The World Owes Me A First Love Chapter 68

Chapter 68: I Really Like You But I Found Out Too Late 20

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Xing Yun obviously hasn't gone to the point of rushing to the doctor. The reason why he got in Zhang Sirui's car is because she did have something to say to him.

So, after calming down, she broke the silence, "I refused the request you made last time."

"..." Zhang Sirui was a little caught off guard when she didn't expect that she would mention this suddenly.

"I don't believe that Xia Ke bought me the 30 million investment. He is not such a person."

He glanced away and said deliberately, "Do you believe him that way?"

"It's not just him, I also believe that Mr. Wang will not withdraw his investment just because of your word. Although he does not seem to have a high IQ, he can't be an idiot to run such a large investment company."

""indeed. The president of their family said that it sounds good and it is a big wit, but if it sounds bad, it is a black belly.

"And you." Xing turned his head and looked at him, "I believe you."

"...What do you believe in me?"

"You're not that kind of person, you won't be able to use such abusive methods."

He was in a daze for a moment, then raised a wry smile, "I haven't seen you for so many years, are you sure you still know me?"


"Where are you so self-confident?"

She said very firmly: "I don't know!"


"Because there is no reason, just by intuition, it is called'believe', right? If the evidence is conclusive, it can only be regarded as respect for the facts." Xing Yun took a deep breath and said with determination: "As your friend, old classmate , I am willing to trust you unconditionally."

These words made Zhang Sirui affirmed one thing...

Just like what he just said, it has been so many years, maybe Xing Yun has also changed, and maybe he just likes her in the past.

The fact is that she has indeed changed, and no one is the same.

But now he can say with certainty-he will still like her, once again, like her now.

It's really an unexpected conclusion.

He laughed mockingly, and said to himself with emotion: "I wish I could find you sooner."

"Huh?" What do you mean?

"It's nothing..." He pulled the car over, "It's here."

Hearing this, Xing Zhuan turned his head and glanced out the window. It was a shopping mall.

"There is one on the first floor."

"Oh..." She lowered her head and unfastened her seat belt.

"Xing Yun." He suddenly reached out and held her.

"What's the matter?" she asked puzzledly.

Zhang Sirui still didn't know what she was doing in this flower shop, but instinct told him that it was mostly related to Xia Ke, and maybe after today she would have nothing to do with him at all.

Thinking of this, he still couldn't hold back, and asked softly: "Have you liked me?"

"..." He had asked the same question before, and Xing Yun didn't quite understand why he had to ask it again.

"Xia Ke is not here, I want to hear the truth."



"I thought I had it before, but I recently discovered that it's not love." Even if you lose it, you don't feel that the whole world is empty. What you can let go of when you cry is not love. It can only be called an ignorant favor.

"I like it."


"That person..." He held back his sourness, "The person you saw who came to pick me up from school is my cousin."


"I think, at least it should be explained clearly, otherwise I will regret it for the rest of my life."


"Go, I won't be with you anymore."

"Oh..." Xing Yun opened the door in a daze, stepped out, suddenly stopped, and turned his head and said: "There is nothing to regret, probably all the misses in this world are doomed to let you meet the real You will always meet the right person."


What else can he say except "um"?

After watching Xing Yun leave, he stayed in the car for a long time, and the phone played "Little Lucky" in a loop.

This is a song that Xia Ke sent him not long ago, and he has not had the courage to open it just because of the title.

It turns out that the guy really did it intentionally!

Although he was unwilling, he still had to admit that, as sang in the lyrics--

In the horizon where he could not see, she opened her wings and met her destined.

Xia Ke is really lucky...

But Xia Ke's neighbors were not so lucky.

It has been a long time since the **** the eleventh floor dared to take the elevator at night since the last wave of shocks.

Finally, the psychological shadow faded away. After more than a month, she stepped into the elevator at night again, and unfortunately relived the nightmare again!

"You...you, you, you..." She stared at the red figure in front of her in horror, and strongly doubted whether she had hit the evil.

You can't go wrong! This is the ghost-like woman she saw on the ninth floor last time!

The screams made Xing Yun regain his senses, and he looked at the other side for a moment, feeling a little familiar and unable to remember where he had seen it, until...

The Teddy that the girl was holding started rubbing her leg.

Xing Yun silently glanced at the dog that was in spring at his feet, and the memory of Ren Du's second vein was opened up, "Ah, neighbor!"

"...He...hehe, right?" The corners of the girl's mouth trembled.

"This Teddy in your family is really..." Xing Yun thought for a while, and continued euphemistically: "The blood is very pure!"

"thank you"

Xing Yun squatted down and carefully hugged it away from her legs. She had to say that when it was not in spring, it was really cute and fluffy. She couldn't help teasing it, and raised her head to ask the girl in front of her, "It What's your name?"


"Such a coincidence?" Same as her English name.

"Yeah..." the girl boldly asked: "Speaking of which, is your lucky family okay?"

"I am fine."

"...No...No, I mean you call that lucky cat." Why did you answer the wrong question? Could that cat really be killed by the man last time? !

"Beaver cat?"

"Didn't your family raise a civet cat..."

"That flower cat is called lucky?"

"You... don't know?" This couple is really weird!

"..." She didn't know at all! Xia Ke Mingming said before that the lily cat is called the lily!

So why is lucky?

When she was away, he picked up a cat named Lucky? !

Could it be that she wasn't actually thinking about her, during that time, he was really thinking about her all the time?

Xing Yun fell into a trance, floated out of the elevator like a wandering soul, and rang the doorbell of Xia Ke's house, so that she did not notice how frightened the girl in the elevator looked at her.

She only waited for a moment before the door opened...

At the moment when she saw her, Xia Ke inevitably suffered an earthquake, and a moment of joy flashed between her eyebrows, but he was soon hidden by him. The voice that floated from his mouth was meticulously whitewashed and pretending to be calm, "You Why are you here? Is something wrong?"

"Yeah." She nodded, "I'll get the courier."

"What express?"

"You took the twelve copies of my mother's courier, have you forgotten it?"

"...Wait a minute." He turned and walked towards the study.

that's it? So plain! Let alone embarrassment or guilty conscience, she didn't even know how she knew it, she didn't follow the routine!

On the contrary, Xing Yun didn't know how to react for a while, but he had already plucked up the courage, so he wouldn't really take the courier and leave? So, while he was tidying up in the study, she took off her shoes, and walked in tiptoe, in any case, sit down first!

As soon as she walked into the living room, she caught a glimpse of the tabby cat lying in the sun by the floor-to-ceiling window.

With a flash of inspiration, she tentatively called out, "lucky?"

It moved! He turned his head abruptly and looked straight at her!

Almost at the same time, Xia Ke, who happened to walk out of the study, also paused because of the soft call, and finally had a slightly embarrassed look in her eyes staring at her as she wished.

"It..." She moved her throat, "Is it really called lucky?"

He didn't speak, he walked up to her and stuffed a cardboard box with a pile of express delivery into her arms.

"Why is it called this name?" Xing Yun stared at him motionlessly.

"No reason, just take it."

"Then why are these couriers with you?"

"The guard at your house has to give it to me, what can I do."

"So why do you go to my house every night?"



"Knowing that you have chosen him, I still ran downstairs to your house and abused myself every day. Even if he takes you home every day, it is dazzling, but I feel happy just looking at you from a distance like this. Are you satisfied?" He gritted his teeth and turned his head away, and happened to catch a glimpse of the civet cat lying there that was too lazy to flick, "Oh, yes, there is this cat... The cat I have raised for six years ran away with people, and I will pick it up again. Can one come back to fill up the emptiness in my heart! I have been very polite without calling it'Xing Yun' directly!"


"But don't worry, it's all the same, I'll change its name in a while!"

"Change to what?"


"..." Isn't that still her?

"..." Shake, who was also aware of this, fell into silence.

"Just keep calling lucky..."

"The ghost wants to continue like this!" Xia Ke interrupted her and gave up, "Yes, I like you, because he likes you like a **** crazy, but that doesn't mean I have no other choice. I'm also chased by someone, if you don't want it, just let it go!"

"I..." She opened her lips, before she had time to say anything, a soft tap came from the door of the half-open room.

"Excuse me..." The visitor looked inside and asked cautiously: "Is anyone?"

Xia Ke glared at her and walked to the door, "Are you blind for such a big man?!"

The other party was very innocent and became his tool of exhalation.

But soon, when he opened the door of the room, the anger instantly disappeared...

He stared in horror at the very familiar black box in the opponent's hand. The word "thebeast" on the box seemed to be a real beast, yelling at him.

"Are you Mr. Xia Ke?" Although he was yelled inexplicably, he still smiled out of professional ethics.


"Oh, this is your flower."

"..." Why are there flowers? He hasn't ordered flowers today!

Seeing that he didn't respond, the flower-giving man had to open his lips again, "Can you sign for it, please?"

Considering that Xing Yun was behind him, he had to force himself to calm down and sign for it casually.

In fact, his heart was very turbulent, he used extra force when signing, and even the receipt was poked out of the hole...

Isn't this flower shop cheating him? Its said that it will be delivered to the company from Monday to Friday. I didnt say that it would be delivered on weekends, let alone delivered to his home!

After completing the task, the clerk of the flower shop obviously didn't want to stay for a second. After thanking them hastily, he quickly took them to the door.

Xia Ke swallowed, and bit the bullet and opened the box of flowers. Sure enough, it was exactly the same as the one he had ordered every day, except that there was a card in it.

He frowned slightly, picked up the card in confusion, and looked at it. There was only a handwritten name on it--

"Xing Yun."

Obviously her handwriting!

"Do you like it?" Almost at the same time, Xing Yun's voice floated from behind him.

"..." There was a chill on his back.

"If you like it straight, I'll give it to you. There is no need to order it for yourself every day."

"Damn..." He cursed and cursed: "Can this flower shop work anymore! Do you know how to protect the privacy of guests?!"

"The florist said it can tell if it is a husband and wife relationship."

"Then it shouldn't be told even more! It will affect the harmony of the family..." He suddenly stopped, staring at Xing Yun in a daze, "Marital relationship?"

"Didn't you say that you will fall in love and get married someday? It's better to get married with me. Anyway, I plan to stay with you for the rest of my life."

"...Do you know what you are talking about?"

"Are you not going to marry me? But I'm already this age. If you are in a relationship, you must be married. You also know the state of my parents. Maybe this will already be looking at the calendar. Besides, you took twelve copies of my mother's courier. She told you to pay a dowry gift. The security guards in the entire community knew that you were my husband. If you don't marry me, I won't be able to marry me in the future. The important thing is, you have a lot of people chasing me, I'm afraid you will not want me if you don't order it quickly."

His throat tightened and he couldn't help but walked to her, stretched out his hand, and lay his palm on her cheek, muttering softly, "I will tell you if you are so easy to get into trouble..."

Before he finished his words, Xing Yun stood on his toes and blocked his lips.

Happiness came too suddenly, he was stunned, his palm digs into her hair, buckled her back of the head, and pulled it into his arms. After easily grabbing the initiative, he closed his eyes and felt the tip of her tongue. The jerky sweetness, the excessively fast heartbeat, some rapid breathing, and the complete surrender of my trust...

Xia Ke reluctantly ended the kiss until she was completely limp in his arms as if she had been emptied, but still hugged her tightly and didn't want to let go.

I can't remember how long it took, but her sanity obviously came back, buried in his arms and muttered softly, "Mr. Xia, that box of flowers is so expensive, can I be reimbursed?"

"...I'll report to you when you change your name to your husband."

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