who cherishes his talents. I really can't bear to see the destined extraordinary Tianjiao continue to suffer that kind of pain in the future, so I withdrew the fly?"

The muscles on Donghuang Meier's face twitched, and the muscles on Donghuang Linger's face twitched.

Li Zedao paused and then said, "Or is it because the temperament of the black fox princess is impressed, and he begs the black fox patriarch not to torture him?"

The muscles on the faces of Donghuang Ling'er and Donghuang Mei'er were twitching even more severely. They thought they were afraid that they had suffered a divine condemnation. Otherwise, why did they feel like five thunders?

Li Zedao was extremely distressed: "Sister Ling'er, you said that the black fox princess won't depend on me all the time, right?"

Donghuang Meier really couldn't listen anymore, and shouted, "Donghuang Xiaochen, why don't you die?"

Li Zedao said seriously: "Because the heavens need the protection of my son."


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