The Yun Familys Ninth Child Is An Imp Chapter 253

Chapter 251 Whats His Relationship With You

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Little Black and the silver dragon also wanted to eat, but they were sent flying by Yun Chujius slap. "Get lost! I havent had enough! Youre really in the way!"

Yun Chujiu simply put Little Black into her spirit beast bag, and the silver dragon morphed into a rolling pin.

"Brother Wuji, isnt there too little dishes? There should be four dishes and one soup!" Yun Chujiu blinked her eyes and said with a smile.

Xue Wuji gritted his teeth and took out three dishes and one soup from his storage ring. Then, he picked up his chopsticks and began to eat quickly! However, his chopsticks did not even get a chance to touch the first dish!

A glimmer of light flashed in Yun Chujius eyes. As she ate, she muttered, "Brother Wuji, eat slowly. It wont be good if you accidentally choked to death."

Xue Wuji was so angry that the veins on his forehead popped up. He took a deep breath and pointed at the first dish. "Little Sister Jiu, eat more of this. This is snow clam meat. Its very good for girls. Its specifically beneficial for your appearance."

Yun Chujiu nodded. "Brother Wuji, you have some too. Although youre pretty, youre still a little worse off than me. If you eat more, you might be able to catch up with my beauty!"

The shadow agent had a look of disdain!

Damn it, little girl. Do you know what it means to know your own limits?

You dont even have the complexion or te figure. How can you be more beautiful than our young master?!

Are you that shameless?!

Xue Wuji could see the bottom of the plate of snow clam meat, so he asked casually, "Little Sister Jiu, how are you fine after taking the aging pill previously?"

Yun Chujiu looked a little confused, and then she answered with a straight face, "Because Because I threw it up later!"

Xue Wuji raised his eyebrows and asked, "Whats the relationship between you and Di Beiming?"

Yun Chujius eyes were a little dull, and she answered mechanically, "Di Beiming is my enemy! I want to kill him!"

Xue Wuji frowned and asked again, "Why did you two become enemies?"

"Because he covets my beauty and wants to take advantage of me! I want to kill him! I must cut him into pieces!" Yun Chujiu became increasingly agitated as she spoke. Then, she fell to the ground with a bang. Apparently, she had fainted from drunkenness.

The corner of Xue Wujis eyes twitched. He glanced at Yun Chujiu who was lying on the ground. Then, he raised his hand and put it down before saying to the black-clothed man behind him, "Go!"

Even though the black-clothed man had a stomach full of questions, he did not dare to question Xue Wujis decision. He followed Xue Wuji and left.

After the two of them left Spirit Radiance Sect, Xue Wuji smiled sinisterly. "Huahua, why didnt you ask you why I didnt kill that tan girl?"

"I dare not! Young master naturally has his reasons for doing this!" The black-clothed man proceeded to curse in his heart. Last time, he had said too much and he almost made him commit suicide. How would he dare to ask more?!

"Tsk tsk, how boring! If that expressionless man discovers that the little beauty he covets actually likes me, dont you think it would be very interesting?" Xue Wuji took out a skull and started playing with it.

"Young Master, I dont think Di Beiming would fall for that tan girl, right? Shes so tan and boring. Why would Di Beiming fall for her? Could it be that shes lying to us?"

"She took the truth-telling pill, its impossible for her to lie!! No matter what the reason made Di Beiming interested in her, I must have that little beauty in my hands! She actually dared to call me black chicken! Little beauty, Ill make you regret coming into this world!" The skull in Xue Wujis hands turned into powder.

The black-clothed man shivered. This time, the young master was really angry. That tan girl was really too mean!

"Inform Jiaojiao to withdraw. That expressionless mans subordinates spiritual power is too low. Dont try to overreach oneself!"

"Yes!" The black-robed man felt that his heart was calm. Compared to the name Jiaojiao, Huahua was still acceptable!

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