Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated Chapter 659

Chapter 633: My Lord Times Have Changed

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Chapter 633 Master, the times have changed!

Lord Changle, die!

Yongan, die!

An Tai Gong Xu Yuanzu, kneel!

It's not that Leng Zai has kind thoughts, but the princess gave an order early in the morning, if she sees the living Xu Yuanzu, then take it back.

Knowing that Xu Yuanzu is the reincarnated King of Taiping, the inner curiosity of the princess is too strong. However, before, the princess did not have the advantage when facing Xu Yuanzu. Even if she deliberately listened to the secrets, she still didn't have the capital.

But now, everything is different.

This great Tang Dynasty is only between the thoughts of the princess.

Of course, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the princess will not immediately ascend the position of supremacy.

In order to be able to control her own destiny, the eldest princess planned for twenty or thirty years. In the process, her plans changed from time to time. Step by step, dare not make any mistakes.

But the moment of victory came so suddenly.

Only between ten days and days, everything came to pass, and the princess stood at the highest point of power in the Tang Dynasty.

The military power is in hand, the general situation is in my hands, no one can stop her from showing her ambitions.

The people she once regarded as obstacles, one by one, one after another, all became dead.

When Xu Yuanzu was brought in front of the princess, the muscles of Xu Yuanzu's hands and feet had all been broken. Others are still alive, but they have become useless, life is better than death.


"You are a **** like your ancestors!"

Seeing the princess, Xu Yuanzu stared at the princess with bitterness, if his eyes could kill, the princess would have been killed thousands of times by Xu Yuanzu's eyes.

"His Royal Highness, is it not surprising, why did you lose so badly?"

The long princess ignored Xu Yuanzu's curse, and ignored his very bitter eyes.

"Because you are mean!"

"King Killing, you woman, you really are a snake-hearted!"

By this moment, Xu Yuanzu had understood that Emperor Yongping was killed by the design of the princess. It was enough to kill Emperor Yongping, and planted all of this on the head of King Yan.

He self-righteously robbed the clan mansion and rescued King Yan, intending to take the hand of King Yan to ruin the Jiangshan Sheji of the Tang Dynasty, in order to avenge the founding father of the Tang Dynasty who had betrayed him.

As long as he thinks that his descendants have ruined his country, Xu Yuanzu feels full of joy.

It's a pity that the idea is good, and the reality is too cruel.

His actions were taken advantage of by the princess.


"You are so wrong!"

The princess looked at Xu Yuanzu triumphantly, smiling slightly, "My lord, the times have changed!"

"Now, not a hundred years ago. At the beginning, you traversed the world, but now, it is not your time. Not to mention it is you, even if the founding father returned, it is the same."

"Of course, you are a senior, an ancestor."

"Although Li Zi is rebellious, he still can't do anything to betray his ancestors. Therefore, I won't kill you."

"On the contrary, I will let people take good care of you. When I'm fine, I will often talk to you and talk about how you live your life!"

"Bitch, this is your purpose!"

"Want to know how I will live another life? You dream! You are destined to be a short-lived ghost who has not lived well for many years!"

Xu Yuanzu stared at the princess venomously, "Don't think that I don't know that you can live till now, thanks to the means of the path of luck. Stupid woman, God can not be deceived, your retribution will come sooner or later!"

"I don't care!"

"Isn't it just cutting off children and grandchildren?"

"Do you think my palace cares?"

"My palace was born in the world, my parents were not happy, my eldest brother was planning, when I returned from death, I swear, even if I take the world down, I will live, even if it is to subvert this great Tang dynasty. , Li Zi, don't become the abandoned person."

The long princess spoke awe-inspiringly, waving her long sleeves with her hands, "I, will become the first female emperor in the history of the Tang Dynasty, no matter who it is, as long as it blocks my way, then he will die!"


"Like your ancestors, they are all lunatics!"

Xu Yuanzu's eyes showed fear for the first time.

He was a veteran on the battlefield, fearless in all battles. But in the face of the madness of the princess, he felt a little scared inexplicably. He didn't even know what he was afraid of, but he was afraid.

"Not crazy, not live!"

"I used to cry and begged... but no one looked at me more."

"I have today, all by my own efforts, I don't owe anyone."

"Because they all owe me!"

"The debts owed to me are to be repaid. Lao Tzu is dead, and the son is repaid. The son is dead, and the grandson repays it. Unless the whole family is dead, no one should think of not repaying the debts owed to the palace."

The princess said that Xu Yuanzu's hair stood on end.

At this moment, Xu Yuanzu finally understood why he was afraid of this woman.

Because this is really a lunatic.

But this lunatic has reason beyond imagination.

The princess sneered and greeted, a female guard came in and dragged Xu Yuanzu, who was crippled with hands and feet.

"By the way, find a few women, don't let the blood of King Taiping be cut off!"

When Xu Yuanzu was dragged down, the princess gave a faint confession.

And it was these words that made Xu Yuanzu fall into the abyss of the devil.

As for the princess, it was definitely not kindly for Xu Yuanzu, the reincarnated king of Taiping, to have a queen, she just wanted to see if this king of Taiping, who lived again, and his descendants, were equally lucky.

If so, then she has a better tool of luck.

"Bitch, you must not die!"

Xu Yuanzu yelled and yelled, but his muscles and veins were cut off, he was a handicapped person, except for his mouth, he had no other skills.

Regarding Xu Yuanzu's abuse, the princess didn't take it seriously.

A long time ago, many people scolded her, hated her, and cursed her. But so what? She is still the great princess, and now she wants to stand at the highest point of Tang's power.

"Leng Thorn, from now on, Whirlwind will be stationed in the palace to replace Yu Linwei and become the guard in the palace!"

"There is no order from the palace, no one can leave the palace!"

"Zun Yi Zhi!"

Leng Thorn received the order of the princess, and immediately took the five thousand whirlwind riders, went straight to the palace, and took over the guard of the palace.

Then, the princess asked the female guards to tell the story that the noble priests in Beijing, the royal family, and even the civil and military officials, all went to the Palace of Heaven to discuss matters and discuss the important matter of the new emperor's succession.

Emperor Yongping and Yu Wang were killed one after another.

The three-minded Xu Mansion was conspired by King Yan to seek rebellion, and was banned by the whole family.

Today's capital is shrouded in **** clouds.

And the princess was undoubtedly the person holding the butcher knife.

(End of this chapter)

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