The Villain Is A Sis Con? Chapter 54

Chapter 55: End Of Text

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Su Xi woke up in the hospital. Su Jingcheng was next to him, with blue eyes. It was obvious that he hadn't rested in a long time, and his hair was a bit messy. The whole person was a decadent breath, looking a bit vicissitudes of life, but with The middle of the dream is gloomy, but completely different.

Su Xi stared at Su Jingcheng in a daze for a few seconds. Only then did he come to his senses. The grievances and fears in his heart instantly filled all his emotions, and suddenly he threw himself into Su Jingcheng's arms and cried uncontrollably. , And rubbed his tears and nose on Su Jingcheng's expensive custom suit.

Su Jingcheng hugged Su Xi tightly, his eyes were reddish, and the joy of loss filled his body, but he opened his mouth several times, not knowing what he could say at this time, and what he should say to comfort Su Xi.

Su Xi thought he had been fainted for a day, but Su Jingcheng said that one month had passed and the expert consultation could not find out why Su Xi was unconscious.

Su Xi listened to Su Jingcheng's words, while feeling slightly surprised, she thought silently in her heart: No wonder I have no energy, no eating or drinking for a month, and only relying on infusion of nutrient solution to live a life, it is strange that there will be strength.

Su Jingcheng saw that Su Xi looked okay, and thought that Su Xi hadn't eaten for a long time, so he asked, "I would like something to eat."

Su Xi didnt even think about it, his mouth was quicker than thinking: "Milk tea! Big Mac cup, then add pudding, tofu, Oreo, pearls, red beans, cheese, coconut, taro balls, mashed taro, and purple sweet potato. Forget it, dont add pearls." Unhealthy, Su Xi finished speaking in one breath, and even gave out a series of small names without even stopping, thinking about everything in the dream, and removing the pearls at the same time. , And warned myself silently in my heart.

Su Xi felt that she had to live well and live a long life before she could be worthy of Master.

Su Jingcheng frowned slightly, looking at Su Xi, his expression was full of disapproval: "How can anyone drink milk tea after a serious illness." Although he said so, seeing Su Xi look expectant, he felt a little softhearted. In the end, Su Jingcheng still let someone buy it for Su Xi, but the milk must be real milk, and the tea must also be real tea.

On the hospital bed, Su Xi, who was contented while drinking milk tea, only felt a sense of happiness. Seeing Su Xi like this, Su Jingcheng's lips did not consciously rise.

After drinking half a cup, Su Xi suddenly looked at Su Jingcheng, with an extremely serious tone, and excitedly said: "Brother, I told you, I love you super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super love you!" That screen flashed by. But she knew that in Su Jingcheng's previous life, he spent his life and all of his luck, and changed his life from the beginning, otherwise Su Jingcheng would not be as miserable as the last in the novel.

Su Jingcheng: "..." A cup of milk tea loves him so much? In the future, what if I let a little bunny cheat away two cups of milk tea, while muttering secretly, and somewhat on the alert, but at the same time I still feel very moved.

Su Xi seemed to have thought of something, and quickly confirmed whether the land belonged to their family: "Brother, that project." At this point, Su Xi felt a little frightened. After a pause, he said again, "Brother's." "

Su Jingcheng smiled, looked at Su Xi helplessly, and replied cleanly: "Yes."

Su Xi listened to Su Jingchengs affirmative reply, and then he was relieved. He looked at Su Jingcheng a little nervously and reminded him: "Brother, you must guard against Shen Wenbo in the future." It seemed that his tone was a little overwhelming. Yu Ding solemnly, Su Xi added: "But don't be afraid of him." Su Jingcheng has not lost his luck in this life, and will no longer be as miserable as before, and there is her, Su Xi firmly thought in his heart.

"I will protect you." Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng and said seriously.

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and smiled, but his heart was filled with warmth again.

Finally, when it was time to leave the hospital and go home, Su Xi thought that he was finally liberated, that he could stay away from the bed, do what he wanted to do, and continue to teach students.

However, even after answering the question, Su Jingcheng hadn't let her get out of bed for a long time, neither would this nor that. In Su Xi's view, it was completely over-tension.

However, Su Xi's heart was also warm, she knew that it was her brother's concern for her.

After returning to school again, Su Xi was embarrassed when he faced the concern of his classmates. Can't it be said that she was forced to be a pig at home for a month? Does she want face?

Su Jingcheng did not allow Su Xi to wander around, and the teaching in the park can only be temporarily stranded. However, Su Xi also firmly believes that Su Jingcheng will not be the ending in the book, so naturally he is not so keen on making a small treasury. So Su Xi moved his belongings and set up camp in Su Jingcheng's office.

On this day, the neglected heroine appeared.

She came here to give away the jewelry, which was the set of jewelry that Su Jingcheng had asked her to design for Su Xi.

The heroine's condition looks obviously not very good, obviously something happened.

Su Xi, who had read that book and remembered it very clearly, recalled the following plot: At this time, the heroine should have met Shen Wenbo, but everything did not develop in the direction she expected.

That night, she deliberately left the banquet, and Shen Wenbo did catch up, but the licking or walking the dog she expected did not appear. Shen Wenbo seemed to be in a very bad mood, and the whole person exuded something terrifying. He was a pervert, caught her, and severely tortured her, then put on the pants and walked away indifferently. She told him that she had his child, and he actually said something about him. thing!

Su Xi didn't know that as the fate of her and Su Jingcheng changed, other things were also quietly changing.

Looking at the heroine, Su Xi's eyes burst out with a strong hatred, staring at the heroine fiercely, and after a lot of effort, he moved his eyes away, and he didn't let the other party see the clue.

Nothing happened to her as if nothing had happened, she couldn't care about anything, come to a well and don't disturb the river, she can't do it!

Su Xi hates them, hates the heroine, the heroine's children, and the heroine.

Originally, everything was fine for her and Su Jingcheng in the previous life. Su Jingcheng also found her, and then she was opening her heart a little bit.

The original happy life and the beautiful future begin.

However, this family has just appeared, and their appearance has changed everything that should have been.

Those beautiful futures were all gone, and he died tragically, and the brother who killed him did not end well. The ending was very tragic. Every time Su Xi thought of this, he only left a strong hatred for that family.

Su Jingcheng's change on Su Xi's side was immediately found wrong, and he stopped talking to Ran Kexin, but sent Ran Kexin away coldly.

After Ran Kexin left, Su Jingcheng got up for the first time, walked to Su Xi, and covered Su Xis eyes: "What happened to the past? Dont think about that. My brother only hopes that the past can live a carefree life. , And to grow up happily, thats enough, and the rest is just to be handed over to the older brother."

Su Xi pulled down Su Jingcheng's hand and looked at Su Jingcheng. Only then did he restrain his emotions, and said quickly, "I just don't like them." It's just that Su Xi's voice is mixed with things that haven't faded. Hate.

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi, always feeling that Su Xi was hiding something from him, but Su Xi didn't want to say it, and he wouldn't ask him. When Xixi wanted to say it, he would naturally tell him.

However, seeing that Su Xi was very disgusted with Ran Kexin, Su Jingcheng also decided to withdraw the cooperation between Ran Kexin and the company.

"What about jewelry? What do you think you have?" You can throw it away, as long as you are happy, Su Jingcheng thought indifferently.

Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng and said straightforwardly: "Sell it." After all, it costs money. She doesn't want things related to the hostess, so don't get bad luck! Moreover, she didn't want to always think of the hostess's family.

Su Jingcheng unconditionally agreed to any request from Su Xi, spoke with Su Xi for a while, and then began to continue processing work.

Su Xi watched Su Jingcheng start to be busy again, and did not bother, but quietly walked to Su Jingcheng's side, and his gaze fell on the file.

It is the construction planning document of the project.

Looking at Su Xi, she still felt that she was not reliable enough, so she couldn't help but said, "Brother, can you take me here for a look?"

Su Jingcheng put down the pen and looked at Su Xi: "Xi Xi is good, my brother will take Su Xi to see in the future."

Seeing that Su Jingcheng didn't mean to take her now, Su Xi didn't bother: "Okay, then I'll wait for my brother."

In a blink of an eye, it was Su Xi's birthday.

This is Su Xis first birthday with Su Jingcheng.

Early in the morning, Su Jingcheng had packed up and prepared a very delicate and generous dress for Su Xi.

Su Xi followed Su Jingcheng out without asking where Su Jingcheng was going to take her, but vaguely, Su Xi seemed to be able to guess where they were going next.

Soon, I got to the place.

It is the location of that project.

However, everything in front of him made Su Xi stunned for a long time, and an expression of surprise appeared in his eyes uncontrollably.

That is an amusement park.

Su Xi did not expect that Su Jingcheng had built an amusement park in the complex.

"Do you like Xixi? This is a paradise that belongs to Xixi alone." Su Jingcheng's voice was stained with a smile, and he looked at Su Xi with a gentle and indulgent expression.

Once he promised the past, to build an amusement park here, then he will definitely do it.

Su Xi subconsciously covered his mouth to avoid exclaiming, staring blankly at the amusement park, and then at Su Jingcheng. At this moment, Su Xi could not describe his feelings, and he was so moved that he didn't know what to say.

After a long time, I found reason, and quickly asked the last sentence: "Do we need to pay liquidated damages?"

Su Jingcheng smiled and said naturally: "Not much."

Su Xi stared at Su Jingcheng in a daze. After a long time, he suddenly jumped into Su Jingcheng's arms: "Brother must be the best brother in the world!"

Su Xi had a very happy birthday on this day. It was the first day in her two lifetimes.

It seems that the male and female protagonists have not come together as in the original text. On the contrary, the male and female protagonists seem to have become enemies.

The male second, male third, and male fourth in the novel attacked the male lead one after another because of the female lead.

The current situation of the male protagonist is like Su Jingcheng in the original novel.

It's just that Su Xi doesn't care about those things anymore, and he won't pay attention to and worry about things about the hero and the hero, or the plot in the novel.

She is no longer the Su Xi of the previous life, and Su Jingcheng is not the Su Jingcheng of the previous life. They all have a brand new and most beautiful future! :,,

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