The Wife Of A Powerful Family: Huo Shao How Dare You Flirt With Me Chapter 2040

Chapter 2040: Chapter 2022 had been looking for her

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"Are you Jiang Suixin? " Chen Li's eyes were red as she looked at her anxiously "If you know where my daughter is, please tell me. I have been looking for her recently, but she hasn't given me any news. This child is too willful. If we can't find her, how can our family survive? "

She had originally planned to continue hiding this matter and not let her grandparents in her hometown know, but how could Chen Shuxin's grandparents not know? When they heard that her granddaughter had gone missing, they were so angry that they hurriedly returned to the city They pointed at her and scolded her harshly.

Chen Li knew that she was in the wrong. Although she felt that she was a parent and no matter what she did, the child should not be so rebellious, she also knew that there was something wrong with her words.

After all, she was a teacher, so she was more or less reasonable.

It was just that she had been spoiled too much by her husband in recent years. Her in-laws had always been accommodating to her and treated her very well. After all, when she first married into the family, the family conditions were not that good. They had tried their best to give her everything.

After she had led a better life in the future, they had gotten used to spoiling her like this. As a result, Chen Li was also strict with her child, hoping that she would become the best person.

"Auntie Chen, I know how you are feeling right now, but we are not too sure where Shu Xin is. "

Thinking of the text message that Chen Shuxin had just sent to him, asking him not to expose her position, freewill did not have the desire to say anything.

"But auntie Chen, don't worry. I think Shu Xin is a very stable girl. On the surface, she looks carefree and likes to joke, but on the inside, she is mature and sensitive. But he has always been a person who will think for others, so he won't take things too hard. After a while, she will come back. "

Of course, it was impossible for freewill not reveal any information. If Chen Li could not take it anymore, that would be bad.

Hearing this, Chen Li felt a little better for some reason. She really did not expect that the person who knew her daughter the best was actually someone else and not herself.

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"really? will her daughter really come back? Is She safe now? will she be bullied by others? "

"Don't worry. Shu Xin is a person with a steady character. She will not put herself in danger. She may need time to think clearly. "

Since she had said so, Chen Li naturally couldn't say anything more. She didn't want to force the child anymore. What if she forced the child to the point where there was no way to save her?

"follow my heart. I only know now that you're Shu Xin's best friend. It's all my fault for not paying attention to her physical and mental health and not paying attention to what the child is thinking. I kept asking her to learn and be the next best and best person. But only now do I realize how ridiculous my actions were. "

Chen Li wiped away the tears on her face, which made Sui Xin's heart ache a little. She felt that it was time to talk about her mother's matter in front of Shu Xin. No matter how great the resentment between the mother and daughter was, there was no overnight feud. The next day, it would definitely return to normal.

"Aunty, don't be sad. Since the matter has already been resolved, we can only slowly make things right. " Sui Xin comforted them a few times. Seeing that the class teacher did not say anything else, he and Lan Xue turned around and returned to class.

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