The Yun Familys Ninth Child Is An Imp Chapter 264

Chapter 262 : The Deity Is Asleep

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An Feng and An Yin were only knocked out by the lightning, so they did not suffer any serious injuries. Therefore, when they realized that someone was coming, they quickly stuck a concealment talisman on them and retreated.

Fortunately, Master Xuanyuan and the others only paid attention to Yun Chujiu, so they did not notice them.

"An Feng, An Yin, your new hairstyle is quite cool!" Yun Chujiu jumped down from the chopping board and said with a smile.

The corner of An Fengs eyes twitched, "Miss Jiu, is our revered Sir alright?"

"Dont worry! Its not a big problem! He only suffered some internal injuries. His limbs are stiff and he vomited a few mouthfuls of blood!" Yun Chujiu carried Di Beiming and walked into the house with a valiant spirit.

An Feng and An Yin looked at each other. It was that bad and she thinks theres no big problem? Miss Jiu, you really have a heart of stone! Our revered Lord gave up his life for you, and youre treating our revered Lord like this!

Yun Chujiu carried Di Beiming into the house and placed him on the bed. She pursed her lips and said, "Prince Charming, how long do you want to pretend? I know that youve long woken up!"

Di Beiming opened his eyes and coughed dryly. He said weakly, "Nonsense, I have only just woken up!"

Yun Chujiu saw that his injuries were not light, so she did not hold him to it. "Do you still need to eat any other pills? Take them out and Ill feed them to you!"

Yun Chujiu lit the candle as she spoke. Then, she turned around and looked at Di Beiming.

Di Beiming looked at Yun Chujiu in a daze. Previously, at the bottom of the pit, the light was dim, so he did not pay much attention to it. After the black thing was struck, she had turned much fairer.

Even if she did not have any hair, it did not change her delicate facial features. A pair of big, watery eyes were looking at him. She pouted her pink lips and looked at him in confusion. A certain someones face turned red.

He said awkwardly, "No need! I wont die!"

Yun Chujiu mumbled in confusion, "Its not hot in this room. Why is your face so red?"

"What nonsense are you spouting! Quickly turn off the lights and go to sleep!" Di Beiming gritted his teeth and shouted.

Yun Chujiu cursed in her heart. This damn gigolo, her impression of him was much better, but he was acting up again! He really deserved to be beaten up! Now that you cant move your hands and feet, lets see how I can deal with you!

"Prince Charming, you have to wash up before you go to sleep. We were caught in the rain just now, so it would be nasty if we didnt wash up! Wait a minute. Ill go get hot water! In a while, Ill personally help you wash up!" Yun Chujiu emphasized the last two words.

Poor Lord The red tide that had faded from his face surged up once again. A beautiful scene appeared in his mind once again, and he could only roar angrily, "I wont bathe! Im sleepy! Im going to bed!"

After Di Beiming finished speaking, he lied to himself and closed his eyes.

Yun Chujiu smiled evilly and hopped out to get some hot water.

Not long after, Yun Chujiu came back. She took out a large wooden bucket from her storage ring. The bucket was already filled with warm water.

"Prince Charming? Prince Charming? Are you asleep?" Yun Chujiu moved closer to the bed and called out a few times. Di Beiming closed his eyes and ignored her.

"Tsk, looks like hes really asleep! Guess Ill just shower myself!" Yun Chujiu smiled and started to take off her clothes. Then, she stepped into the bathtub.

"Scrub-a-dub-dub Please take mine and bring it back to me. If you eat mine, spit it out for me" Yun Chujiu happily hummed a little song while playing with the water.

The sad Supreme Emperor laid on the bed. His face turned even redder when he heard the sound of Yun Chujiu in the water

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