The Villain Is A Sis Con? Chapter 55

Chapter 56: Extra

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At the freshman party at the University of B, Su Xi appeared in the center of the stage in a red ancient dress. As one of the representatives of freshmen, she performed on stage and surprised everyone as soon as she appeared, beautiful and sassy.

Aroused a lot of discussion among the people below.

"This is a standard Bai Fumei, the princess of the Su family!"

"It's so beautiful, I heard she's super amazing!" The other person also quickly agreed, staring at Su Xi on the stage for an instant.

"I was the champion this year, and I was admitted to the B major. It is said that I still don't want to be too far from home!

"Yeah, I also heard that, because I didn't want to be too far away from home, I didn't go abroad, so I chose b-big!" The girl with gossip in her eyes also rushed forward.


The discussion at the bottom continues, and Su Xi at the top has already begun to perform.

Su Xi's performance was extremely stunning-it was a kind of ancient dance, with a red silk ribbon falling from the top, which complemented the red oil paper umbrella in her hand. The light illuminates it as dreamlike, and the beauty is so beautiful that people can't move their eyes.

"This is too beautiful! It looks like a fairy descended to the world!"

"So handsome! She will be my goddess from now on!"

The admiration below has intensified with Su Xi's performance, but without exception, it is the admiration of Su Xi.

After the performance, Su Xi came down, the two offstage Wei Shaoyuan and Gu Yichi were there, and they came to the party from other schools. They said it was Ye Zexing who was looking for a girl. The three handsome guys gathered together, which attracted attention. .

Su Xi threw the props in his hand to Ye Zexing at will. Ye Zexing was speechless:...Does the tool man do not want face?

Then Su Xi took over his luggage from Wei Shaoyuan, as well as some props that Gu Yichi helped to take: "Thank you." After that, Su Xi smiled at the three of them.

Gu Yichis grandmother is a professor at university b, so the university chose university b.

Su Xi didn't want to leave Su Jingcheng too far.

It is strange that Wei Shaoyuan did not go abroad.

Even Dong Wenqi has gone abroad.

Besides, I heard from Su Jingcheng that the Wei family has been in the hands of Wei Dongzhou recently, and overseas business has been doing very well.

Su Xi sat down and first sent the video that Wei Shaoyuan had just recorded for her happily to Su Jingcheng. Su Jingcheng was busy at work and was still in country q, so he couldn't come.

Su Jingcheng replied in a second: "Who took the picture for you?" Su Xi was a little inexplicable, but still replied: Wei Shaoyuan.

[Su Jingcheng: Go home after the party.

Seeing the message sent out, Su Jingcheng added: [Is Ye Zexing here?

Su Xi glanced at Ye Zexing next to him: [in] and attached a live ugly photo of Ye Zexing and sent it over. [Su Jingcheng: Let this kid go back with you first.

Seeing news from his big cousin on the side, Ye Zexing: "..." The tool man really does not need human rights.

Su Jingcheng sent another sentence: [Waiting for my return].

Su Xi raised her eyebrows, and she was even more puzzled. Hearing Chen Fei said, her brother should have at least four or five days before he can return.

Great. ] Su Xi thought about it, and added another sentence: [Remember to bring me a gift.

After talking with Su Jingcheng, Su Xi accepted the phone, and immediately she saw the latest status in Su Jingcheng's circle of friends.

It is Su Xi's video, edited by Su Jingcheng into nine photos. The front face is not visible, at most only the side face, but you can see that the girl in the photo is beautiful, and the remarks are "the most beautiful princess in my family."

Su Xi happily clicked a like, but I still have to correct it and reply: [It's a little fairy!

Putting away the phone, Su Xi got up to change clothes, but Wei Shaoyuan put his coat over Su Xi.

Su Xi glanced at Wei Shaoheng in surprise: "It's not cold." At most, the air conditioner in the party hall was turned on a bit.

Wei Shaoheng dressed up and said casually: "Let's dress."

Su Xi nodded: "Then you will use this first." As he said, he threw the red ribbon in his hand to Wei Shaoyuan. Su Xi smiled in his heart: Haha, Wei Shaoheng looks so funny , Coughing lightly: "Beautiful."

Wei Shaoyuan seemed to be frozen, frozen in place.

After Su Xi left, Wei Shaoyuan, Gu Yichi and Ye Zexing got together.

Ye Zexing said bluntly: "Why do you want to do it with the surname Wei?"

After that, Ye Zexing said with a little fear: "Don't blame me for not reminding you, you may be killed if you want something small."

Wei Shaoheng raised his eyebrows: "You?"

Ye Zexing shook his head quickly: "No." It's the giant of their Su family: Su Jingcheng

"Old Wei, don't persuade you!" Gu Yichi smiled unburdened on the side, completely irrelevant to his posture.

Xindao: In the past few years, everyone can tell that Wei Shaoyuan likes Su Xi, but Su Xi, the client, didn't notice it.

Gu Yichi glanced at Wei Shaoyuan sympathetically, without saying a word, but that expression seemed to represent everything.

Wei Shaoyuan sent Su Xi home.

On the road, Su Xi talked about returning Wei Shaoyuan's notebook. It was a topic of a competition that Wei Shaoyuan was doing recently. Let Su Xi look at it for him.

Su Xi blinked his eyes as he gave Wei Shaoheng the notebook: "I've finished reading, there is a calculation error in you~"

Wei Shaoheng was taken aback: "What?"

"The fifth calculation shouldn't be 0." Su Xi said casually.

"How much?" Wei Shaoheng looked at Su Xi intently, his expression a little nervous.

Su Xi said directly: "Five hundred and two."

Seeing Su Xi's face as usual, Wei Shaoheng was a little disappointed.

Delivering Su Xi to the door, Wei Shaoyuan took out a box from his pocket and handed it to Su Xi.

Su Xi glanced at Wei Shaoheng for some unknown reason, and took a look at the box. It was a pen developed by a company. The ink was very special. She was curious when she saw the promotion before.

Su Xi was a little surprised and asked, "How did you buy it?"

This kind of pen is currently only sold in a small range in country a, and it should not be easy to buy.

Wei Shaoyuan's expression was still on his face: "I just saw it online, so I bought it." Wei Shaoheng didn't tell Su Xi that he flew to country a overnight and queued to buy it.

Su Xi paused and was a little curious: "What kind of network, so powerful."

She found that this person was amazing, Fat Blue's pockets, everything.

Every time there is something that Su Xi finds difficult to buy, this person can easily get it-a godlike teammate.

No wonder it has been called by the shen of the guard and the shen of guard for so many years.

Thinking of what, Su Xi became more and more weird.

I heard that Grandpa Wei said that Wei Shaoyuan's parents are special, and the work he does is unusual, and most of the time the public is abroad. This is also mentioned in the novel that the master showed her.

Originally, Wei Shaoyuan was also going to follow that path, and with Wei Shaoyuan's aptitude and talent, he had already set a development plan for him.

But for some reason, Wei Shaoyuan seemed to abandon his original plan.

I chose a medical major in B.

Su Xi couldn't help asking Wei Shaoyuan the reason.

After thinking about it, he asked, "Because you are not healthy?" The past few years seem to be okay. Why would she take Wei Shaoyuan and learn Tai Chi exercises with her?

Wei Shaoyuan: "..."


"Because there are important people in city b, I don't want to leave too far, and I don't want to be too busy. I hope I can spend more time with her all the time." It is indeed what Wei Shaoyuan once thought about walking on the road of parents. But now it is different. Such kind of work is dangerous, and all the year round abroad, he only hopes that he can be safe and stable, and always accompany Su Xi.


Su Xi naturally understood what Wei Shaoyuan said he was the old man Wei, who practiced Tai Chi with Su Xi these years, the old man's body and spirit are excellent.

This Su Xi could understand, and she didn't want to leave Su Jingcheng either.

Just thinking about it, Su Xi actually saw Su Jingcheng's car at the door.

Did Su Jingcheng come back early?

A hint of surprise flashed in Su Xi's eyes. Seeing Su Jingcheng getting off the car, Su Xi's face was even more surprised.

Forgetting that Wei Shaoheng was still there, he ran over and threw himself into Su Jingcheng's arms.

"Why did you come back early?" Su Xi looked up and asked Su Jingcheng.

Su Jingcheng pinched Su Xi's nose with a smile on his face: "I will give you a surprise."

Su Xi glared at Su Jingcheng: "If you want to come back later, you will be frightened."

"Why?" Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and asked.

"It's a big change." Su Xi snorted and replied.

If Su Jingcheng comes back later, she will go to bed.

"No." Su Jingcheng sneered in his heart when he came back later, maybe his sister was going to be fooled by some jerk.

Su Jingcheng glanced at Wei Shaoyuan coldly.

It turns out that Wei Shaoyuan is also watching him and Su Xi closely.

Su Jingcheng's heart was choked up-did this **** kick his nose on his face? !

"This is a pair of fishing gear that I brought to Mr. Wei, if you have trouble, you can bring him to the elderly." Obviously, Su Jingcheng meant to see off the guests.

At night, Su Jingcheng's face was tangled in the study, his face was as dark as freezing.

Uncle Fu went to send tea, and saw that Su Jingcheng searched on the computer: What should I do if the princess in the family is targeted by some puppies? How to suppress the issue of premature love

From this look, what did Fu Bo didn't understand.

Ending with a smile, Fubo reminded: "Well, young master, Miss Xiao Xi is an adult." So it can't be regarded as a puppies love, it's normal to fall in love.

Su Jingcheng: "..."

For a long time, he suffocated a sentence: "That kid Wei Shaoyuan can't do it."

The tone is full of disgust.

Fu Bo was taken aback.

Master Wei is actually pretty good. The two families are close together and have similar family backgrounds. The Wei family is also very good. We know the roots and the bottom line. The most important thing is that Wei Shaoyuan himself is very good. It seemed like an impulsive choice, which was enough to show people's sincerity towards Su Xi.

But Uncle Fu understands that Young Master simply couldn't accept it for a while, and his baby sister was missed by other children.

It is estimated that no matter who it is, the young master will feel that they are not good.

"In this matter, you can look at Miss's choice." Fu Bo said considering it.

"In addition, the young master should also consider his own personal problems."


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