The Villains Face Slapping Counterattack Chapter 127

Chapter 95.1

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Chapter 95.1

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (7)

Editor: Nadralexe

“And also”, Zhou Xu smiled and said, “I want to kiss with the tongue once a week.”

Ye Shaoyun, “…”

In the end, Ye Shaoyun didn’t promise Zhou Xu. He then once again emphasized that in the future Zhou Xu absolutely couldn’t kiss other people on the mouth, and even more with his tongue. After repeating several times, Ye Shaoyun was still not reassured, he still felt little Zhou Xu would still be like this with other people.

Ye Shaoyun didn’t know but that was probably what a parent felt. Even when there was nothing, they would still always worry.

On this day when they went to school, Ru Yu and Yang Lizheng were quite well-behaved. Zhou Xu used all his energy to deal with Xin Ya and Zi Xuan, because they both liked another little boy, and that little boy was not interested in them, they had been asking Zhou Xu’s advice, and how to chase after that little boy.

However even though Zhou Xu was in a child’s body, he did not feel sad, because those games for children were really interesting, such as slides, see-saw, and also taking crayons to casually draw, as well as a variety of handwork classes. Although the surroundings were full of children, the children’s imagination was infinite.

Zhou Xu felt that if you could understand these children, then when designing plans, there was a possibility to have surprising results. Because, the more simple thing could sometimes become the most touching one.

But on that day after school, Ru Yu still went over to Zhou Xu, who just looked at him with big, dark eyes, while Ru Yu looked at him with contempt and said, “In the future, you’re not worthy of my attention.”


Regarding this, Zhou Xu was really baffled. How did a five years old child come to say such words, what did he mean by saying he was not worthy of Ru Yu’s attention?

“Because my current family is countless times better than yours. In the future, I will be a young master while you are a poor man.”

Zhou Xu understood, he had been influenced by Yang Lizheng.

Zhou Xu nodded and replied, “Okay.”

After answering, Zhou Xu turned around and left, while Ruyu felt as if his fist had hit cotton and that exerting strength was useless.

In fact, Ruyu was currently dressed in the same way as Yang Lizheng, Zhou Xu knew that Yang Lizheng’s parents were really good to him, but as Zhou Xu thought, a person’s charisma was not determined by status, it was determined by one’s heart.

No matter how high, or how low one was, if they could affront it with level headedness, then that was charisma. In that way, Yang Lizheng would never have any charm, and as for Ru Yu, if he was influenced by Yang Lizheng, then he would probably be even less able to enter Zhou Xu’s eyes.

Half a year later, Ru Yu and Yang Lizheng, sure enough, were about to leave and Ye Shaoyun’s college entrance examination had also been finished. In order to take care of Zhou Xu, he applied for L university, which was not far from their home.

From where they lived to L university there were a total of four stations. Even if one was walking, it only took about thirty minutes . When Ye Shaoyun was filling out his aspirations report, he didnt even hesitate before filling L university.

Zhou Xu also did not mind because he knew that in the previous world, Ye Shaoyun applied for L university, so he knew that Ye Shaoyun would not leave.

Before Ru Yu left, he went alone to Zhou Xu and Ye Shaoyun’s house. Waiting in front of their house’s door, he wanted to see Ye Shaoyun again.

In this half year, he acted in a fit of pique and never spoke to Zhou Xu. Of course, Zhou Xu also didn’t care about him. As if they were enemies in a previous life, in this life, as soon as they see each other, they would find the other disagreeable to the eye.

Because it was Sunday, both Zhou Xu and Ye Shaoyun were at home. He tried to knock on the door, but the sound of Zhou Xu laughing and the sound of Ye Shaoyun teasing Zhou Xu came from the door.

Ruyu’s heart expectations gradually fall short in the sound of the two people laughing. He thought Ye Shaoyun would certainly remember him, but Ye Shaoyun did not, he threw him away, without any sense of guilt. He could actually still play with Zhou Xu so happily.

Five-year-old children did not yet understand what was revenge, but planted a seed of repressed feelings at the bottom of the heart. More than ten years later, when he came back, that seed had sprouted, drawing branches.

When Zhou Xu was in his third year of high school, exactly when he was eighteen years old, his classroom welcomed two students who joined partway. One was called Yang Ru Yu and the other one was called Yang Lizheng.

Ru Yu really joined the Yang household and even used their family name.

Zhou Xu sat in the last row of the classroom by the window. He was looking at the falling snowflakes outside, a little dazed.

The teachers and students were used to Zhou Xu’s distracted appearance. Anyway, he had good grades, and also no one would really bother with him, and he was the pride of the entire school. In the last national piano competition, he directly carried a first prize trophy back.

Speaking of this, this trophy he had carried back four times in a row, and he had only participated four times.

Ru Yu and Yang Lizheng were temporarily placed in the last row, precisely the two seats to Zhou Xu’s right.

After Zhou Xu looked back, he saw two additional strangers at his right. Looking once again, Zhou Xu smiled. Wasn’t it Ru Yu and Yang Lizheng?

Actually, in the original world, Yang Lizheng would come back in their middle school years. However this time, they came back a few years later, but this was also good. If Ru Yu still wanted to fight, Zhou Xu would not be polite with him.

This was officially the end of February, a few months before the college entrance exams. However Zhou Xu had long been admitted to a high-level music school and at the same time he was also a member of a Philharmonic orchestra. His living expenses didn’t need to rely on Ye Shaoyun.

Ye Shaoyun also had long joined the workforce. He was a designer and was busy to death when busy, and bored to death when idle.

During this period of time, Ye Shaoyun didn’t have much work, it was not really no work but more like he was not short on money. This period of time he wanted to spend time with Zhou Xu because, although Zhou Xu was already admitted to a music school, that was the result of the specialized courses. When the time came, if he couldn’t pass the academics courses, then there was still a possibility of being rejected in the end.

At this time, Ye Shaoyun had already passed his thirties. He had money and looks, so there were a lot of “good hearted people ” who wanted to introduce him to someone. However, Ye Shaoyun always politely rejected, because he hoped to raise Zhou Xu into an adult before thinking about other subjects.

When Zhou Xu became an adult, he wanted to wait until Zhou Xu went to college.

Ru Yu had also recognized Zhou Xu. He smiled lightly at Zhou Xu and said, “Zhou Xu, long time no see.”

Zhou Xu looked at him, smiled faintly and said, “Long time no see, Ru Yu.”

Next to him, Yang Lizheng didn’t recognize Zhou Xu. Even if Ru Yu said Zhou Xu’s name, he did not think of it. He had already forgotten all his kindergarten classmates.

In fact, Yang Lizheng’s reaction was normal. When Yang Lizheng left, he was only a four years old child, so he didn’t have a strong memory. Not seeing each other for ten years, how could he remember?

The reason Ruyu remembered was because he felt too hurt at that time. Zhou Xu remembered because he was originally not a child at all.

Both of them smiled like tigers. One looked as warm as jade, just like his name, while the other was slightly cold but still looked polite.

Yang Lizheng touched Ruyu’s arm and asked, “Who is he, do you know him?”

Ruyu nodded and whispered, “He’s Zhou Xu. You may have forgotten, he was our classmate in kindergarten. You even fought with him at that time.”

Yang Lizheng forgot but since he was a classmate, he smiled at Zhou Xu and said, “Hello”.

Zhou Xu also answered back, “Hello, Xiao Zheng.”

Yang Lizheng froze, then answered with a smile, “We really know each other.”

“Of course.” Ru Yu answered for Zhou Xu.

The teacher knocked on the table with a blackboard eraser, “Even though there are new students, you don’t have to talk to each other now. Wait for the class to finish before doing so.”

The three people immediately fall silent. The teacher then continued their lecture.

After class, Ru Yu was surrounded by several people. Of course, it was mostly by girls. Zhou Xu was only watching with cold eyes behind them because he knew that Ru Yu didn’t have half an interest in women.

However, Zhou Xu was slightly surprised that Ru Yu could communicate well with them. It didn’t seem awkward at all. Even the one with adoring eyes could easily be solved.

It seemed that in these ten years, Ru Yu had a very thorough understanding of the words “to feign civility”.

In fact, if people didn’t have bad intentions, and interpersonal relationships could be resolved in such a smooth and round way, then Zhou Xu thought it was gentle. However, Ru Yu was different, because he himself didn’t like women, but still gave them hope with those lines, this wasn’t gentle, but evil.

Some people’s gentleness was integrated deep in their bones. Zhou Xu indeed admired this kind of person, because he had some people or things he couldn’t stand. He couldn’t be so gentle that he would still treat them sincerely. But for some people’s gentleness, Zhou Xu just wanted to give them a ha ha.

A few young girls surrounding Ru Yu shyly walked away. They turned back and said that they were really lucky to meet Ru Yu and Ru Yu smiled back and said that he was also honored.

Yang Lizheng was beside him, curling his lips as if he didn’t see.

Zhou Xu took Yang Lizheng’s performance in his eyes. It seemed that this world’s Yang Lizheng no longer loved Ru Yu. Not only did he not love him, but he also understood Ru Yu thoroughly. To say the least, it may be because Yang Lizheng understood Ru Yu that he didn’t love him.

Ru Yu waited for those girls to leave before asking Zhou Xu again, “Zhou Xu, we haven’t seen each other for many years, let’s get together tonight. It’ll be my treat, you should call your uncle.”

“Okay, I’ll ask him later if he has time. After all, he’s unlike us who have plenty of time.”

Ru Yu smiled a little and answered, “That’s right, it was I who wasn’t considerate enough. Ask him on what day he’s free, I’m always available.”


After talking, Zhou Xu then laid down on the table and began to pretend to sleep. Because he was too lazy to care about Ru Yu, and as for Ye Shaoyun, Zhou Xu knew very well that he was currently very idle. His biggest concern everyday was to cook for Zhou Xu.

Zhou Xu originally wanted to tease Ye Shaoyun, but the main point was that after teasing, he also had to endure. In the end, he gave up first, so it was he who asked to sleep separately from Ye Shaoyun.

Even now, Ye Shaoyun was still like always and raised Zhou Xu like his son, never tempted, he was only diligent.

Zhou Xu felt that he could not resist for long. Anyway, he was already an adult, and he had to help Ye Shaoyun through the transition from family love to love.

Because Zhou Xu was an art student, he didn’t live in the dorms, he didn’t have to go to the evening studies. However every time he went home, Ye Shaoyun would force him to study for a period of time.

Ye Shaoyun was also not a young teenager anymore, whether it was the body or voice or personality, the current Ye Shaoyun was like a schizophrenic patient. In front of Zhou Xu, he was basically a nephew slave, but in front of outsiders, he had a really cold face. Every day he was like a block of ice, so cold that icicles would drop.


As soon as Zhou Xu got hom, Ye Shaoyun came out wearing an apron and said with a smile, “Xiao Xu, you’re back. Are you hungry? I made prawns for you today, I will peel them for you later.”

Zhou Xu looked at the sky. He really suspected that Ye Shaoyun was a schizophrenic patient, because when outsiders were around, he would basically be a refrigerator. Now when he looked at the man with a big smile on his face and an apron, Zhou Xu felt a little incredulous.

“Okay. Right, today, I saw Ru Yu.”

“Ru Yu, who?”

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