The Witch Chapter 154

Chapter 153: Season Finale

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After seven consecutive days of snow, Haicheng ushered in a bright sunny day on the morning of the eighth day. People were pleasantly surprised to find that it was only one night. The accumulated snow that was about to reach knees had already melted a full two centimeters. After watching TV for a while and having lunch, the snow suddenly dropped by half.

When it first snowed, people were excited. When the snow kept falling, people disliked it and obstructed traffic. Now that the snow is about to melt, people rekindle their love for it again, and walk out of the house one by one, just like the day of the first snow. , Playing in the snow.

The joyous atmosphere has swept away the previous depression and melancholy. For the previous news broadcast, it was said that the snow in Haicheng would end on the eighth day, and it would end with the strange weather before. Now its really fulfilled, and peoples understanding of science is again. With a sense of awe, I don't think all the experts eat dry food.

Naturally, the world-destroying remarks on the Internet are also self-defeating.

In two days, the Chinese New Year is coming. The snow has melted, the roads are unblocked, and more people are on the road. They are full of vigor, as if everyone has encountered good things, beaming. The previous condensed atmosphere was different, as if overnight, the negative energy of the entire Haicheng disappeared, and everyone felt relaxed from the bottom of their hearts.

This is just the feeling of ordinary people. Those in the association who rushed to stop the nightmare battle of the ghost king and have time to leave in the future have a clearer feeling. It seems that overnight, the aura between the heavens and the earth is much richer.

The ghost boy sat in the lobby of the association headquarters and said to everyone in the association: "The ability of a nightmare is to create a devouring nightmare. Have you ever thought about why a nightmare will come to the world every few hundred years?"

Everyone in the association twisted their eyebrows, wondering.

Ghost son: "The nightmare created by the nightmare will eventually be absorbed by himself, and then suppressed by various methods. If you don't care about the process and only look at the result, the essence of the nightmare is to take away the nightmare and take away the heart of the people. Darkness. You say, my guess is reasonable?"

Everyone in the association fell into deep thought.

The ghost boy smiled slightly, leaving the contemplative people back to the underworld. This conjecture was a conclusion he reached after combining the records of the nightmare from the underworld and the aura of the world today. He had discussed with Wu Miaomiao and Ji Lang before, if the nightmare is really harmful to mankind without any benefit, why does the underworld allow the nightmare to reincarnate forever?

So he made a bold guess that nightmare is the regulation of human emotions by heaven through the underworld. It's like cleaning up before the New Year's Day, sweeping away filth, and welcoming the new year. It's just that when cleaning, there will be some turbulence in the world.

In the city criminal police squad, Huo Mingzhi was smoking a cigarette and squatting in the compound of the police station to build a snowman. He decided to follow the trend. Before the snow melted away, he piled up a small one, took it home, and put it in the refrigerator. goods.

"Team Huo, case." Yang Ming ran out in a hurry and greeted Huo Mingzhi.

Huo Mingzhi ignored the snowman half-squeezed in his hand, opened the door on the other side and got into the police car.

As the car drove out of the Criminal Police Brigade, Yang Ming quickly explained the case process: "Just now someone reported the case and found a broken body in a river in the suburbs. It should have been snow melted, and the body floated down the river. "

Soon, the two arrived at the case and found it, and the doctor rushed over. After a simple investigation, the doctor said: "In the past few days it has been snowing and the river has frozen. It is difficult to judge the time of death for a while, but there should be more this one."

Huo Mingzhi condensed.

"There are a total of eleven fingers in it, three belong to men, and the rest belong to women." Yidao said.

"I'll arrange for someone to find the dead body." Yang Ming took the phone and looked for someone.

During this period of time, messages about the end of the world have been circulating on the Internet, and many neurotic people really think that the end of the world is coming, and they start to ignore the law. He guessed that after the snow melted, he was definitely busy, but he didn't expect that the first case was such a big case.

"No." Huo Mingzhi stopped Yang Ming.

Yang Ming was puzzled.

"I'll look for the corpse, you continue to follow up with the doctor." Huo Mingzhi walked back into the car, and while driving towards the city, he called Ji Lang.

"Team Huo." It was Wu Miaomiao who answered the phone.

"Where is Ji Lang?" Huo Mingzhi asked.

"Xianggong is choosing ribs. We will eat steamed ribs at night." Wu Miao said.

"..." I don't want to know what you are going to have for dinner, "Ah... I'm looking for Ji Lang."

"Are you in a hurry? I'm queuing to check out now. I can't get away. There are many people in line."

"It's okay to tell you." Huo Mingzhi thought for a while and said, "Didn't Ji Lang promise me before that Dahu borrowed me for a year?"

"Do you want to borrow Big Tiger?" Wu Miaomiao understood.


"This is easy to handle. I'll give you an address in a moment. You can buy a catty of dried fish and go directly to Big Tiger." Wu Miaomiao hung up the phone and gave Huo Mingzhi the address of the villa using WeChat.

Huo Mingzhi glanced at the address, set the way, and an hour later, he appeared at the gate of the villa.

I pressed the doorbell, and after a while, a charming voice came from inside: "Hello, who can I look for?"

"I'm looking for a big tiger." Huo Mingzhi didn't feel that there was anything wrong with his visit to find a cat.

"Please come in."

The iron door opened with a click, and Huo Mingzhi pushed the door in, walked to the door of the living room, knocked again, and then the door opened from the inside with a creak.

"Hello, I am..." There is no one in the door.

"I'm here." The coquettish voice sounded again.

Huo Mingzhi lowered his head, and then the corners of his mouth twitched. At his feet, there was an ancient version of the maid doll standing with delicate eyebrows and clever eyes. It was not a doll at first glance.

"Hello, I am Huo Mingzhi." Huo Mingzhi tried to adjust his mentality, and said with the maid, "I am Ji Lang's friend, come and ask Dahu for help."

"I know you, you are the policeman who sent the cat owner a hundred catties of dried fish before." The maid doll covered her lips and smiled delicately. "My name is Liu Meier, a lady who has been dead for more than 100 years. ghost."

Dead for more than a hundred years? Yangui? !

Huo Mingzhi took a look at the villa. It was empty and not popular. He couldn't help but said, "Will someone else be paid in this villa?"

"No, just my cat master." Liu Meier explained, "Mr. Ji wizards don't often come here. We live here."

Kind of Ji Lang, others are hiding in the golden house, but you are hiding a ghost in the golden house.

"Where is Big Tiger?"

"The cat owner is basking in the sun on the second floor balcony."

Huo Mingzhi ran up to the balcony in three steps. When he saw a certain dish of dried fish, a dish of milk, and a big tiger lazily basking in the sun, his heart suddenly filled with grief and anger.

The ancients did not deceive me. Sure enough, people are inferior to cats.

In the blink of an eye, it is the New Year. Except for some people who are still struggling at work (such as Huo Mingzhi who is catching the murderer), all people in China are immersed in the atmosphere of the New Year. Especially the cold air before, made many cities warming the climate and haven't seen snow for a long time. Suddenly they found a childhood atmosphere, making this year more atmosphere than in previous years.

After eating Ji Langs meticulously cooked New Years Eve dinner, Wu Miao nestled in Ji Langs arms, sitting with background music at the Spring Festival Gala, holding his mobile phones in the group to send red envelopes to each other.

Wu Lexin: [I didn't get the New Year's Eve when I returned home this year. My parents said that I was a college student and couldn't ask for the New Year's Eve, so I was angry.

Mo Jing: [Me, my parents said that they can get me to graduate from university.

Gongsun Lian: [I didn't receive the new year's money, but I am a better gift.

Wu Miaomiao: [What gift?

Gongsun Lian: [The patient in front of me just underwent the operation a year ago, and then it was my turn to have a suitable heart.

Wu Lexin: [In other words, you may have an operation at any time to cure your heart disease.

Gongsun Lian: [Hmm.

Suddenly, the group was filled with blessings.

After talking about the roommate group, Wu Miaomiao switched to the studio group. Wu Miaomiao also joined this group some time ago. After all, the proprietress can barely count as an employee.

Wu Miaomiao casually sent a red envelope with a happy new year.

Four red envelopes were snatched in seconds. Then, four red envelopes in a row appeared neatly in the group, each with a note: New Year's Eve for the doll.

Wu Miaomiao chuckled and beckoned to the doll who was watching the Spring Festival Gala seriously: "Woah, come to collect the new year's money."

Ji Lang looked down at Wu Miaomiao.

"Beifan sent it to the baby." Wu Miaomiao showed Ji Lang the phone.

Ji Lang took a look and didn't speak. His own phone had been vibrating since just now. He planned to wait for twelve o'clock before replying in a unified manner. Anyway, except for Wu Miaomiao. Other people are not very familiar with him, and being able to reply with um is already saving face.

The doll ran to the sofa, pressed the mobile phone that Wu Miaomiao handed over, and received the four new year's red envelopes.

"Come on, thank you." Wu Miaomiao pressed the video function and pointed at the doll.

The doll is also very clever, clasping his fists in both hands, and suddenly said: "Congratulations on getting rich, bring the red envelope."

After the Battle of the King of Ghosts, Wawa used the contract formation to break through the limit, speeding up the fusion of senses, and now she can learn to speak simple. Not learning by devouring the memory of ghosts, but learning from the teaching of others.

Recently, there are festive New Year programs on TV, and the dolls have watched a lot.

After Wu Miaomiao recorded the video, the video was posted to the group. The studio group of four met, and their hearts softened. It was Ding Ding Ding's four New Year's Eve red envelopes. If it weren't for the WeChat red envelope restriction, they would really want to put more money.

Wu Miaomiao asked the dolls to collect the money one by one, and then had a clever idea. The video just now was posted directly to the circle of friends.

This time, Wu Miaomiao's phone was ding and ding.

Wu Miaomiao took a look and found that almost everyone she knew had sent her a New Year's greeting red envelope. Everyone left a message under the circle of friends and praised the cuteness of the doll.

People who didn't know the identity of the doll all asked her how she was photographed. The doll looked as if it could really move, looked soft and cute, and couldn't help but send out a small New Year red envelope. And those who know the identity of the doll, it is even more irresistible to hold on to the charm of the doll, and each one is capped and issued red envelopes.

Even Liu Meier in the villa gave the doll a red envelope. By the way, without Wu Miaomiao's knowledge, Liu Meier asked Dong Yongyuan for an ID card to register on the live broadcast platform, and only used a short one. In a month, she went out of the circle with the most charming female voice in history and became a house goddess. Of course, she was really faceless. So the New Year's money she gave to the doll was also earned by herself.

"Msang Gong, the doll is quite profitable." Wu Miaomiao showed Ji Lang the success.

Ji Lang took a look, stretched out his mobile phone on the sofa and took it, and forwarded Wu Miaomiao's video of New Year's greetings with the doll.

Then, Ji Lang's cell phone dinged and dinged, and the sound was endless, which was much longer than Wu Miaomiao's ringing.

Ji Lang didn't even look at it. He stuffed his mobile phone directly into Wu Miaomiao, who held the dolls and asked them to collect them one by one. The doll poked and poked, and the poked fingers were about to deform.

"Parents said that the red envelopes hit you directly." Wu Miaomiao replied after seeing Ji Lang's parents' WeChat.

Ji Lang hummed: "When you turn around, you take it out and save it for the doll."

Wu Miaomiao smiled and squeezed the baby's face: "You are not born yet, so you have so much savings."

"Ahahaha..." The baby laughed triumphantly, touched Xiaodoudou, and took out a black chess piece.

"I know, I know, return the lucky money your brother gave you." Wu Miaomiao smiled and poked the doll on the head, "Go watch TV."

At this time, Wu Miaomiao found a new friend application in his WeChat. He clicked on it and found that he was an unknown stranger. Just when she was about to ignore it, Dong Yongyuan's message came over: [Our president has added you to WeChat, madam, please pass it.

Wu Miaomiao had a good heart. Seeing Dong Yongyuan's words, he immediately agreed.

Ju Xiong added Wu Miaomiao's WeChat account, and he was acquainted with the current affairs and dumped a hundred-year red envelope. Wu Miaomiao was not polite and received it directly. Then a few more seconds later, a red envelope with the new year's money was sent over again.

Juxiong: [For the doll.

Wu Miaomiao raised her eyebrows and clicked on Moments, and found that Ju Xiong had just liked the doll's New Year greeting video.

Wu Miaomiao couldn't help but tugged at Ji Lang's sleeves and asked, "The president of the association is suddenly so dogged. Is this asking us to slow down the relationship?"

"Then let him post it every year." Ji Lang said.

"It's hard to get a baby when it's grown up." Wu Miao said.

"The money that others gave to the baby was New Year's money, and the association gave it to the protection fee." Ji Lang said.

Wu Miaomiao blinked, but didn't react.

"I am the Demon of the World. Only you can seal me in this world. Shouldn't they pay protection fees?" Ji Lang said.

When Wu Miaomiao's eyes lit up, he lowered his head and crackled his words: [I will guard the nightmare from now on. Remember to pay the protection fee every year.


Wu Miaomiao: [Disagree?

Ju Xiong: [Okay! How many? ] Does he dare to disagree.

Wu Miaomiao: [Haha, it depends on your sincerity.

Ju Xiong was silent for a minute: [I have a meeting to discuss, and I will give you an answer tomorrow.

Wu Miaomiao smiled, and directly threw out his bank card number: [Just punch in the card.

After sending it out, Wu Miaomiao happily rolled in Ji Lang's arms: "Msang Gong, I won't have to go out to make money anymore. Just looking at you, the association will give me a lot of money every year."

Ji Lang smiled in favor: "You can add a few more points every year on the basis of inflation."

Wu Miaomiao: "Can I learn from the wealthy, set up a charity fund, and think about where to go for charity every day, hahaha..."

"Ahahaha..." Seeing her mother laughed, the baby also let out a hearty laugh.

Listening to one big and one small laugh, looking at their smiling faces, Ji Lang's mouth moved slightly, his heart was like a warm sun.

If I became a nightmare to meet you, then in the next life, I would like to be a nightmare again.

"End of text.

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