The Yun Familys Ninth Child Is An Imp Chapter 254

Chapter 252 Xue Wuji Visited Again

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Damn it! This red-clothed pervert is really hard to deal with! If it wasnt for my quick wit, Im afraid I wouldve choked my farts! Yun Chujiu opened her eyes. How could she still be drunk?!

"Master, how did that red-clothed pervert know that were related?" The little black bird was released from the spirit beast pouch.

"How would I know?! Im afraid that theres a mole within the gigolos ranks or that someone is following him! However, he wants to trick me with that idiot chicken? Its simply a dream! Ill play him to death!" Yun Chujiu pouted and stood up.

"Master, since youre pretending to be drunk, why dont you just say that you have nothing to do with the gigolo?" Little Black asked in confusion.

"Seeing that red-clothed pervert asked me that, Im afraid he has some confidence about it. If I completely deny it, itll make him suspicious. Its better to teeter between reality and a lie so that he cant figure it out!"

"Master, will he still come to find trouble with us?"

"Of course he will come! However, since he didnt make a move just now, he must have other plans. When the time comes, Ill just have to counter his moves! I dont believe that I cant defeat that chicken! Ill skin him alive and make a small fortune! His poison is a great tonic for me!" Yun Chujiu yawned. She put the Spirit Stones into her storage ring and went back to her room to sleep.

Little Black looked at the mess on the stone table and said, "Master, to put it nicely, youre open-minded. To put it bluntly, youre heartless! How can you fall asleep in this state?! Im so worried!"

A day after, Xue Wuji visited again when Yun Chujiu was taking a walk in the yard!

"Little Sister Jiu, Big Brother is here to see you!"

Yun Chujiu stepped back with a surprised look. "You So I wasnt dreaming that day? Did we really drink together?"

Xue Wuji sat on the stone bench as if he was familiar with her and smiled. "Of course its true! Didnt you say that you already considers me a friend?"

Yun Chujiu said timidly, "Then you wont kill me and take my skull, right?"

"Of course not! Were friends now!" Xue Wuji had some doubts in his heart, but when he saw Yun Chujius reaction, he thought to himself, This little girl was so bold last time. It seemed that she was truly drunk, so her words must be undoubtedly true!

When Yun Chujiu heard Xue Wujis words, she immediately jumped over. "Brother Wuji, since youre really befriending me, are you here to send me Spirit Stones and delicious food again?"

Xue Wuji gritted his teeth. "Didnt I already give you ten thousand Spirit Stones last time?"

Yun Chujiu pouted. "Brother Wuji, I originally thought that you were much stronger than Di Beiming! I didnt expect you to be so stingy. Youre really disappointing me!"

"That expressionless man gave you Spirit Stones? How much did he give you?"

"Since he coveted my beauty, he naturally had to curry favor with me. Not only did he give me Spirit Stones, he gave me a lot of delicious food too. For example, steamed white dace fish, braised sword-bristled pork ribs, shrimp, and pastries. He has always been very generous to me! However, I dont like his expressionless face. Otherwise, I wouldve listened to him!" Yun Chujiu sat on the stone bench, crossed her legs, and said.

When Xue Wuji heard the names of these dishes, it was really not something that the people of Qingxuan continent could make up. It seemed that Di Beiming, that expressionless guy, had really invested a lot in this little girl. How could he be inferior to him?!

"Little Sister Jiu, you did the right thing! Im telling you, that man is gay! It doesnt mean he fancies you just because hes being nice. He definitely has some unspeakable intentions toward you! Its just Spirit Stones and delicious food, right? I have plenty of them! In the future, feel free to ask me for them!"

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