Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated Chapter 702

Chapter 676: Make them jump

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Chapter 676

"Uncle, let's win now!"

The two mates' expressions at this moment can be said to be exactly the same as Xu Lao Er.

Before they came to Bacheng, they all thought they would go through a fierce battle. But who would have thought that the war would end immediately without the outbreak of the war.

The leader of the robbery road escaped, and Bacheng started easily.

As for the remaining county towns of Jiannan Prefecture, the city walls were no more than one foot high, and even if they encountered resistance, they could be defeated in one battle.

However, according to the current situation, 90% of them are unlikely to encounter any resistance.

"Yeah, this is a win!"

Xu Lao Er spoke somewhat discouragedly.

"It's too easy, right?"

"Robbery Road, are you not playing any conspiracy and tricks?"

"Well, it's possible!"

Xu Lao Er's eyes lit up in an instant.

That's right, these stinky mice in the robbery road used to be the favorite way to play. Even before, when they fought with Jie Yun Dao, Jie Yun Dao was all playing tricks.

From beginning to end, Jie Yundao never confronted them head-on.

The Lord of the Fortune Road led a person to assassinate, but with bad luck, he encountered Xu Lao Er training anti-slope gun defense, and he died!

Guo Zhun launched a fire attack and prepared for a sneak attack from behind, but he was defeated by Xu Lao Er's army and captured all of them.

Later, Xu Lao Er led his troops to the outside of Bacheng, and Jie Yundao was another assassination.

Three clashes, three tricks, but unfortunately bad luck and three miserable defeats.

Now, Jieyundao suddenly became a bird and beast scattered, and even the capital of Jieyundaos Dao country has been abandoned.

There must be a conspiracy hidden in it.

It's not to blame Xu Lao Er for thinking too much, but Jie Yundao's consistent behavior style is so shameless.

The two armies were fighting, anyhow, there was a real sword and gun battle.

But the robbery Dao clearly has a sufficient number of troops, but it has always acted so unpretentiously. It is no wonder that for so many years, the Path of Fortune has assisted the restoration of the remnants of the former dynasty, but it turned out to be nothing.

After all, doing things should be upright and generous.

"According to my order, I will immediately seize the Sifang City Gate, and the army will enter the city, ten people in a team, search the city, from house to house, looking for the remnants of the road of fortune."

"By the way, don't disturb the people!"

"If you encounter violent resistance, kill without mercy!"

Xu Lao Er does not allow his soldiers to harass the people, but for those who refuse to cooperate or even confront violently, he doesn't mind raising a butcher knife.

For him, there is still a big difference between his own person and the person who is about to become his own person.

As long as you have not become your own, then you may become an enemy.


The two lieutenants immediately passed the order.

As for Xu Lao Er, he continued to wander around the city.

Although the one on the Road of Journey is not so prosperous, it is definitely not a rudimentary court of the Dao Kingdom, and Xu Lao Er is staying away.

After all, that is the palace of the fortune road.

To put it bluntly, this place is equivalent to the imperial palace of the Tang Dynasty.

Although the old Xu's family didn't deal with the court, Xu Lao Er would not do anything that goes beyond the distance.

Even if you want to provoke things, you have to ask your father.

Xu Lao Er didn't want to cause some unnecessary troubles to himself because of his temporary actions.


The army entered the city and quickly launched a large search in the city.

From house to house, there are no favors to talk about.

Not to mention, Xu Lao Er and the others really found out a lot of the remnants of the path of misfortune lurking down.

What made Xu Lao Er's even more unexpected was that this group of Jie Yundao really engaged in a big conspiracy. There was a lot of kerosene hidden in the palace of the human realm. As long as Xu Lao Er entered the palace, they would ignite the kerosene and turn it into a sea of flames.

The purpose is still one, and that is to kill Xu Lao Er.

Unfortunately, Xu Lao Er's bottom line is super high when it comes to issues of principle.

"I really can look down on Lao Tzu!"

"However, I'm so powerful, they should look down on me!"

Xu Lao Er waved his hand and asked people to take out the kerosene directly. Deal with these things, but the best kerosene.

When the time comes, when you change hands, you will get another large sum of money!

"Uncle, Jie Yun Dao is so cruel, should we hurry up and catch up?"

"What are you chasing after?"

Xu Lao Er rolled his eyes directly, "Just those broken horses, who can catch up with?"

"Besides, let them jump around, so that we have enough reason to chase them everywhere!"

Xu Lao Er also has a little strategic vision.

To build a country by fate is a rebellion, a thief, and everyone gets punishable. At that time, he will chase all the way with a large army, and all the places he will pass will be his territory.

As for the court?

The little emperor didn't understand anything, the wicked woman of the princess was not a good bird, such a court, he would not listen anyway.

Besides, everyone has said that it will be out, and you will not be affected by your life.

After Xu Lao Er thoroughly cleaned up the hidden dangers in Bacheng, he left the two lieutenants in Bacheng, and he took his soldiers back to Shicheng County.

Fubao is still staying in Shicheng County now!

Fubao has no opinion on his second brother's move to bring the army into Bacheng.

After fixing the army of Jieyundao led by Guo Zhun, if his second brother did not move, then the group of Jieyundao would definitely be aware of their purpose unless they were all ignorant.

At that time, all the people in the robbery road were hidden and turned into underground rats, but it was difficult to catch.

However, Fu Bao didn't expect that the people of Jie Yundao were more like mice than she thought.

Perhaps they are used to being rats, and once they find that the situation is not right, they will retract into the hole. That is so agile, that Fubao can't even think about it.

When Fubao found out that his second brother had come back, he knew that Bacheng had been taken, and the people from the road of fortune had escaped. They were really dumbfounded and didn't know what to say.

"Second brother, they didn't struggle a bit?"


Xu Lao Er blinked and said, "They still sent the assassins, but I had been prepared for it, so I caught them all alive!"

"As a result, the next day, all the people from the Path of Fortune ran away, and it was almost met!"

"By the way, they still hid older kerosene in that palace, they want to burn me to death!"


Fu Bao didn't want to talk anymore.

The robbery road is really scum.

Because they were so able to do things before, in the end, they were nothing.

"Little girl, go, let's go to Bacheng!"

"At that time, you will be sitting in Bacheng, your second brother, I will take the remaining county towns!"

His own little girl is a blessing to him, so naturally he wants to stay closer.

If it wasn't for the military's unsuitability, he would want to keep his little sister by his side. When the time comes, won't it be true that every ill will turn a good fortune?

"Second brother, you said, the people from the Path of Fortune who have spent so much effort to get out of the interstate, why do they give up so easily?"

"Don't you think something is wrong?"

??Chapter two! Today I went out to play with my family. I was so tired that I slept for a while. It was a little bit energetic. I really lost it...



(End of this chapter)

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