The World Owes Me A First Love Chapter 67

Chapter 67: I Really Like You But I Found Out Too Late 19

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Although Xing Yun didn't know what Xia Ke was doing every day at her house during that time, it at least made her understand one thing

"Sorry, I didn't tell you clearly before, I like Xia Ke." She looked at Wu Lin in front of her and said every word.

Wu Lin stood by the door, somehow unable to recover...

More than half an hour ago, Xing Yun called her, but she didn't answer it.

Unexpectedly, Xing Yunhui would come directly to her house. She has not had time to tell Xing Yun her new address until the reunion.

The moment she opened the door and saw Xing Yun, she was caught off guard. This was enough to surprise her. As a result, Xing Yun also suddenly threw out this kind of opening remarks, and she was completely confused now.

"Can you return him to me?"

Until Xing Yun opened her lips again, her pleading voice made her react, and she replied without hesitation: "No."


"What do you think of Xia Ke? Give it out if you don't want it, and ask someone to return it if you want it?"

"Sorry, I...I don't want it, but..." She lowered her head and bit her lips. "It's just that you said that you liked him too suddenly. I don't know... I don't know how to answer you... "

"What do you mean by not knowing how to answer? Is it difficult to say I like him just as you did just now?"

"Yes, it's difficult!" She took a deep breath, and suddenly had courage, "Do you think that everyone is like you, can be born with such a sense of righteousness? A person like me who is too ordinary, only You can live steadily, havent you told me? Its better to have your feet on the ground than dreaming those unrealistic dreams. Xia Ke is an unrealistic dream for me, I cant even think about it! You think I didnt know how important he was until he was snatched away? No! I knew how important he was when I resigned before. It was so important that I wanted to touch but didnt dare to reach out. Im afraid Once touched, he found out that it was him who made a mistake. It was not like at all. He was just used to having someone like me around him; I was afraid that even if it was really like it, it would be temporary. I didn't have the confidence to let him. You can like me for the rest of my life. If I break up, I will never see him again. Even if I want to stay by his side, its impossible to stay with him. Its better to... Better to be with his friends, at least... Can watch him all the time..."

Regarding the matter of choosing He Yu at the beginning, she has been trying to convince herself with a sense of morality, and she has indeed succeeded in hypnotizing herself.

But just now, she recalled the days when she resigned. Almost every night she thought about Xia Ke falling asleep. She even wondered if he came to her house every day because he was thinking about her too...

"What about now?" Wu Lin raised her eyebrows and snorted coldly: "Aren't you afraid?"

"Fear! But you don't have to shrink from being afraid! Even if he is an unrealistic dream, I can follow him down to earth!"

"...How long do you have to remember this sentence?"


"Rather than dreaming those unrealistic dreams, it is better to be down-to-earth and more suitable for you. That's just angry words. I was irritated by that **** at the time. You clearly know that every time I get angry, I will lose my mouth. Block it."

"Well, I know, I don't blame you..." Although Xing Yun had explained it countless times before, she couldn't help but emphasize again, "But I really have nothing to do with him!"

"Of course I know it's nothing. I will believe what your roommate said? Every time he comes to you just because he is frightened by my offensive pursuit, he wants you to persuade me to stop, even though he says so, he Actually, youve already moved your heart! Well, your roommate likes him too, so he came to me to instigate him. I told you that shes just a scheming bitch. Let you stay away from her, and you still do it for her. I quarrel, can I not be angry!"

"You..." Xing Yun asked in disbelief: "Is this something angry?"

"Otherwise? I'm like the kind of person who would turn my face with my girlfriend for a man?" Wu Lin rolled her eyes angrily. "If I really believe what you two have, I will definitely be as straightforward as you just now. Tell you, I like him, please return him to me!"


"By the way, I can't pay back your Xia Ke, he hasn't even looked at me, okay!"

"It was obvious when you were eating that day..." She stopped in time when she was halfway through the conversation, and almost fell into an exposure!

"Okay, don't pretend, just the poor tracking skills of you and Zhang San can be found by blind people."

"...So you've discovered it a long time ago?"

"Nonsense, Xia Ke deliberately, when he sent me home later, he confessed to me, saying that he likes you, even if you didn't choose him in the end, he would definitely not be able to attack your friend." Wu Lin left. He curled his lips and shrugged: "We haven't contacted since then."

"Then why don't you contact me?" She thought they must be together, and every time Wu Lin was busy in love, she would be left out in the cold.

"Angry, you know that he likes you, right? Why didn't you say that when I asked you that day? Are you guilty of getting me wronged! Others will think that I am a man stealing a girlfriend!"

"..." Well, others really think so.

Wu Lin rolled her eyes and said, "Yes, I really got it right? People in your company are all talking about me these days, right?"

"Yiyi didn't!"

"I guess so, Xu Yiyi is the only one in your company who has a bit of a brain."

"Huh?" She always thought that the two of them disliked each other, but were they actually sympathetic to each other?

"By the way, which eyes of the people in your company saw me and Xia Ke? Didn't you just eat a meal together? It's a problem to eat a meal together for the first time this year?"

"No, it's because..." Speaking of this, Xing Yun suddenly realized something, "You didn't send those flowers?"

"What flower?" Wu Lin looked blank.

"It's the flowers that the company sends to Xia Ke every day, the super expensive ones, I heard that a bunch is worth tens of thousands!"

"Of course not." Wu Lin fluffed her hair, disdainfully said: "I have never done such a vulgar thing of sending flowers since I graduated from university."


"Your Xia Ke's conditions are indeed quite good. There are many women who will be attracted to him? It's not surprising that some people give flowers. But they actually send tens of thousands of flowers, and they send them every day..." She solemnly patted. Xing Yun's shoulder, sincerely suggested: "It seems that you can only compete if you give yourself to him, if you still have time."

"What do you mean if it's too late..."

"This offensive is as fierce as a tiger, maybe Xia Ke has already been dealt with, then even if you send it to yourself, he doesn't want it anymore."


Seeing Xing Yun's face turned pale, Wu Lin almost laughed.

She did it deliberately, and she bet that if Xing Yun packs herself up, Xia Ke will absolutely have no power to parry.

But when I thought that Xing Yun didn't confess her relationship with Xia Ke before, she was mistaken for being the best man who snatched her girlfriends, so she had to pay a price!

It just so happened that when Zhang Sirui arrived, Xing Yun was walking out of Wu Lin's house. He looked trance and his eyes were a little swollen, as if he had just cried.

Did Xia Ke really accept Wu Lin? !

Before he could think about it, he immediately unfastened his seat belt, got out of the car, and walked towards her. She still didn't notice until he stopped in front of her, she still walked forward like a wandering soul.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Sirui frowned, grabbed her, and asked carefully: "What happened?"

"..." She raised her head and stared at him blankly, her eyes out of focus, as if she lost her soul.

"are you fine?"

"..." She blinked.

"Xia Ke..." He hesitated slightly before continuing: "Xia Ke is really with her?"

This name made Xing Yun instantly come back to his senses, "Who gave those flowers?"

"...What flower?"

She fell into silence again, frowning, thinking to herself, and after a long time she suddenly yelled, "TheBeast!"


"It's Fauvism!" That's right, it was the name, and she suddenly remembered that He Yu had mentioned the name of the flower shop to her.

"Eternal Flower?"

"Do you know this flower shop?" Xing Yun's eyes suddenly lit up.

"Some understanding." He asked inwardly, "What's wrong with this flower shop?"

"Then do you know the address of their store?"

Since just now, I have been asking him for various addresses. Is this using him as Baidu?

Judging from Xing Yun's current chaotic situation, she obviously can't even remember Baidu to use it.

Zhang Sirui didn't really want to remind her, but instead said: "Get in the car, I'll take you there."

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