Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated Chapter 658

Chapter 632: King Yan Die

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Chapter 632: King Yan, Die!

They don't know the true origin of Xu Yuanzu, they only think that Xu Yuanzu is an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. Before, they had to be held hostage by Xu Yuanzu, but now, Xu Mansion has no future. Is there anything they need to worry about?

Duke Changle and Duke Yongan rushed to the courtyard of Duke Antai Xu Yuanzu.

When Xu Yuanzu knew that Duke Changle and Duke Yongan had let the eighteen iron knights retreat into the mansion to fight with the help of geographical advantages, he also felt that these two men finally knew their own way.

After Changle and Yongan brought people to kill, Xu Yuanzu knew that these two people had no scruples.

Xu Mansion was about to end, and the two of them naturally didn't count on it.

Under such circumstances, the two of them naturally have grievances and revenge.


Xu Yuanzu was in a bad mood.

He didn't expect the princess to shoot so quickly.

Of course, what he didn't expect was that Changle and Yongan didn't want to help each other in the same boat at this time, but actually wanted to kill him first.

"I'll give you the antidote, from now on, we, the well water will not offend the river water!"

At this time, Xu Yuanzu could only compromise and be second best.

If they can form an alliance with Yongan Gong and Changle Gong temporarily, they still have a chance to escape. As long as he escapes, he will definitely take it back to the underworld, and send the vicious woman, the princess, to the west at all costs.

"The ungrateful white-eyed wolf, still thinking of something good when he is about to die?"

"Kill this dog thief!"

Duke Changle ignored Xu Yuanzu's words of compromise and waved directly.

Xu Mansion's guards naturally stimulated the Liannu in his hand without any hesitation, and the crossbow shot flew, locking on Xu Yuanzu.

As the reincarnation of King Taiping, Xu Yuanzu has not recovered his skills, but his own strength is really not bad.

When the crossbow bolts came, Xu Yuanzu shook his body, avoided the dense crossbow bolts, and retreated to his small courtyard.

"Duke Changle!"

"Can you stop for now?"

Not long after Changle and Yongan rushed into the yard with people, King Yan walked out of the room.

"Listen to me!"

"King Yan?!"

"Why are you here?"

"Beast, you really want to kill my Xu Mansion!"

Seeing King Yan appearing, Lord Changle and Lord Yongan looked at Xu Yuanzu's eyes, the real thing was murderous. At the very beginning, they thought that the princess was taking advantage of the topic and wanted to take this opportunity to remove their three-family Xu Mansion from the list of honors. After all, the power of Xu Mansion was too great.

But now, seeing the Yan Wang Lizhen appearing in Xu Yuanzu's courtyard, Changle Duke and Yong'an Duke already understood that Xu Yuanzu, a beast, was really crazy and wanted to drag them to death together in Xu Mansion.


Xu Yuanzu could not explain at all.

He can be sure that the princess is going to plant Xu Mansion on them. Who made him admit his identity in the first place?

Now that I think about it, I'm really too careless!

When the eldest princess knew his identity, he should have killed the bitch.

"Duke Changle, it's easy to kill us, but can it change anything by killing us?"

King Yan is still calm.

In the face of danger, not chaos, Taishan collapse before the color unchanged, this is the wind of the general.

King Yan has been in Bianzhen for a long time, and his psychological quality is really high.

However, King Yan didn't know what happened to Duke Changle and Duke Yong'an, let alone what Xu Yuanzu did to them. If he knew, he would definitely not stand here and talk so broadly at this moment.

"Let you all die!"

Chang Le Gong gritted his teeth and spoke.


Following this command, the Xufu guards around Changle and Yongan once again inspired Liannu in his hands.

Xu Yuanzu was taken care of by the crossbow bolt once, and he was always on guard. He naturally avoided it, but King Yan was almost meaningless. Although he tried his best to evade, he was still shot by the crossbow bolt and suffered at least ten more on his body. Root crossbow arrow.

"I can not be reconciled"

King Yan, die!

King Yan is really unwilling.

However, things are impermanent.

Even though King Yan is very good, but life is like a game of chess, if you make a careless move, you will lose all the games.

This is the case with King Yan.

He took a wrong step, and then took the wrong step.

His prestige is far-reaching, and he has been prominent for decades, but he is not heroic at this moment!

"You two lunatics!"

"How could Lao Tzu have such stupid offspring as you!"

Xu Yuanzu couldn't help wailing.

But he understands that even if he speaks out his identity now, it is impossible to convince Changle and Yongan.

Knowing that things would change like this long ago, he would definitely not prescribe drugs to the two of them, but change the method and use a more moderate method.

Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine to buy in this world.

Xu Yuanzu fled in embarrassment.

Duke Changle and Duke Yongan led people to pursue them.

The fire was still raging in Xu Mansion, and the people in Xu Mansion were wailing and wanted to escape, but outside the mansion gate, they encountered a crossbow attack from the Imperial City Division.

The order of the princess, Xu Mansion, is full of punishments, not leaving one.

With the ambition of the elder princess, the cold thorn is naturally to satisfy the eldest princess.

Don't say that these subordinates of Xu Mansion, even the master of Xu Mansion, are going to die.

Besides, a group of subordinates will die if they die. Who will take it seriously?

Human lives are like weeds!

Just when Leng Spur thought that his errand would be easy to complete, a wind suddenly rose between heaven and earth.

The wind rises and the clouds gather.

The sky that was still clear just now turned overcast quickly.

"It is going to rain!"

Seeing the sky change, Leng Ting's face changed

He waved his hand abruptly and said, "The whirlwind rider listens to the order, dismounts, holds the crossbow, and enters!"

Obtained the instructions of the cold thorn, the five thousand whirlwind riders quickly dismounted, with a crossbow in one hand and a long knife in one hand, filed into the burning Xu Mansion.

The fight broke out after the Whirlwind Cavalry entered Xu's Mansion.

The 18 iron knights who had been tolerant, as well as the secret guards of Xu Mansion, endured the high temperature around them, and they couldn't bear it when they watched. When they were about to rush out desperately, Whirlwind rode in the door.

Shouting to kill, the sound curbs Xingyun.

Leng Thorn after Cyclone Cavaliers entered Xu Mansion, and then led the people from the Imperial City Division to follow up.

I saw that countless corpses fell on the ground, and blood gurgled into a river and condensed into a lake.

Passing around the burning houses, Lengqi finally saw Duke Changle and Duke Yongan, as well as Xu Yuanzu who was chased and killed with nowhere to go.

Naturally, they also saw King Yan who was shot by the crossbow.

Although Leng Tsang betrayed King Yan, he was still agitated when he saw King Yan died here.

"Kill them!"

At this time, Leng Thorn had no intention to pursue what happened here.

People cannot know too much.

If you know too much, you may not be able to keep your life.

"Cold thorn!"

Xu Yuanzu yelled angrily, "Help me, I want to see the Grand Princess, as long as you take me to see the Grand Princess, I promise you will not regret it!"

(End of this chapter)

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