The World Owes Me A First Love Chapter 66

Chapter 66: I Really Like You But I Found Out Too Late 18

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After that day, a bunch of flowers would be sent to Xia Ke from the company every day, and he also walked very punctually after get off work every day.

Those flowers Xing Yun are familiar with. Whether in packaging, specifications or varieties, they are exactly the same as those given to her by He Yu before. It was the first time she received flowers in her life, and she would never remember it wrong. I vaguely remember that He Yu said that these flowers are very valuable, and they are indeed like Wu Lin's handwriting. As a Bai Fumei, she used to chase men in this kind of "sister wants to support you" posture, and she has scared away her male gods because of this. Looking back on it carefully, her male **** looks a little like Xia Ke, because that man Wu Lin broke contact with her... Destiny is really good at teasing people...

Different from the male **** Wu Lin used to be, Xia Ke smiled very much every time he received flowers.

As a result, everyone felt that Wu Lin should have taken Xia Ke, and there were some harsh remarks, such as

"That best friend Xing Yun used her as a pedal at all. How diligent she was before, either sending afternoon tea or late night snacks. Since she successfully hooked up with Mr. Xia, she hasn't seen her."

Indeed, Wu Lin never contacted her since that day.

These words were heard by Xing Yun from Xu Yiyi.

Surprisingly, Xu Yiyi, who had always been at odds with Wu Lin, was very scornful when she relayed these words. She felt that although Wu Lin was annoying, she was not so bitter.

Even Xu Yiyi is willing to believe in Wu Lin, let alone Xing Yun.

Wu Lin is not a kind person. Xing Yun has always known this. The generous family background makes her inevitably a little arrogant. She must get what she wants, and she does have this confidence. So, it was destined that she would be hated by many people. They always laughed behind her back that she was a princess disease. Throughout high school, Xing Yun was her only friend. It was also after becoming friends that Xing Yun knew that she was actually very easy to dig her heart out. Although she did have some princess diseases, she was indeed a princess. She had the pride of a princess and used her friends to approach a man. Is absolutely disdainful.

But Xing Yun could not defend her, because no one would be stupid enough to say these things in front of her.

In front of her, colleagues are always very tacitly silent, but their eyes are full of sympathy when they look at her.

She knew that they were not malicious, but they were still like thorns on their backs every day.

I thought it was finally the weekend, but I can finally catch my breath, but I didnt think about it...

She had a terrible dream. She dreamed that Wu Lin and Xia Ke were married. During the wedding, those colleagues kept toasting her to make her mourn. She didn't remember how much wine she drank.

When she was vomiting dimly, Xia Ke walked to her and said, "Hold it. You can't find another man who will kiss you after you vomit, so hold it! Don't vomit! !"

Then, he turned around and kissed Wu Lin. The kiss was so incomparable that even as a bystander, she felt her heart beating faster.

Then she woke up, crying...

When she woke up, she felt cold in her hands and feet, as if the whole world had been hollowed out. She stared at the ceiling blankly, echoing in her mind-who am I? What am i doing here? Why am I alive?

She fumbled to the phone and clicked on WeChat. There was no news. Even those WeChat groups were unexpectedly quiet.

The last chat record with Xia Ke is more than a week ago, with a very simple sentence-"I believe you."

He suddenly sent it when he was having dinner with Wu Lin and Zhang Sirui that day.

At that time, she still felt whether he was ill. She obviously sat beside her and couldn't say anything in person. What kind of WeChat did you send?

right now

Just as Xing Yun's nasal cavity became sore again, a loud noise came from outside the door, interrupting her emotions.

It sounded like her mother was arguing with someone, otherwise she would always check it out as soon as possible, but now she only feels tingling in her temples. She turned over and didnt care about anything or anything. I dont want to do it, I just want to fall asleep like this...

It's a pity that she didn't get what she wanted. After a while, her mother knocked on her door very hard, accompanied by loud shouts, "Xing Yun! Are you awake? When is it? Get up!"

"..." She pulled the quilt and covered her head.

The shouting continued for a while, and her mother simply opened the door arbitrarily and rushed in, opening her cup arbitrarily, "You pretend to be dead, don't you?!"

"Mom..." she pleaded weakly: "I have added so many days of work, can't you let me sleep well?"

"I'm looking for you if I have something to do, and I'll go to bed later." As she said, she dragged Xing Yun from the bed.

"I don't want a blind date!"

"Who said you want a blind date..."

"Don't meet any strange man of marriageable age in any name!"

"No see or see..."

"I don't want to take photos and be taken to the blind date exhibition by you!"

"Are you annoying!" Zhu Qin was anxious, raised his hand, shoved her head a few times, and forcibly pushed her out of the door.

Xing Yun was stumbled into the living room like this, wearing pajamas, unkempt, and messy hair like a madman...When she recovered, she found two strange men standing in the living room, side by side, dumbfounded. Watching her...

One of them looked at least fifty years old and was a little bald.

There is also a security guard wearing the uniform of their community, who looks like he is just in his early twenties.

These two people... are they father and son?

Xing Yunner turned his eyes and looked at Zhu Qin on the side, "Mom, don't you even let the community security guard?"

"Insane! I told you that it was not the case!" Zhu Qin blanked her eyes, pointed at the security guard, and asked Xing Yun, "Do you know him?"

Xing Yun frowned at the other party for a moment, and shook his head. If he weren't wearing a uniform, she wouldn't even know that this was the security of their community.

Upon seeing this, the other party was a little anxious, "Miss, you can read it clearly before you speak! My baby has just been born..."

"You are the one to stop talking nonsense!" She looked at Zhu Qin with an upright expression, "The child is definitely not mine!"

The whole living room fell silent...

Zhu Qin is ashamed of having such a daughter, "I'm sorry, I made you laugh."

The two men in front of him laughed dryly, and said: "Where and where..."

In an instant, Zhu Qin's face condensed and stared at Xing Yun fiercely, "This is the security of our community! This is the property manager! I lost several couriers last month. The seller said it was the doorman who signed for it. I'll take care of it. The doorman asked, but I couldnt find it no matter how to find it. I filed a complaint with several sellers about this matter. After the property manager checked it, he said that it was the night guard and the security guard for your husband!"

"...Where am I from my husband?!" Xing Yun looked blank.

"Look, I'll just say it! My daughter is not married at all, where's the husband!"

"Impossible..." The night security guard was so anxious that he almost cried.

Zhu Qin interrupted her furiously, "How can it be impossible! Why is it impossible! Isn't it just 30 years old and haven't got married yet? What's up with you! My daughter is very demanding, it's not that she can't get married. !"

"No, no, I didn't mean that..." The other party quickly explained, and then looked at Xing Yun with a look like seeing a savior, "Miss, you think it clearly, I saw you and you not long ago. My husband came back together, and I'm still greeting you."

"No, I'm really not married..."

"That might be your boyfriend? He used to come every night before, but he would leave at about 11 or 12 in the middle of the night, saying that he had to go back to work overtime. After a few times I got familiar with it, so I just handed him the courier... "

"This is your responsibility. If you can't just come to a man to report a house number, you can express our house to him!" Zhu Qin accused. When she thinks that she has been tossing about this for more than half a month, her tone is hard to be friendly.

"But I saw your daughter come back in his car before."

Last month, she came often, did she even ride back in the other party's car? Could it be what happened?

Thinking about it, Xing Yun asked: "Do you remember what car he drove?"

"Remember!" The security guy nodded vigorously, as if seeing the dawn of hope, "A little brownish orange, Audi's SUV, this color is very easy to remember, so I am very impressed!"

"Ipanema brown!" Xia Ke has spared no effort to popularize colors with her countless times!

That's right, it's not He Yu. He Yu drives a black Cayenne. Among the men she knows, the only person who drives that kind of weird Audi is Xia Ke...

"Ah? What?" The security guard was confused, but from her expression vaguely guessed that she seemed to be thinking of something, "Miss, if you remember anything, you have to make it clear, my baby is just born, I have to To support the family, you can't lose your job!"

"That...you wait..." Although it is almost certain, Xing Yun still feels unbelievable. After dropping the words, she rushed back to the room and took her phone, found a clearer frontal photo of Xia Ke, and asked the security guard in front of him, "Do you see him?"

The security guard frowned and looked at it for a while. After all, every time he saw it was at night, and the lights in the car were dim. It took him a lot of effort to recognize him, "Hey! Right, right! It's him! It's him!"

"Huh?" Zhu Qin couldn't hide his curiosity and leaned forward, "Isn't this President Xia?"


"Why is he your husband?"

"..." She also wants to know this question!

It's no wonder that when she was sent back, the security guard at the door looked like he was very familiar with him. She couldn't remember if it was the security guard in front of her, but she still clearly remembered how he said it might be the security guard who had treated him!

In other words, they didn't admit their mistakes at all. He did come every night and stayed until midnight.

Did she resign at that time? He obviously didn't come to send her off, let alone pass by.

What is he here for? !

"You let me calm down."

That night, before Xing Yun got off the car, he only left such a sentence.

Although she said she should be calm, in fact, her tone at the time was extremely calm.

Since then, it has been more than a week, and Xing Yun has never contacted him again, and of course he has never been to Xia Ke Company again.

The reason why she would say that to her is because she realized how deeply she liked Xia Ke, so deep that it was irreversible. Zhang Sirui knew that he should let go of his obsession, but he was afraid that he would only rely on his own strength. If he can't do it, he needs Xing Yun to push him away, and simply pull him into the life blacklist like this, don't leave a little room, maybe it is the best.

It seems that he succeeded, she should never contact him again, right?

Just when Zhang Sirui thought so, he suddenly received a call from her...

"What's wrong?" The simple three words contained extremely complex emotions, contradictions, struggles, weakness, and a hint of excitement that he didn't dare to look directly at...

"Do you know where Linlin's house is, right?" Her voice came from the phone.

"..." He was a little surprised.

"Can you give me the specific address? I have very important things to tell her."

"Is it related to Xia Ke?"

She did not answer, but stubbornly repeated it again, "Give me the address."

Zhang Sirui compromised, but in the end he drove to Wu Lin's house because he was uneasy.

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