The Villains Face Slapping Counterattack Chapter 125

Chapter 94.2

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Chapter 94.2

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (5)

Editor: Nadralexe

Ye Shaoyun’s heart trembled slightly, he was precisely afraid that Ru Yu would be like this, and he was not able to deal with this situation the most. At that time, it was because Ru Yu had been pitifully following him that he led Ru Yu home. However, this time, Zhou Xu was about to step in.

Truthfully, Ye Shaoyun was still only a teenager, there were still a lot of things he didn’t understand. Zhou Xu was currently in the process of teaching him. In most cases what needed to be cut off should be cut off, a temporary pain was better than a lifetime of pain.

Immediately running back with his short legs, Zhou Xu was also teary-eyed. He didn’t need to do anything, he only needed to have a gaze full of fear and loneliness.

Ye Shaoyun looked at Ru Yu then looked at the frightened and lonely Zhou Xu behind him. The little hesitation in his heart was completely dissipated by Zhou Xu’s gaze.

Ye Shaoyun who had thought it through, squatted down and looked at Ru Yu. He talked in a gentle yet resolute voice, “Sorry, Ru Yu. I can only do that much, because I have even more important people to protect.”

Ru Yu’s tears kept falling. He looked deeply at Ye Shaoyun. A small child, looking indeed pitiful and heartbreaking, held back the sadness in his heart and said, “Uncle Ye, then do I still have to wander? Will I not be able to go to school in the future?”

At that time, Yang Lizheng’s parents went over there. They smiled slightly and said to the small pretty and cute child, “No, you will still be able to go to school, and you will never have to wander again.”

Ru Yu looked at the two persons and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Yang Lizheng came out from Ru Yu’s back and held Ru Yu’s hand to say, “Ru Yu, these are my parents. In the future, you will be my big brother. Don’t worry, we won’t be like your uncle at all, both poor and… hic, and can’t give you a stable livelihood. My parents have already started working, they are not students anymore.”

Yang Lizheng was only four years old. So when he spoke, he thought for half a day before knowing how to say the second half of the sentence, but even so, the words gave an interesting feeling like a child learning to speak like an adult.

Teacher Xiao Juan and Yang Lizheng’s parents all smiled. They all crouched down to coax Ru Yu, except for Ye Shaoyun who looked at Zhou Xu, who was not far away, and said to him without sound, “Xiao Xu, I love you.”

Little Xu’s terrified gaze finally became joyful, and his ebony eyes bent slightly as he said in a loud voice to Ye Shaoyun, “Uncle, I love you too.”

This voice sounded unusually harsh to Ru Yu’s ears, but he also knew he didn’t have the power to choose. Because he was only five years old, and had no ability to live independently, so he could only let the adults throw him around.

Yes, in Ru Yu’s heart, he was thrown away by Ye Shaoyun.

He looked up at Ye Shaoyun one last time and asked, “Uncle Ye, is it because you don’t have money and can’t afford to feed me that you don’t want me anymore?”

Ye Shaoyun shook his head and answered, “Ru Yu, because I can’t give you a better life, I hope you can grow up well. Uncle, I, have to be responsible for Xiao Xu, do you understand?”

Ru Yu did not understand, but he still nodded stubbornly.

Turning around, he looked at Yang Lizhengs parents. He wiped his tears and greeted them with a trembling voice, "Uncle, Aunt, hello, my name is Ru Yu. I will be good and obedient. Thank you for being willing to take me in."

Such words, coming from the mouth of a five years old, made even Yang Lizhengs parents heartbroken. The both of them picked Ru Yu up and said kindly, "Dont call us uncle and aunt, from now on, you will be our son, just like Xiao Zheng."

Ru Yu was very smart, he then forced a smile and shouted, “Dad, mom.”

It was only after Ye Shaoyun went over and kissed Zhou Xu once again, that he was really prepared to leave. Zhou Xu whispered to him, “Uncle, I love you the most, the most.”

Instantly, Ye Shaoyun felt that he had done the right thing, at least for Zhou Xu what he did was really right. His expression also smoothed a little and he said, “Xiao Xu should properly go to school, be good. In the future, uncle will only have you, OK?”

“Okay.” Zhou Xu’s chubby face was overflowing with great happiness, his appearance was cute, which led Ye Shaoyun to kiss him several times more before leaving school.

On this day, Ru Yu had been very silent. However, Yang Lizheng, who kept following him around, teasing him left and right, it didn’t seem so lonely anymore.

On the contrary, Zhou Xu, was about to be driven crazy by the love triangle.

The little girl who agreed to propose the previous day was called Xin Ya, and the little girl who agreed the day before was called Zi Xuan. The two girls would keep sticking to Zhou Xu as long as the teacher was not around, asking him who he really liked.

Zhou Xu could absolutely not tell he liked one of them, otherwise the other one would definitely cry until night. However, as long as the teacher came, no matter how painful to the bone they cried at first, they would stop in a second.

If they were adults, Zhou Xu would also not care. But the two girls were only four years old, he was really annoyed by them, so in the end he held the chubby hands of both girls and said, “In fact, what I like the most is that you two can love each other.”

Xin Ya tilted her head and asked without understanding, “If we love each other, then what about you?”

Zi Xuan also didn’t understand. she widened her pair of sparkling big eyes and looked at Zhou Xu before saying, “You don’t like us? I’m scared that if we both love each other, then you will be lonely.”

Zhou Xu tried hard to forget that the two children were only four years old, he earnestly told the two of them, “If you both can love each other, I would feel even happier, because I and my uncle can also love each other.”

“Then okay.” In the end, after thinking about it for half a day, Xin Ya resolved herself to agree.

Zi Xuan originally didn’t agree but after hearing Xin Ya’s consent, she heaved a long sigh and said, “Ai, forget it, I also don’t want to make things difficult for you. Zhou Xu, even if Xin Ya and I are together, however, my heart will still be with you. Don’t forget me.”

Zhou Xu nodded, “Don’t worry, I will never forget.”

Thus, Xin Ya and Zi Xuan walked away hand in hand, only then did Zhou Xu relax. Dealing with this kind of matters was really tiring.

On nap time that day, Zhou Xu had been awakened by someone.

Just waking up, Zhou Xu’s temperament was very bad. After seeing clearly who it was, Zhou Xu coldly asked, “Do you have matters with me?”

However, Zhou Xu himself felt that his tone was very cold, but his voice was as soft as jelly, so it did not sound cold at all. Instead it was both lovely and bouncy, cute as hell, but of course this cute in the eyes of Ru Yu was not cute at all.

Yes, the person who woke Zhou Xu up was Ru Yu.

“Let’s go out”, Ru Yu whispered.

Zhou Xu rubbed his eyes and continued to answer with a soft voice, “No, I’m sleepy, I want to sleep.”

“We need to talk, after that, you can sleep again.”

“No, obedient children need to sleep now. This is nap time, I need to listen.”

“Hurry and go out.” As he talked, Ru Yu then pulled Zhou Xu up hard. Zhou Xu was after all small and short, so when he was pulled by Ru Yu, he directly fell from the small bed.


Zhou Xu cried out with a sound.

Anyway he was a child, children should cry all the time. And this time, the camera should have recorded it, he was not afraid of being misunderstood.

Zhou Xu’s crying woke up lots of other children. Teacher Xiao Juan immediately rushed in. After understanding thoroughly the situation, teacher Xiao Juan called Ru Yu and Zhou Xu to the next room.

Half crouching, teacher Xiao Juan remained as gentle as always and asked Ru Yu, “Ru Yu, why did you wake Xiao Xu up during nap time?”

Ru Yu kept his head down and didn’t say anything. Zhou Xu kept yawning one after another. In the end, teacher Xiao Juan couldn’t help but let Zhou Xu go to sleep first, while she continued to ask Ru Yu. However, in the end Ru Yu didn’t say anything.

After the noon break, Zhou Xu was pulled aside by Ru Yu again. And this time, Zhou Xu stared at him and asked, “In the end, what do you want?”

Ru Yu first looked left and right to make sure no one was paying attention to them. He then punched Zhou Xu in the face.

This time, Zhou Xu didn’t cry, he covered his face, and asked full of tears, “Ru Yu, why did you hit me?”

“Uncle Ye didn’t want me because of you. I tried very hard but it’s still useless. I hate you, hate you, hate you the most.” Ru Yu pushed Zhou Xu ruthlessly as he said it.

Zhou Xu was pushed by him and fell down on his buttocks on the floor. Only this time, he cried out loudly.

The cries attracted many other children and also attracted teacher Xiao Juan. This time, teacher Xiao Juan also believed that letting Ru Yu leave that household was the right thing to do. Otherwise, how could the two children get along peacefully? She also increasingly disliked Ru Yu.

Zhou Xu, on the other hand, made sure that all of this was recorded by the camera before he cried. Because he really wanted to edit it and show it to Ye Shaoyun, so that he could really learn that when making decisions he must not hesitate. Sometimes his kindness may also hurt others.

Zhou Xu smiled faintly where nobody could see him. He felt that he was not being raised by Ye Shaoyun, rather it was like he was the one raising Ye Shaoyun.

But there was still another problem, how was he going to get the tape?

Teacher Xiaojuan hugged Zhou Xu and coaxed him softly. Zhou Xu laid on her shoulder. He recalled that perhaps teacher Xiao Juan could help him to do this, because it was her who made Ru Yu leave in the first place. She also needed to prove she was right, especially in front of Ye Shaoyun.

After they came home that day, Zhou Xu still hung in Ye Shaoyun’s room, he was also not sleepy. However, Ye Shaoyun still had to do exam questions, so in the end he let Zhou Xu sit on his lap. Ye Shaoyun, on the other hand, did the topic through Zhou Xu.

Being fixed between the table and Ye Shaoyun’s embrace, Zhou Xu was really obedient. He did not speak and his chubby small face would always rub against Ye Shaoyun’s arm.

Being rubbed back and forth, Ye Shaoyun put down his pen in the end, and rubbed Zhou Xu’s small face ruthlessly, “Xoiao Xu, did you miss your uncle at school today?”

Zhou Xu fiercely nodded before saying, “Uncle, does big brother Ru Yu dislike me very much?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because he hit me.”

Ye Shaoyun really froze this time. Although he also liked Ru Yu, Zhou Xu was his real family, he wouldn’t allow Zhou Xu to be bullied, so he asked him, “Ru Yu hit you?”

“En, he hit my face, here, it hurts.”

In fact, a child’s strength was after all limited, so when Zhou Xu went home, nothing could be seen anymore. It was for this reason that Ye Shaoyun did not even know that Zhou Xu had been beaten.

Ye Shaoyun was distressed, he stroked Zhou Xu’s face and said, “Xiao Xu, be good. Uncle will protect you. However, if someone bullied you in the future, you are a man, you have to fight back, do you understand?”

Zhou Xu’s eyes narrowed, and he answered, “I understand.”

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