The Witch Chapter 152

Chapter 151:

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What the Contract Array exchanges is not only the item itself, but also the function of the item. For example, if a blind person replaces a pair of eyes through the contract array, they will get eyes that can be directly used to see things, not just the eyes themselves. The ghost king seal is the condensation of the ghost king's power. Its main function is to stabilize the ghost king's power so that the ghost king can freely control his own power without losing control. So when the ghost king seal was exchanged to Ji Lang under the effect of the contract formation, the role of the ghost king seal also came into play.

Ghost King Yin assumed that Ji Lang was his master. When he felt his masters power was disordered, he began to instinctively control his power, and its effect was also very obvious. Ji Lang, who had already begun to demonize, had his body under the influence of Ghost King Yin. It became solid again. As Ji Lang's body recovered, the nightmare power of the riots around him began to have signs of calming down.


Just as Wu Miaomiao was surprised by the effect of the Ghost King Seal, the abnormality suddenly appeared. The Ghost King Seal trying to stabilize the power of the nightmare suddenly vibrated violently, and with the burst of golden energy, the Ghost King Seal's seal was actually cracked. A gap, in the gap, was compressed to the ultimate nightmare force, and began to spill out.

"What's going on?" Wu Miaomiao looked at the ghost king anxiously, "How did the ghost king's seal split?"

The King of Ghosts has reached an agreement with Wu Miaomiao. For the sake of his daughter, he must help Wu Miaomiao and Nightmare to pass the current level together. Although he has no contact with the Ghost King Seal today, this is something that has followed him for a thousand years, and no one can compare him in terms of understanding.

The ghost king observed for a while and said: "The ghost king is imprinted in the mutation. The power of the nightmare is one level higher than the ghost king's ghost energy. In order to suppress this power, the ghost king is undergoing self-mutation. If the mutation is not successful, it will collapse. Judging from the current situation, Ghost King Yin can't stand the power of the nightmare."

"Is there any way?" Wu Miao asked anxiously.

"Unless there is something that can temporarily suppress the power of the nightmare, and give the ghost king seal enough time to slowly advance. Only when the ghost king seal fully bears the power of the nightmare and advances to become the magic seal, can it be considered a success." The nightmare is a demon, can The only thing that suppressed the power of the nightmare was the magic seal.


Wu Miaomiao thought for a while, and suddenly remembered something. She hurriedly took out a glass bottle from her carry-on bag, took a look, and handed it to Huo Mingzhi.

Huo Mingzhi looked at what Wu Miaomiao handed over, a glass test tube containing a few milliliters of dark red liquid: "What is this?"

"Your blood." Wu Miao said silently.

"What about me?!" Huo Mingzhi exclaimed, then as if thinking of something, he looked at the unhealed wound on his right hand, "This won't be the afternoon... then..."

"Yes, it was at that time. I know you have a lot of questions. I will explain to you slowly when I turn around. Now you take your blood and drop it on the ghost king's seal." Wu Miaomiao's idea is very simple, since Ancient books record that the righteousness of heaven and earth can seal the power of the nightmare, so righteousness must have a suppressing effect on the power of the nightmare.


"Go." Wu Miao pushed Huo Mingzhi out anxiously. If the outside aura hadn't completely stabilized, she would have passed by herself.

Huo Mingzhi also heard clearly just now that Ji Lang is a more terrifying existence than that ghost king. If he can't wake up, the consequences will be very serious. So even though he didn't know what his blood had, he still chose to believe in Wu Miaomiao and ran to Ji Lang quickly.

At this time Ji Lang was in a delicate balance, the nightmare instinct wanted to destroy and swallow, and Ghost King Yin was fighting this swallow. So when Huo Mingzhi approached, Ji Lang did not attack him.

"Drip blood on the Demon Seal?" Huo Mingzhi raised his head and looked at the one-foot-high Ghost King Seal floating above Ji Lang's head. He stretched out enough, not enough.

Need to find something to step up.

Fortunately, during the previous battle, the King of Ghosts rolled up a lot of rocks. Huo Mingzhi quickly found a stone of the right size not far away. He moved the stone over, stepped up and stood up, and successfully reached the height of the Ghost King's seal. .

Huo Mingzhi did not delay, unscrewed the bottle cap, and poured the blood in it. As soon as the dark red blood dripped into the ghost king seal, the ghost king seal trembled again, as if it had received some huge damage. The powerful nightmare force shook back and shook Huo Mingzhi directly out.

The golden red light flashed across Huo Mingzhi's body, blocking most of the nightmare power's attack, but Huo Mingzhi's body flew upside down four or five meters before he barely stopped. He didn't care about the waist that he almost broke, so he got up and went to see Ji Lang's reaction. After watching for a while, he didn't notice any changes in Ji Lang, so he could only turn his head and ask Wu Miaomiao not far away.

"How is it, is it effective?"

Wu Miaomiao is also paying close attention to Ji Lang's side. When Huo Mingzhi dripped blood just now, the vibration amplitude of the Ghost King's Seal was smaller. Although it was not obvious, it was indeed smaller.

"Useful, but not enough." Wu Miaomiao immediately had a judgment.

"Then I will release some more blood." Huo Mingzhi got up and went to Ji Lang again.

"It's not a question of blood." Wu Miaomiao called to Huo Mingzhi.

Although Huo Mingzhi's blood contained righteousness, how could his righteousness be able to suppress the power of the nightmare, even if he drained his blood, he couldn't do it.

"What should I do then?" Huo Mingzhi asked.

"Indicate the righteousness of the world and seal the nightmare." Wu Miaomiao remembered the words in the ancient book, "You must induce the righteousness of the world."

"Team Huo, you go up, touch the Ghost King Seal with your hand, don't let go. When I let you let go, you let go again." Wu Miao miao said.

touch? I just dropped a drop of blood just now, and I was almost shocked to death by that force. How can I do this without letting go?

Huo Mingzhi gritted his teeth and returned to Ji Lang again. He stepped on the stepping stone, grabbed Ji Lang's shoulder tightly with one hand, and grabbed at the ghost king with the other.

As soon as Huo Mingzhi touched the Ghost King Seal, the Ghost King Seal fought fiercely again. The power of the nightmare and the ghost energy that had not yet been completely transformed, all attacked towards Huo Mingzhi, trying to push people away. The golden red light on Huo Mingzhi's body soared, as if he was about to transform into a ball of light, but he still clung to the ghost king's seal desperately.

Can't let it go, if you let it go, you and Ji Lang will die, Huo Mingzhi gritted his teeth and held on.

The protective array arranged by the association vibrated fiercely at this time, dozens of beams of light burst into unprecedented light, and the power of the enchantment was brought to the extreme.

"Here." Wu Miaomiao raised her head and looked to the sky.

"What's that?" Gui Gongzi also noticed that something was wrong. It seemed that when the dozens of beams of light rose sharply, there seemed to be some changes between heaven and earth.

"Heaven and earth are righteous." As Wu Miaomiao's words fell, a beam of golden red light fell from the sky and fell straight on Ji Lang's body. No, to be precise, it fell on Huo Mingzhi next to Ji Lang. Ji Lang was also enveloped in righteousness because of being in it.

Wu Miaomiao's eyes stared at the change of the Ghost King's Seal. Under the golden red light, the breath of the Ghost King's seal became weaker and weaker. The righteousness of this world not only suppressed the power of the nightmare, but also suppressed the Ghost King's seal. The two forces that were originally antagonizing, under the influence of the righteousness of heaven and earth, began to unanimously outwardly, unexpectedly merged strangely.

"If this goes on, will Mr. Ji be sealed?" Gui Gongzi was a little worried.

"As long as Huo Ming knows to let go in time, it won't be." Wu Miaomiao shook his head.

This righteousness of heaven and earth was attracted by Huo Mingzhi with the help of the association. As long as Huo Ming knew that he let go and was not attacked by Ghost King Seal, the righteousness of heaven and earth would naturally dissipate.

At this time, outside the barrier, everyone in the association who had been observing the battle was also discussing this matter.

"Now that the ghost king has been seized from the ghost king's seal, if the nightmare is successfully sealed, the two major scourges can be eliminated in one fell swoop." Some people think this is a golden opportunity.

"This person inside is a police officer of the city's criminal police team, the chairman, we can contact the relevant departments and ask them to give orders, as long as this person does not let go, the nightmare can be completely sealed."

"President." Master Xu objected, "If the nightmare can be self-controlled, we don't need to do this. Anyway, the ghost king is the nightmare and the wizard to help us get rid of it, and they can be regarded as guarding the world."

"Master Xu, you don't want the benevolence of a woman. The nightmare does not die today, and if the nightmare is to be destroyed in the future, we can no longer suppress him."

"No, the boss will not destroy the world." At this moment, Dong Yongyuan stumbled over. After Huo Ming knew that he entered the enchantment alone, Dong Yongyuan did not leave, but ran to the gathering place of the association.

"Yongyuan?" Master Xu was surprised when he saw his apprentice, "Why are you here?"

"I came here with Team Huo, Master, President, and seniors." Dong Yongyuan hurriedly said, "You must not do this, being careful is counterproductive."

"How do you say?" Ju Xiong, president of the association, looked at Dong Yongyuan strangely.

"President, Ive been undercover in Nightmares company for almost three years. I know what Nightmare is. You also know his life experience. If its me, its already an anti-social personality, but we Not only did the boss not like this, he worked hard to make money, was enthusiastic about public welfare, and even used the power of his nightmare to help the police catch a lot of murderous criminals, a good man who is alive and well."

"He was like this before, and now he has a daughter-in-law and a child. It is the time to start a good life, how could the world be destroyed. Also, the policeman inside, do you know why he came here? He just heard about us The boss came to help when he was in danger. He and our boss are very close friends. If you ask him to help seal the boss, do you think he can agree?"

Hearing that the policeman and the nightmare were friends, Ju Xiong and some people who advocated taking the opportunity to seal the nightmare changed their faces.

"And Yuanbai, this time the ghost world messenger, he is also a friend of the boss, or the elder brother of Wu Gu doll. The prefecture knows his relationship with the boss, and let him be the messenger, which represents the attitude of the predecessor. The underworld did not intend to seal the boss, if we did, would even the underworld be offended?" Dong Yongyuan continued.

When Gui Xiong and Wu Miaomiao appeared together, he had a bad premonition in his heart. At this time, he heard Dong Yongyuan personally confirm that they were really a group, and his mood was complicated. He even reacted immediately, that the previous action of encircling the ghost king was deliberately fanned by the ghost.

Seeing that it is almost done, Dong Yongyuan added the last fire: "Chairman, no matter whether this seal is successful or not, our association will not be able to make a good one. If the seal is not successful, the boss knows that you want to kill him, he will definitely not be killed afterwards Let go of the association, he will not be able to destroy the world when the time comes, and our association will definitely be destroyed. If the seal is successful, it will be even worse."

"How can it be worse if the seal is successful?" Some people think Dong Yongyuan is alarmist.

"You don't understand the formation of our lady boss, it is called the formation of the contract." Dong Yongyuan exaggerated, "The ghost king printed the ghost king to our boss. This is one of the conditions reached by the formation of the contract. If the boss is sealed, the wife of the boss may destroy the contract in a rage, and the contract will be invalidated. The conditions reached before the contract formation will be directly invalidated, and things will return to the initial state before the contract is reached. In other words, the ghost king will be at that time. Resurrection, the boss will wake up again. Do you think they will give us this opportunity when the time comes?"

"You are talking nonsense, if the ghost king loses the ghost king seal, he will immediately disappear, how can he be resurrected." Elder Fang didn't believe it.

"The ghost king hasn't dissipated yet. The lady boss can destroy the contract at any time." Dong Yongyuan said, "Chairman, I am really doing well for the association."

Ju Xiong pondered for a moment and looked at Sang Tian: "Sang Tian, have you seen the wizard's contract formation, is that so?"

Sang Tian replied: "The wizard has the right to cancel the transaction."

However, the Ghost King Seal had already undergone an abnormal change at this time, whether he could still return to the Ghost King body, this is not known. Sang Tian didn't say this sentence.

"Your opinion is not to seal the nightmare?" Ju Xiong asked.

"Now it seems that Ji Lang is indeed likely to use Ghost King Yin to control himself. If he can control himself, we have no reason to target him again." Sang Tian said.

"Fine, the Future Association is the world of your young people."

As soon as Juxiong's words fell, Dong Yongyuan immediately let out a sigh of relief, and his legs softened and almost fell. Upon seeing this, Xu Wei stepped forward and supported his back.

"Stand firmly." Xu Wei whispered.

Dong Yongyuan knew that at this time he absolutely couldn't let the old party of the association see his guilty conscience.

Inside the enchantment.

When the power of the nightmare and the seal of the ghost king basically merged under the suppression of the righteousness of the world, Wu Miaomiao immediately shouted to Huo Mingzhi: "Huo Team, let go."

Huo Ming knew that he would be unable to hold it long ago, and when he heard the words, he immediately let go of his hand, and the whole person was shocked by the ghost king's seal again.

The righteousness of heaven and earth dissipated because of Huo Mingzhis departure. At this time, the ghost king seal and the power of the nightmare have completely merged, transformed into a black and red new seal, covered with complex lines, and is absorbing the enchantment. The power of the nightmare repaired its own cracks, but in a moment, the repair was completed. At the moment when the repair of the new seal was completed, the black under Ji Lang's eyes began to recede, regaining his energy.

The black and white eyes blinked, and only glanced at the magic seal that was closely linked to him, then half turned around and looked in the direction of Wu Miaomiao.

"Msang Gong." Wu Miaomiao jumped out of the barrier and ran towards Ji Lang quickly.

In the enchantment at this time, the wind blades formed by the power of ghost and nightmare have not completely receded, but wherever Wu Miaomiao went, these wind blades were consciously avoided, leaving an unimpeded path. aisle.

Ji Lang opened his arms, waiting for the girl running towards him, and then hugged him into his arms.

"Msang Gong, we succeeded." Wu Miaomiao shouted excitedly.

"Yeah." Ji Lang nodded with a smile.

We succeeded. I have controlled my strength and will not lose control anymore. I don't have to fear that one day I will hurt you with my hands.

"You can realize your third and fourth dreams." Ji Lang said again.

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