Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated Chapter 660

Chapter 634: Underworld Move

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Chapter 634 Hell, move!

Royal Palace, Kun An Palace.

As the queen's bedroom, Kun'an Palace is directly behind the Qiantian Hall, separated by the Jiaotai Hall.

The surname of the empress of Yongping Emperor He, only gave birth to one son, the young fourteenth prince Li Zou.

Emperor Yongping died unexpectedly, and without a prince in his lifetime, which prince inherited the throne became a big problem at the moment.

The second prince Li Qi died at the same place with Emperor Yongping, so naturally there was no chance of seizing the throne.

But the remaining princes were all staring at each other.

In the palace, the mothers and concubines of the princes are also ready to move.

After all, no matter which prince becomes emperor, his biological mother will be promoted to queen dowager according to the system. Of course, the queen will also be promoted to queen dowager, but there is no blood relationship with the successor prince, after all, there is a 10% difference.

Empress Hes family is He Ji, the noble prince from the country.

Datang has always guarded the harem and relatives very well.

Originally, when Emperor Yongping's father was reigning, He Ji, the lord of the country, was also a great minister in the court and a leader in the army. The reason why Yongping Emperor married Empress He was actually to steal the military power from He Ji in a disguised form.

Over the past few years, He Ji, the lord of the country, has become a lazy nobleman, and the children of the He family are naturally very low-key in order not to cause trouble to the family.

The result is that now when Queen He needs her natal family's help, the He family is blinded by both eyes.

The whirlwind cavalry guards the palace and prohibits palace people from going out, which also cuts off the connection between the inside and outside of the palace.

The princes of Yongping Emperor, as well as their mothers and concubines, were all trapped in the palace.

After all, when Emperor Yongping died, his sons had to stand by and do their filial piety.

Under such circumstances, the Tornado rides into the palace, and all the unstable factors are brought under control.


Leaving the government's mansion, He Ji gathered his children and grandchildren in one place and looked at them one by one, tears in his eyes.

He doesn't know how the end of this time into the palace.

But he knew that if the fourteenth prince Li Zou could not succeed, then as the eldest son of the queen, his little grandson would definitely not grow up. Even if they leave the government office, they may be implicated.

"Father, do you want my son to contact our old department?"

"it's useless!"

Duke Li Guo sighed, "After I go out, you will send the children out of the capital separately. If the fourteenth princes can't ascend the throne, this Li Guo Gong Mansion will end!

"I will stay here. If the government is destined to come to an end, Dad will have to keep a wave!"

"Father, why bother?"

He Jin, the eldest son of Li Guofu, frowned when he heard what his father said.

"You do not understand!"

"No need to say anything else, it's not necessarily the final result!"

Li Guo Gong did not talk any more nonsense, but simply took people out and headed towards the palace.

And when He Ji rushed to the palace, the dignitaries in the capital were all making the same arrangements, and then they rushed to the palace.

Everyone knows that this trip into the palace is unpredictable.

But few people know that the fight has already begun from the moment they walked out of their yard!


Ten Thousand Avenue is the only way to the imperial palace from the official residence.

When Li Guo Gong walked to Shiqian Street with the guards of Jiading in the mansion, an ambush against him broke out!

The killer is obviously not an ordinary skirmisher.

They jumped out from the shops on both sides, and at the same time, there were people lying in ambush on the roofs of the shops and attacking with crossbows.

The guards of Li Guo Gong's Mansion were caught off guard, and most of them were damaged in an instant.

The remaining people quickly entangled with the killer who jumped out of the shop.

"Master Guo, get on the horse, go!"

The leader of the guard cut off the rope of the carriage and greeted the lord to leave on horseback.

Since leaving the country with the military power, he has never rode a horse again, and turned around to become a leisurely honorable person. In order to avoid the suspicion of the royal family, Li Guo, who had been famous on the battlefield, had already lost that skill.

But at this moment, between life and death, Li Guo Gong still broke out!

He leaped out of the carriage, slid on his horse, and under the protection of the guards, rushed out of the assassin's encirclement and headed straight for the palace.

However, since the other party chose to ambush him at this time, how could it not build a lower level of blockade?

Duke Li Guo did not rush out in the end. The horse under his crotch was shot by an oncoming arrow and fell to the ground.

The Liguo on horseback naturally flew out from the horseback.

Although Duke Li Guo swiftly rolled on the ground to avoid the miserable end of his fall, when he stood up, someone appeared next to him and wiped Duke Lis neck with a knife.

The person who killed Li Guo had a mask of the king of runners on his face.

Killer, from the underworld!

With the death of Li Guo, the killer quickly retreated.

But this is not the end!

At the same time, on the streets of the capital, one ambush occurred one after another.

The ten temples of the underworld, Yama, all dispatched.

The underworld, which was almost destroyed by King Yan, has grown in this short period of time, and even the Ten Temple Yama has regained heirs.


Imperial Palace, Qiantian Temple.

When the eldest princess received the news that the princes and relatives were ambushed by the underworld, including Li Guo Gong, she couldn't help but change her face.

Not long ago, she triumphantly announced to Xu Yuanzu that she was in charge of the great Tang Dynasty. But now, she was slapped in the face, and the kind of pop that was very loud.

The Imperial City Division has always been in the hands of the Grand Princess, but now, the underworld killer is in the capital. In this special period of the death of Yongping Emperor, he will slaughter the nobles and the royal relatives, and the ten palaces will come out. This is Provoking with the court!

"Procedure the imperial decree of this palace, close the city gates. Protect the flag guards, sharp sword guards, Yongjian guards, and Xiaoqi guards to enter the capital, block the city gates, and go from house to house. Even if you dig three feet, you must dig the rats in the palace come out!"

"Zun Yi Zhi!"

Immediately, a female guard was dispatched to convey the order of the princess.

In the Palace of Dry Heaven, there was no sound.

No one could imagine that in this short hour, more than a dozen nobles and emperors died under the butcher knife of the underworld assassin.

When did this capital become so insecure?

After giving the order, the eldest princess stepped suddenly, step by step towards the seat of the emperor's exclusive dragon chair.

In a moment, everyone's breathing in the Qiantian Temple was somewhat stagnant.

Just when these people thought that the eldest princess was about to sit in that position, the eldest princess stopped and turned around.


The current position of the princess is three steps higher than the people on the Qiantian Temple, condescending and overlooking the people.

"The saint is framed by the culprits, take the dragon and Bintian."

"Right now, there is another underworld raging across the capital."

"The country cannot be left without a master for a day. For the sake of Datang's Jiangshan society, we must establish a new monarch early!"

(End of this chapter)

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