The Ultimate Student In The City Chapter 2920

Chapter 2922: Bottom of Snow Abyss

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Looking back at Li this time, even Donghuang Linger almost slashed at this shameless fellow without holding back.

How can a person of high-grade cultivation in a mere high-level realm be able to say that the heavens need me to guard such arrogant words without blushing and heartbeat?

Donghuang Meier was worried that she would be **** off if she continued to talk to this wimpy, she was not paying attention to Li Zedao at the moment, her eyes sharply scanned the surroundings, and she planned to vent all her anger on the fierce beasts that were ready to move.

As the soul cloud continued to descend, the more powerful the creatures came, making Dong Huang Ling'er and Dong Huang Mei'er to join forces to kill them.

This also made their hearts sink more and more to the bottom, and the uneasy emotions that originated from the depths of their souls became more and more intense.

As expected, the Black Fox patriarch was not joking with them. There are many powerful poisonous insects and beasts living in the bottom of the valley, and there are many beasts, even if they are strong people of lower grades like them, they can't deal with it.

Under this circumstance, it is undoubtedly extremely difficult to live in this Xueyuan for three days.

Of course, if they can lay out a powerful soul formation, then this matter can also become easier.

It's just that their accomplishments in the soul formation are not too high, and it is not possible to arrange an intermediate-level soul formation. Moreover, even a general intermediate-level soul formation cannot withstand the terrorist attack of the strong at all.

Affected by the breath, Li Zedao suffered serious injuries.

He swallowed back the trace of fiery blood pouring to his chest, and squinted slightly to look down.

Everywhere in the eye, there is a thick white mist.

However, Li Zedao still vaguely saw the white snow hiding in the white mist.

Obviously, they are about to reach the bottom of this Xueyuan.

Dong Huang Ling'er and Dong Huang Mei'er also discovered that they were about to reach the bottom of the Xueyuan, and the already tense nerves collapsed tighter at the moment, and there was a strong vigilance in their eyes.

Donghuang Ling'er also glanced at Li Zedao, showing that you are careful.

Li Zedao nodded slightly in response, and there were a few big fools in his hand, and the remaining three **** plum blossoms also turned into snowflakes, hiding in the surrounding snowflakes, ready to attack.

After another small half-zhu time passed, they finally came to the bottom of this Xueyuan.

But seeing the dense white mist around him disappeared, everything in front of him suddenly became clear.

Like the above, this is also a white world.

The difference is that this world is narrow and long, like a big river covered by snow and ice.

The ground is covered with thick snow, and the cliffs on both sides are also covered by thick snow and ice.

Above the head is a thick white mist, and there are constantly falling snow passing through the thick white mist and falling on the ground.

Because the surroundings are absolutely quiet, there is no sound from any beasts at all, as if this is a world without any life, so the sound of snowflakes falling on the ground seems so clear and sweet.

Dong Huang Ling'er and Dong Huang Mei'er naturally didn't dare to relax at all. While being vigilant, they all set their sights on Li Zedao, trying to ask him what he should do next.

Then Donghuang Ling'er looked weird, and she actually became dependent on the high-quality cultivation of the mere avenues?

Donghuang Mei'er was extremely annoyed. Being in such a dangerous place, she couldn't even save her own life because of such uselessness. What thoughts could she have?

Afterwards, the two looked away again and continued to be vigilant about the surrounding movement.

Li Zedao cautiously swallowed his saliva, breaking the dead silence that was shrouded in this seemingly cozy but dangerous space.

"Two sisters, what should we do next?"

Donghuang Linger and Donghuang Meier were silent when they heard this.

They also want to know what to do next, can't stay here waiting for the powerful beast to come and tear it to pieces, right?

In the end, Donghuang Linger said: "Let's arrange the soul formation first. Although the soul formation we set up is not enough to withstand the powerful beasts, it is good to be able to withstand a moment."

Li Zedao nodded: "Sister Linger's words are quite true."

Dong Huang Mei'er glanced at Dong Huang Ling'er, as always, mocking: "What's the point of this move? In my opinion, it's just a waste of energy."

No matter how many low-grade soul formations, you can destroy them all with a single sword, let alone those powerful fierce beasts.

Donghuang Linger has long been accustomed to Donghuang Meier's attitude, and asked indifferently: "In your opinion?"

Donghuang Meier stopped talking, and was extremely annoyed.

If this young lady knows what to do, you need a **** **** to point her fingers here?

Li Zedao has already begun to arrange the soul formation. He is already able to deploy the 9th-rank low-grade soul formation. These soul formations are no longer enough to withstand the struggling blows of the quasi-gui one-level cultivation masters, let alone black According to the head of the fox, some of the fierce beasts here could not be killed even if the Eastern Emperor Ling'er and Eastern Emperor Mei'er joined forces.

Therefore, Donghuang Meier is actually right. The arrangement of this soul formation is no different from the use of paper to paste the holes in the roof when the storm is approaching, and it can't resist the invasion of the storm in an instant. It doesn't make much sense.

But this is the end of the matter, and we can only do our best to obey the fate.

Donghuang Ling'er also started to arrange the soul formation, she was not very accomplished in the soul formation, so she could only arrange the 9th rank soul formation.

Looking at the entire Donghuang Villa, the most accomplished in the soul formation is the third wife. Donghuang Dachen's accomplishments are not low, and an intermediate soul formation can be arranged. It is a pity that Donghuang Dachen is not here, otherwise they will survive. The possibilities will greatly increase.

Seeing this, Donghuang Meier gritted her teeth, but did not set out to arrange the soul formation, but shook hands with the ice sword, vigilant for the surrounding movement.

The three people spent an hour in absolute nervousness.

This kind of waiting for the horrible danger and even death is undoubtedly very difficult, and several fierce battles have erupted all the way down, so the breath of the three is extremely exhausted, and they have to rely on pill to supplement.

But the replenishment of the pill is limited after all, so if this continues, the danger has not yet come, they are afraid that they will fall first.

At this time, Li Zedao and Donghuang Ling'er had also arranged dozens of defensive soul formations, layer by layer, and completely "protected" the three of them.

"These soul formations should be enough to withstand a powerful blow like the Black Fox Princess." Donghuang Linger gasped lightly.

It is a pity that the black umbrella obtained from the black fox clan has been directly destroyed by the ice dragon, otherwise its defensive ability would be far greater than these soul formations.

Donghuang Meier sneered: "Should? I can't see how you can deceive yourself and others so much, you really laugh so hard."

"Well, even if you can barely block a blow from the strong, what will happen afterwards?"

Donghuang Linger was silent.

"After that, the three of our siblings will die together." Li Zedao answered, thinking that this Donghuang Meier is a brain-dead, and it is necessary to ask about such a matter of course.

Donghuang Meier looked at Li Zedao, those big round eyes were filled with fierce light, and said angrily: "If you weren't like you, how could this lady come to this ghost place and wait to die?"

Li Zedao was quite "moved" and said: "Sister Meier is willing to accompany me here to wait for death. It's really kind to me. I was so moved that tears and nose came out."


Donghuang Mei'er's anger was suddenly ignited again, and she wanted a sword to strike Li Zedao.

As always, Li Zedao hid behind Donghuang Ling'er to seek a sense of security.

Donghuang Meier gritted her teeth: "Dead bitch, you get out of it."

At the same time, countless snowflakes on the ground rose into the sky, and then quickly rotated, but the breath had already condensed into countless snow swords, densely enveloped above Li Zedao's head.

Li Zedao was so scared that his little heart was trembling, and his scalp was so numb that he almost lost his feeling.

I was so wronged in my heart, I just told the truth, why did this woman have to kill herself? It was too much, she really thought she was afraid that she would not be successful?

Donghuang Ling'er said lightly: "Be careful to destroy these soul formations. In addition, making too much noise may attract those powerful beasts."

"so what?"

Donghuang Meier bitterly squeezed these words out, but the countless snow swords also exploded and landed one after another.

Donghuang Linger looked back at Li Zedao, her tone softened: "Xiao Chen, don't say a few words."

Li Zedao nodded obediently.

Immediately, his complexion condensed slightly, and he became serious, and said, "Sister Ling'er, there is one thing that I care about."

Donghuang Linger has no way to treat Donghuang Xiaochen as a wasteful treatment, and even subconsciously regards him as the mainstay, so at this time, seeing him become serious, her expression also becomes serious.

"What's the matter?"

Li Zedao frowned and said: "The matter of sister Na Ling'er that Black Fox Patriarch said you are a concubine."

Donghuang Ling'er raised his brows slightly, completely unexpected that what Li Zedao was talking about was actually this.

What made her care about was that his mind could still be so clear even when his soul was bitten by the black soul flies, and he could still hear the words of the black fox chief, which was really incredible.

Donghuang Meier glanced at this pretending wimp, and said coldly: "What's the point to care about this? That's just a verbal humiliation."

The gaze fell on Donghuang Ling'er, and the mockery on his face was even more serious: "Take a thousand steps and say, it is a good thing that the patriarch of the black fox sees sister Ling'er, if it is sister Ling'er you can marry the patriarch of black fox, It is equivalent to wooing a powerful assistant for my Donghuang Villa. What does Sister Ling'er think?"

The reason why the Eastern Imperial Villa is strong is not only because the Eastern Royal Family is a Glory Family, but also because the children of the Eastern Royal Family have a strong bloodline, and they have a strong talent in cultivation.

It is also because there are many powerful men and forces attached to the Eastern Imperial Villa and become affiliates of the Eastern Royal Family.

For example, behind the eldest lady, the Tang family who refining powerful Horcruxes has a good reputation in the entire celestial realm.

The smile on Donghuang Meier's face is even worse: "Of course, this black fox family can't leave this snowy area at all, so for Donghuang Villa, such powerful assistants seem to be useless, haha. ."

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