The Villain Is A Sis Con? Chapter 53

Chapter 54: Cause And Effect

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I don't know how long I was immersed in the dark, Su Xi's consciousness returned to the cage again.

Opening his eyes, the familiar sight made Su Xi feel as if he were separated.

This is the board room where she and Master once lived.

The phone lights up, attracting Su Xi's attention. It is the copycat phone that Master used before.

Su Xi took the phone, and found inside the book "As long as the baby doesn't want Daddy" that disappeared before, but this time it was different, and in the end there was a long extra.

In this special episode, Su Xi saw her name for the first time.

Fanwaili, Su Jingcheng found Su Xi when she was thirteen years old. Just like this time when Su Xi was brought back by Yan Su, Su Jingcheng found Su Xi in a simple orphanage. .

When Su Jingcheng found his sister, Su Xi hid behind the crowd, leaning on the door timidly, hiding half of his body behind, thin and weak, with dim eyes but with fear. The panic of the world and everything around it seemed. It seems that she is less than ten years old, and the children in the orphanage in front of her are not strong, but among these people, Su Xi is particularly weak and looks distressing.

Because of long-term malnutrition, Su Xis skeletal development is stunted, he will fall when he barely walks a few steps, and he cant stand even if he stands. Even standing for a while, the whole person will not be able to hold back and curl up to the ground, seeing the fan in his memory. Nennen's lovely sister, who was like a dumpling, turned into this appearance, Su Jingcheng's heart seemed to be picked up, and countless blades slashed across it.

Su Xi did not speak. The kindergarten teacher explained that Su Xi accidentally fell into a pond when he was seven or eight years old. He probably had a fever and burned out. When he woke up, he became mute and could not speak. The teacher lied. When he lifted Xi Xi from the ground, he clearly heard her exclaim in a low voice and fear. Xi Xi just didn't want to speak, not that he couldn't speak.

Su Jingcheng took her sister back to their home. After arriving home, she found a lot of injuries under her worn clothes. Obviously, it was caused by being bullied by other children in the orphanage.

When she first arrived home, Su Xi was very afraid of everything that was unfamiliar around her. On more than one occasion, Su Jingcheng saw her hiding herself in a corner, and her whole body curled up. If you squeeze her, she will not struggle or resist. But she would be trembling with fear. Several times, Su Jingcheng could only stand not far away, hiding himself out of Su Xis line of sight. After Su Xi fell asleep again, Su Jingcheng quietly removed the person from the corner. Hold it out.

Su Xi was afraid of contact with people and was unwilling to speak.

Su Jingcheng put an end to all people's visits or approach. He tightly protected his sister to prevent outsiders from knowing or let outsiders have the opportunity to hurt her again.

Su Xi did not want to go out, so Su Jingcheng built a paradise and a palace for her at home, and he gave her all the good things.

Su Jingcheng turned away a lot of business in the company and guarded Su Xi almost 24 hours a day.

Feeding her a little bit, talking to Su Xi slowly, and telling her about their family affairs and her childhood things, Su Jingcheng found the best medical team for Su Xi To treat her malnutrition problem, he slowly taught her to speak and teach her to write.

For half a year, Su Xi accepted Su Jingcheng a little bit. Her health seemed to be much better. Although she was still skinny and stunted, she had basically reached the health standard. Although she would occasionally fall, Su Xi was already able to do so. After walking normally, the little girls mood seemed to be much better. Occasionally, Su Jingcheng could see an inconspicuous smile and brilliance on the little girls face. When someone approached, Su Xi would hide behind Su Jingcheng. , But she will not be so scared to tremble as she was at the beginning. She will accept the kindness of Fu Bo and the others, and say thank you in a low voice. Occasionally, Su Jingcheng will take her outside to places with few people. After a few times, Su Xi no longer seems to be as repulsive as before.

However, Su Xi is still reluctant to speak, and is not willing to contact people who are unfamiliar.

This day is the company's annual meeting and Su Jingcheng's birthday.

In the morning, Su Xi handed a box of things tightly squeezed in his hand to Su Jingcheng, and whispered happy birthday. It was a pair of red socks that she asked Fubo to help buy. Fubo said it was in their hometown. There, sending this for your birthday can bless the people who received the gift in peace.

In the evening, Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to the banquet. He placed Su Xi in a comfortable compartment specially partitioned out. Here you can see what happened outside, but it won't make Xixi feel nervous.

The Xinhua Street project failed to compete, which cast a gloomy atmosphere in the company, but the banquet continued.

Shen Wenbo came at the banquet, arrogant and arrogant.

With a contemptuous smile of a victor, he talked hypocritically with Su Jingcheng.

"The idea of Su Dong's amusement park is quite interesting, haha." He said, with a sarcasm smile on his face, and said: "Thank you Su Dong for deliberately giving up that piece of land to Shen Xing."

Su Jingcheng didn't want to entangle this person too much, and said straightforwardly: "Shen Dong is just to say this, I forgive Su for not being with him."

Shen Wenbo raised his eyebrows: "This is Su Dong's hospitality?"

Su Jingcheng looked at Shen Wenbo coldly: "There are so many things today, and Dong Shen will do it himself."

Shen Wenbo laughed twice again: "Su Dong is very busy now. The project has not been taken down. I am afraid that the shareholders' emotions will be enough for Su Dong to deal with it for a while. Unlike me, it is very leisurely now. All plans have been completed long ago. Waiting for the people below to execute."

Su Jingcheng ignored Shen Wenbo, glanced at Shen Wenbo, and left straight away.


In the compartment, Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng with a cold face, left in front of the other man, and heard their conversation with a worried expression.

In the banquet hall, Su Jingcheng took the stage as the chairman of the board and gave a speech.

The whole process is very brief.

From time to time, she looked at the compartment with concern-I dont know if Xixi is uncomfortable, I dont know if the dinner that was prepared for Xixi just now, has she eaten...

When Su Jingcheng finished speaking, he went to the cubicle, only to find that Su Xi was gone. Su Jingcheng was shocked and people began to look for it. The original banquet was once chaotic.

Here, watching the person named Shen Wenbo leave in a hurry, Su Xi, who was originally in the compartment, also followed.

Outside the hotel, Su Xi caught up with Shen Wenbo, still a little scared in his eyes, but still plucked up the courage to speak.

"Can you give that project to my brother?"

This was the first time Su Xi had spoken such long words to strangers other than his brother after being found back.

The language is still a bit sloppy, but the voice is timid, crisp, and very nice.

But at this time, Shen Wenbo obviously had no time to waste time with this girl.

With a sneer, there was sarcasm in his expression: "Do you think it's possible?"

Su Xi stepped back subconsciously, lowered her eyelids, and said sincerely, "Please." She didn't know what the project was, and she couldn't understand what her brother was talking about on the phone and what competition and planning were said by those people. , But she knows that the project seems to be very important to her brother. My brother has put a lot of effort into that project. If I didn't get the project, my brother would be very sad.

He is the best person to her in the world, and the only good person, she doesn't want to make him sad.

"I can trade with you for something else." Su Xi once again mustered up his courage, his eyes fell tightly on Shen Wenbo's body, and said firmly in his voice.

Shen Wenbo was already impatient.

When the car came, Shen Wenbo gave Su Xi a cold eye: "Get out of the way."

He waved away Su Xi, who was in front of him, and got into the car.

After Su Xi stood firm, she was a little at a loss looking at the car going away, and she didn't know how to catch up.

At this moment, Su Xi was hit by a galloping car behind him.


Su Xi's brain hurt, and a dusty memory broke through the shackles and coincided with the plot in the novel.

In her memory, she seemed to be lying on the cold and hard ground, very cold and painful, and the world in front of her was gradually dyed red. She saw someone running towards her and couldnt see who it was, but she saw the place where she gave her brother in the morning. A pair of red socks.

"Xixi! Xiexi!"

"Brother..." Su Xi opened her mouth, but couldn't make a sound.

She was held tightly in her arms by her brother and left the icy ground.

She heard her brother as if calling someone.

There seems to be people talking, people screaming, cars, wind...

Then, she couldn't hear anything, and she couldn't see it anymore.

The memories afterwards merged with the scenes that Su Xi had dreamed of countless times.


She seems to be dead.

As soon as the picture turned, another scene appeared in front of Su Xi's eyes, not what happened in his memory or in this world.

Still in that world, Su Xi saw Su Jingcheng. At this time, Su Jingcheng became vicissitudes, haze and terrible, with madness and bloodthirsty hidden in his eyes-this was different from Su Jingcheng who Su Xi had seen. It is the villain Su Jingcheng in the novel.

And when there was no one, Su Jingcheng was lonely, lonely, and silent in infinite self-blamehe lost his sister again, and this time it was impossible to find it again.

The car that hit Su Xi could not escape naturally, but who would have thought that the man who was in the car at the time was a child under three years old.

Ran Kexin went to the banquet hall. Because she was worried that she would not have time to take care of her son, she let Ran Anan stay in the car and let the nanny watch.

In the banquet hall, Ran Kexin saw Shen Wenbo. Seeing that Shen Wenbo saw that she was very surprised, Ran Kexin deliberately gave the other person a look and turned to leave. In fact, Ran Kexin did not really leave, but hid nearby. She just saw Shen. Wenbo chased it up, deliberately trying to make fun of the other party.

At the same time, in the car, the nanny was supposed to be watching Ran An'an, but instead got out of the car and called.

There is a spare key left by Ran Kexin in the car.

Ran Anan took advantage of the fact that no one was watching, climbed to the front, and started the car after a while...


Because he was a child, Ran Anan received no punishment.

Su Jingcheng frantically retaliated against the Shen family and the Shen Xing Group, and even took extreme measures to kill Shen Wenbo, Su Jingcheng, Ran Kexin, Ran An'an, and even deliberately caused accidents.

Everyone thought that Su Jingcheng was crazy, only he knew that he was retaliating, and he really wanted to let those three people die!

Su Jingcheng did not hesitate to break the net with Shen Jiayu. He caught Ran Kexin and put it at home. He notified Shen Wenbo.

No one knew that Su Jingcheng ate quietly at the dinner table, and was actually ready for the funeral of the two people.

As long as Shen Wenbo comes, this villa will be turned into ruins in a flash.

Unfortunately, Shen Wenbo did not come.

Seeing that Ran Kexin was so contented, she sat where she used to be.

Su Jingcheng dragged her into the small black room without supplying anything. Ran Kexin was hungry for three days. Unfortunately, Shen Wenbo still did not come. In the end, Su Jingcheng watched the others indifferently and rescued Ran Kexin.

The picture turned again, and it seemed that a long time had passed, because Su Xi saw Su Jingcheng in the picture, and he seemed to be more gloomy, and his foot seemed to be injured, and he walked a little abnormally.

At the door of the company, an old man in ragged clothes said as Su Jingcheng passed by: "Even if the loss of a loved one is extremely painful, it should be safe for people to enter the soil."

Su Jingcheng's complexion changed suddenly, and he grabbed the old man: "What did you say?" He grinned sharply, "What do you know?!"

The old man didn't change his face, smiled without saying anything.


"Be polite." The old man said in a relaxed tone haha.

"This person can't come back from death, it's normal, but if you want to change it, there is no way."

"What do you mean?" Su Jingcheng grasped the old man's hand and seemed to loosen it.

"Well, that's what it means, it depends on whether you are willing to pay the price."

The assistant next to Su Jingcheng stopped, he felt that the old beggar in front of him was a liar.

Su Jingcheng did not listen.

"what would you like?"

The old man got out of Su Jingcheng's hands, tidyed up his clothes, and said, "This is going to change your life against the sky, you will be killed. Old man, I can't take your life too much."

"Chairman, this man is a lunatic!" The assistant beside him was anxious, and wanted to wake up Su Jingcheng.


After a pause, Su Jingcheng said again: "I want her to be worry-free forever."

The old man smiled: "Old man, I can only keep her from worrying for five years. After that, it's your own business..."


Su Xi shouted, but the picture in front of him has gradually disappeared. :,,

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