The Wife Of A Powerful Family: Huo Shao How Dare You Flirt With Me Chapter 2038

Chapter 2038: Chapter 2020 Chen Shuxin

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At noon, they indeed went to Song Yan's house. Because she was running away from home, Chen Shuxin did not go to school at all. She stayed alone in Song Yan's house.

Fortunately, Song Yan's parents were very kind and easy to get along with. After washing the grapes for him, they let her stay alone in Song Yan's sister's room and did not disturb her.

Of course, Chen Shuxin was still a little nervous.

"Suixin. " Chen Shuxin saw her good friend and threw herself into Suixin's arms, feeling very wronged. She even began to sob softly.

"Don't cry. I know you're very wronged. Everything is fine now. "

Chen Shuxin nodded. She hugged Suixin and refused to let go. Suixin could only coax her while sitting on the Sofa.

"I don't even know why my mother would treat me like this. She seems to be so strict with me since I was young. She's even stingy with every compliment. "

"It's fine. Your mother just doesn't know how to express her love for you. She just wants you to grow up well, but she didn't realize that she was too harsh on you. "

"Yeah, I think it's really tiring. Sometimes I love my parents too, but I don't know why I feel so sad. "

When Chen Shuxin was in the room just now, she recalled the things that had happened to her since she was young.

It was as if she had learned how to read since she could remember sometimes. Then, she practiced her English pronunciation in the room. When she was a little older, she started to do all kinds of questions. It was as if she had been trapped in the room alone for a long, long time and only knew how to do her homework The outside world was completely isolated from her.

Every time she saw those children running around wantonly outside, shouting and jumping with joy, she would ask herself in detail, "are you really happy like this? "?

But even if she asked herself, what was the use? Her mother would still not forgive her. She would only let her do all kinds of exercises day after day, year after year.

In fact, sometimes she also liked the feeling of rebellion. She felt relieved and laughed wantonly. Especially when she was with her heart and with Song Yan later on, she became even happier.

"You guys are all here. Hurry up and sit down. My dishes are almost ready. "

Song Yan's mother saw that the few of them had already arrived as soon as she came out. Knowing that they were all Song Yan's classmates, she quickly invited them to sit down and even took out the fruits enthusiastically.

"Aunty, there's no need to be so busy. We'll just sit for a while. "

"It's fine, it's fine. You guys can continue cooking first. Aunty is preparing the dishes for you. Shu Xin should be much better now. Look at how skinny this girl is. Eat more for lunch today. "

Actually, Song Yan's mother liked Chen Shuxin very much. She didn't know why, but when she saw this child, she felt that they hit it off. Especially now, looking at her sitting there obediently and obediently, it really made her heart ache. She didn't know what kind of mother she was.. She was actually able to force the child to run outside on a rainy day.

"thank you, Auntie. "

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"I already said that there's no need to thank me. Look at how polite you kids are. " Song Yan's mother went in to continue cooking, leaving a few people to chat in the living room.

"Shu Xin, your mood is much better now, right? Don't play too many aspects and think too deeply. You should rest well now and go to school in a few days. "

Following heart knew that Shu Xin's pressure was actually very great, especially after failing a physics exam recently.

"En, my mood has been adjusted recently. I shouldn't be going to school in the next few days. When I'm completely fine, I'll go to school. "

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