The Yun Familys Ninth Child Is An Imp Chapter 252

Chapter 250 Brother Wuji

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The black-clothed man, Huahua, felt that his young master must have taken the wrong medicine!

Usually, if someone had the slightest intention of disobeying him, the punishment would be severein the worst case scenario, it would be death. However, the black girl had repeatedly insulted and provoked him that day, but the young master did not kill her, and even allowed her to call him a bloody chicken?! If he had not taken the wrong medicine, then he must have gone mad!

Yun Chujiu listened to Xue Wujis words and sized him up a few times. "You have a good temper! If only you werent out for human skulls, then that would be better!"

Shadow agent Huahua was almost angered to tears by Yun Chujius words!

Our young master has a good temper?! Dont you feel guilty saying that?!

In the Tianyuan continent, who did not know that our young master was famous for being temperamental and reckless?!

Xue Wuji raised the cup in his hand and moved his head closer to Yun Chujiu. He said with a bit of charm, "Little beauty, its okay if you dont want to give up your skull. How about we make friends?"

Shadow agent Huahua was almost scared to the ground!

Young Master, did you forget to bring your brain when you went out today?!

Make friends? Who would dare to make friends with you?!

With your temper showing at the slightest disagreement, even if you had a hundred lives, it wouldnt be enough for you to kill, okay?!

Yun Chujiu looked at Xue Wujis slender phoenix eyes and giggled foolishly. "Youre really quite good-looking! However, I, Yun Chujiu, am not easy to befriend! You have to provide me with Spirit Stones, buy me delicious food, and even give me spirit tools to play with when youre free. Can you bear to do all that?"

The corner of Xue Wujis eyes twitched a few times. Then, he sat up straight as if nothing had happened. "How difficult is that?! As long as its something that can be done with money, its not a problem for me! However, I came out in a hurry this time and didnt bring many Spirit Stones with me. Ill give it to you next time."

Shadow agent Huahua secretly pursed his lips. Young Master, thats enough! Everyone knows youre famous for being stingy! You were generous with treating yourself but when it came to others, youre stingy!

Yun Chujiu slammed the table. "Are you fooling around?! If youre not bringing the precious items with you, are you leaving them for others to steal? If you dont take out 10,000 low-grade Spirit Stones today, get lost from my sights!"

Xue Wuj narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. He clenched his fist, and then loosened it. It was not easy for him to suppress the thought of slapping Yun Chujiu. Then, he actually poured out a pile of shiny Spirit Stones from his storage ring!

Yun Chujiu saw the Spirit Stones and her attitude immediately changed. "Red-clothed Uh, I mean Brother Wuji. As the old saying goes, its always a pleasure to have friends coming from afar. Your afterlife is filled with great fortune. Its my honor to be able to be friends with you! Come, come, drink!"

Shadow agent Huahua was dumbfounded!

F*ck, what happened?

How did this little girl suddenly change from a shrew to an innocent and charming little girl?!

Xue Wuji was stunned for a moment, then he drank the wine in his glass in one gulp. "Little Sister Jiu is really a straightforward person! Whats the point of drinking without eating? Come, I have some good wine and dishes here!"

Xue Wuji took out a plate of delicious dishes from his storage ring.

"Uh, are you expecting payment for this?" Yun Chujiu was obviously afraid of Di Beiming, so she asked if he wanted money.

Xue Wuji was stunned for a moment, and then said, "Of course I dont want money!"

"Youre really generous!" Yun Chujiu picked up her chopsticks and drank the food and wine one mouthful at a time.

"Brother Wuji, come, you eat too!" Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Xue Wuji picked up his chopsticks and casually ate a few mouthfuls. Then, he watched Yun Chujiu eat. His eyes revealed a trace of unnoticeable pride.

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