The Witch Chapter 153

Chapter 152: Now Its Their Turn To Be Afraid Of You..

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When Wu Miaomiao withdrew from the contract formation, the spirit of the ghost king had already begun to dissipate.

No matter how powerful his existence is, there is no difference between the most ordinary souls when they die. The King of Ghosts is not afraid of extinction, he just regrets not being able to see his daughter reincarnate with his own eyes.

"The spirit cultivated by a wizard will be the purest soul in the world. She will be reborn in the next life, and she should have a good family." The ghost king looked lovingly at the puppet in Wu Miaomiao's hand that sealed his daughter's soul. .

"I can't guarantee this." Wu Miao said silently.

"It doesn't matter, it's good to be alive." Ghost King smiled bitterly.

Suddenly, a gust of warm wind hit, making everyone stunned. Looking up, I saw that the snow in the sky had stopped, and the clouds had receded, revealing a clear crescent moon.

It was still winter at this time, the temperature was low, but the influence of ghosts was not affected, and the wind was relatively warm.

The snow will stop after seven days. Was it the battle tonight? Huo Ming knew it and reacted with hindsight.

"Didi, didi..."

A series of news prompts sounded in the open mountains, it was the sound of people marveling at the sudden appearance of the moon and discussing in the group. Wu Miaomiao picked up the phone and glanced. In the studio group, Bei Fan and others were anxiously asking about Ji Lang's situation.

[The Internet says that the snow in Haicheng has stopped. Did the boss win?

Dong Yongyuan: [I won.

Wu Miaomiao smiled, a rabbit nodded, and then there was a burst of cheers below.

"The top ten generals under his command, there are 100,000 Ghost Soldiers, but they are still alive." The 100,000 Ghost Soldiers were taken into the Ghost King Seal by the Ghost King at the beginning of the battle, and Ghost Screen Printing belonged to Ji Lang at this time.

Ji Lang sensed it for a moment and replied, "I'm still alive."

"How are you going to deal with them?" Ghost King asked.

Ji Lang looked at him, silent.

The ghost king laughed at himself, knowing that he is no longer qualified to be beaked at this time, but he still said: "You can let them take orders from you."

This is already a request in disguise, to take orders from Ji Lang in exchange for their chance to survive.

"They will kill them." Ji Lang said, "They have been in contact with the Demon Seal in the mutation just now, and they have become part of the Demon Seal."

The ghost king was stunned, and immediately understood: "They have become the spirits of the Demon Seal?"

Ji Lang nodded.

At this time, the ghost king's body became transparent. He thought for a moment, and said to Ji Lang, "Can you let the top ten ginseng generals come out? I want to see them."

Ji Lang didn't speak, but raised his right hand, the magic seal flashed out of his body, and then red light flashed, and ten armored figures appeared in front of everyone.

"General." Seeing the ghost king who was about to dissipate, the top ten generals knelt down and cried out in sorrow.

The ghost king raised his hand to comfort them: "Time is running out, I ask you to come out. I have something to charge you."

"But listen to the general's instructions." The top ten generals said.

"Since you have become the spirits of the Demon Seal, you will protect the Demon Seal in the future."

"General?!" Where did the top ten participating generals agree? This nightmare was the one who killed the general.

"In the beginning, you joined the army to serve the motherland and protect the people of the Li people. It was only for your own selfishness that it harmed you. The nightmare will be reincarnated as adults every once in a while. Since you have become the spirits of the Demon Seal, protect them. The Demon Seal can also be regarded as a guardian of the world." The ghost king sighed, "Today's ending can be regarded as my own blame, and I have been prepared. Back then, the enmity of the defending country was still revenge, but for thousands of years, because of guilt and condone Nana is a disaster for the world, but it shouldn't be. Waiting for the guardian devil seal will make atonement for me."

"General, yes." The ten major participating generals were unbearable, but they all bowed and agreed.

The ghost king smiled with satisfaction. At this moment, a gust of wind passed, and he felt as if he was about to melt into the wind and dissipate. Finally, he gave up and looked at the doll in Wu Miaomiao's hand.

Wu Miaomiao sympathized with the King of Ghosts, but still walked up with the puppet that sealed the daughter of the King of Ghosts, letting the King of Ghosts take one last look: "Don't worry, the wizard finally promised that as long as your daughter's soul is lost, you can last until the baby is born two years later. It will definitely be able to feed."

"Then please." The ghost king took a deep look at the puppet, then bowed to Wu Miaomiao, the soul turned into blue smoke, and completely dissipated in the world.

"General!" The ten major ginseng generals cried out in grief, and knocked three heads in the direction where the ghost king disappeared.

Ji Lang waited for them to kowtow, and with a wave, he took them back from the magic seal again.

"Go back." Ji Lang walked over and held Wu Miaomiao's hand.


The power of the ghostly nightmare in the enchantment has already been collected by Ji Lang into the demon seal, and the enchantment set up by the association knows when it will disappear. When Gui Gongzi followed the two with the doll in his arms, he walked out of the road and saw the car when they came.

Fortunately, the car is not broken.

Several people got in the car, and when Wu Miaomiao wore seat belts, she frowned, "How do you feel, as if you have forgotten something?"

"I feel it too." The ghost son said in a timely manner.

Ji Lang twisted his eyebrows, he also felt this way: "What have you forgotten?"

"What do you mean?!" Zhang's hideous face suddenly appeared out of the car window, staring fiercely at someone who was starting the car.

"Team Huo!" Wu Miaomiao exclaimed.


Huo Mingzhi sat in the back seat with a stinky face, his heart depressed to the apex: "Hey, risking your life to save your life, you actually want to throw yourself in the wilderness."

Ji Lang drove the car intently and rarely refuted it.

"Ah, we haven't forgotten you. We were going to find you at that time." Wu Miaomiao said with a guilty conscience.

"The car has started, so call to find it? Will you drive to find me?" Huo Mingzhi said angrily.

"Go with you, don't get angry, get angry and hurt yourself." Gui Gongzi smiled and persuaded.

"Is the injury enough today?" Huo Mingzhi turned his head to stare at the ghost boy, but turned his head and met a cute face of the puppet. The puppet is not exquisite, but his eyebrows are extremely smart and his eyes are big. Blinking and blinking, the heart of the person watching trembled.

This should be that weird doll, how can it be so cute?

"Ahahaha..." The baby gave out a burst of hearty laughter, and Huo Mingzhi was unwilling to prepare. He was so frightened that he hit his head directly on the roof of the car.

After the baby laughed, she suddenly opened her hands towards Huo Mingzhi.

"This...this is..." Huo Mingzhi was a little guilty.

"The doll likes you and wants you to hold it." Gui Gongzi explained.


Huo Ming knew that such a fierce man, wherever he could endure such a cute temptation, the ghost and the gods took the baby over. When the doll got into his arms, she immediately rubbed it happily, her eyes sparkling, full of joy.

When the doll was in the studio, she was very free. Only when the strange uncle in front of him came over, he still had to install the doll. Now he finally used it, and the doll said he was very happy.

"Ah~~ This doll is quite cute." Huo Mingzhi's heart was melted, and he even thought he was strange. How could this cute doll feel weird.

"This is my father-in-law's daughter, of course she is cute." Wu Miaomiao said proudly.

Huo Mingzhi also thought of the dialogue, and suddenly there was a jealousy in his heart for no reason. It was really unreasonable. Some people have such bad personalities. Even if they can find a girlfriend, even their daughters can make reservations in advance. It's like him. He sprinkled his blood for the country, but he had blind dates ten times, but he didn't succeed this time. For a while, he was bored and ran to fortune-telling under the overpass. The liar actually said that he was a widow and lonely life, and he was so angry that he almost asked him to come over to crack down on feudal superstition.

Wait, it seems, it seems, feudal superstition is true.

Is it true that he is the fate of a lonely life?

"What? Wu Miaomiao, can you tell a fortune?" Huo Mingzhi asked Wu Miaomiao nervously.

"I'm good at this, and I've passed the Yuanbai meeting." Young Master Gui is a ghost.

Huo Mingzhi watched the underworld walk.

The ghost image of Huo Mingzhi is still good, and tonight's love can be resolved satisfactorily, but thanks to this "righteous" man, and the doll likes him very much, the ghost immediately said: "What do you want to count? Life and death cannot be counted."

After thinking about it, Huo Mingzhi asked him if he could only live to thirty, and the ghost boy added.

"Ah...I want to count...marriage." Huo Mingzhi's face blushed.

When his words fell, even Ji Lang secretly glanced at him in the rearview mirror.

"Why, your daughter has it, ask what's wrong with the marriage?" Huo Ming knew that he was anxious.

Ji Lang retracted his eyes and continued to drive.

Wu Miaomiao suffocated a smile, pretending not to hear it.

The ghost boy had the most calm reaction. He looked at Huo Mingzhi's face carefully, and said, "You were a lifelong lonely life..."

Lonely? !

Huo Mingzhi's heart burst, no wonder that blind dates are always in trouble. Is he really going to be a bachelor?

"...How is this fate?" Huo Mingzhi asked tremblingly.

"How do you say this? Usually in this case, if the debt is abused in the previous life, if it is for the purpose of repairing the next life, it will be cause and effect anyway." Gui Gongzi said.

"In this case, it's usually for accumulating merit." Wu Miaomiao asked.

"Yeah." The ghost boy nodded.

"The Huo team shouldn't be alone now." Wu Miao said.

Ordinary people saw it, but Wu Miaomiao saw it really. From just now, the golden light of merit appeared on Huo Mingzhi's body, and it became brighter and brighter, almost blinding her eyes. Wu Miaomiao knew that this was the merit that God rewarded Huo Mingzhi.

In this battle tonight, she and Jilang Ghost King are all human beings, so naturally there will be no merits. Only Huo Mingzhi came here purely to save people.

"Yeah." Young Master Gui laughed. "What I just said is the original. After tonight, your life will change, your love will be happy, and your official career will be prosperous."

Huo Mingzhi's eyes were bright: "Then...what about children, how many children can there be?"

"How many do you want?" Gui Gongzi smiled.

"Is this still a choice?" Huo Mingzhi was taken aback.

"I can help you, when your wife is pregnant, tell the voice, twins, triplets, several men and several women, all can operate." Gui Gongzi said generously.

"This...doesn't it violate the laws of the underworld?" Huo Mingzhi asked cautiously.

"Violation is within my authority." For people like Huo Mingzhi who have changed their lives due to a large number of merits, the records on the life and death spectrum will become blurred. At this time, these innocuous conveniences will not violate the underworld. law.

Huo Mingzhi was overjoyed immediately, and only felt that he had suffered a loss tonight. The grievance that Ji Lang had almost forgotten at the scene was also completely dissipated.

"Team Huo, didn't you come by car?" Wu Miaomiao asked suddenly.

Huo Mingzhi only then remembered his car: "It's okay, just let Dongzi drive back."

He didn't pull out the key when he got out of the car, so Dong Yongyuan had to go back himself, just in time to drive. As he spoke, he reached out his hand and took out the phone, and then saw a screen like a spider web.

""Heart hurts.

"The screen is broken, can it still be used?" Gui Gongzi asked.

"Ji Lang, it's all because of you..." Huo Mingzhi said with a heartache.

"I will pay you, what model do you want, and let Dong Yongyuan buy it for you tomorrow." Ji Lang said lightly.

"!!!" This is so talkative, I really transferred it.

Huo Mingzhi was excited: "Go with you, you are accurate."

Ghost son but laughed.

On the other side, Dong Yongyuan was clearing the battlefield with Master Xu when he received the news from Huo Mingzhi.

In the battle of Lishan, although the power of the ghostly nightmare was blocked by the enchantment, this mountain range could not be destroyed. Thousands of dead animal souls need to be overwhelmed, and the remaining ghosts must be purified. Even the landforms must find a suitable excuse to explain.

"We are done here." Dong Yongyuan heard President Ju Xiong calling, "The snow has stopped. Here in Lishan, there is news, and it is said that there is a small-scale earthquake."

After only five minutes, Dong Yongyuan received a news feed on his cell phone, southeast of Haicheng, Lishan, a small-scale earthquake with an intensity of five to six.

Wu Miaomiao also received this news. She smiled and said to Ji Lang: "The news said there was an earthquake in Lishan."

Ji Lang frowned and said nothing.

The ghost son heard the overtones: "They didn't appear from beginning to end. In fact, they have already acquiesced to the existence of Mr. Ji. Shouldn't they be targeted at you again?"

"Will you be afraid of them?" Ji Lang sneered. He was afraid before, and now he is even less afraid.

"Yes, now it's their turn to be afraid of you." Gui Gongzi nodded.

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