The Yun Familys Ninth Child Is An Imp Chapter 270

Chapter 268 The Seeds Of Love Seemed To Have Sprouted

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Di Beiming waited for a long time, but Yun Chujiu’s lips did not fall. He opened his eyes and saw Yun Chujiu hugging her shoulders and looking at him with a wicked smile. “Prince Charming, what’s with your squinted eyes? Do you think it’s a pity that I didn’t kiss you?”

Di Beiming was so angry that he was seeing stars. His face flushed red before turning pale. “Black Thing, you You”

“I’m thick-skinned and I don’t know shame. I’m shameless, am I not? I’m a female hoodlum and a little pervert. I’m warning you. You better listen to me, or else Hmph, I’ll do anything!”

Yun Chujiu thought to herself that since she had already touched and kissed him, why should she feel wronged? ‘Gigolo, from now on, I’ll be the master!’

The pitiful lord had never seen such a thick-skinned girl. It was as though his worldview had been shifted! Besides being angry, he also felt that the black thing was really baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It was quite interesting! The pitiful emperor felt that he had most likely been struck dumb by lightning!

Although Yun Chujiu’s words were fierce, she still used warm water to gently wipe Di Beiming’s face. She also fiercely forced Di Beiming to get a sumptuous breakfast from his storage ring and fed it to him.

Di Beiming was already severely injured. With the addition of the cold, he finally fell into a deep sleep after all that!

Yun Chujiu sat by the bed and looked at Di Beiming’s handsome face. She was a little lost in thought.

Yun Chujiu recalled what happened the day before. When she was at her most helpless and desperate moment, the gigolo appeared as a protector. He would willingly be struck to death to protect her. Yun Chujiu admitted that she was moved!

Although she had never been in a relationship and did not know what love was, at that moment, Yun Chujiu felt that the seed of love seemed to have sprouted!

That was why she asked Di Beiming half-truthfully why he would save her. That was why when she heard Di Beiming say that, she, who had always been fearless, felt a little disappointed. That was why she deliberately mention the red-robed pervert to anger Di Beiming. That was why after their fight, her lips and tongue became entangled with Di Beiming’s.

Yun Chujiu was not a pretentious person. She that since that’s the case, then she should let nature take its course. After all, she was still young. If the gigolo had the patience to wait for her to grow up, she would give him a chance! At least Cough! Cough! This gigolo’s figure was quite attractive!

After Yun Chujiu figured out her thoughts, she secretly kissed Di Beiming’s face. Tsk, how could this gigolo’s skin be so nice?!

However, why was it still so hot? It was not burnt, was it?

Yun Chujiu thought for a moment and took out a dagger. She cut her finger and dripped the blood into Di Beiming’s mouth.

After a while, Di Beiming’s face gradually returned to normal and his forehead was not hot anymore. Yun Chujiu could not help but laugh at herself. Her blood really had a miraculous effect on the gigolo!

Yun Chujiu took out a scarf and wrapped it around her head, leaving two two tails of excess cloth behind her head as she hopped out of the house.

“Miss Jiu, how is our honored Lord?” An Feng and An Yin saw Yun Chujiu coming out and quickly went up to her.

Yun Chujiu immediately smiled and bent her back when she saw the two of them.

The two of them each took a piece of cloth and wrapped it around their heads. Just like Yun Chujiu, they also left two small tails behind them!

“Haha! Do you two have to follow me like this? Oh my god, it’s so funny!” Yun Chujiu was so happy that she almost rolled on the floor laughing.

An Feng and An Yin’s eyes twitched violently. ‘Miss Jiu, how did we become like this? It was because we saved you! How could you laugh at us so shamelessly? You’re too shameless!’

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