Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated Chapter 703

Chapter 677: Xu Lao Er: I opened the net to be lonely

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Chapter 677 Xu Lao Er: I opened the net for loneliness


"It doesn't make sense at all!"

Hearing Fubao's question, Xu Lao Er nodded thoughtfully, "But, the fact is that all the people on the road of Fortune Fortune have ran away. You have to ask me why they ran, and I am wondering!"

"Sister, what do you think they are doing?"

"Where do I know?"

Fu Bao directly cast a big eye to his second brother.

She originally asked him this question. This was fine, but she needed her to give an answer. As expected, my second brother's mind could be away from home often.

No matter what I say, Fubao is impressed.

Bacheng won, and Jiannan Mansion was taken down. It was a matter of time.

When Fubao arrived in Bacheng with his second brother, he saw a heavily guarded city.

In the streets of the city, groups of soldiers were patrolling. There were not many pedestrians in the streets, as if this was a heavy military town.

"Second brother, why is there no one on the street?"

Fu Bao fixed his eyes on his second brother.

"Isn't it that I don't know what the robbery road is doing? Just in case there is something wrong, so before I come back, the city is under martial law!"

Xu Lao Er actually didn't think so much.

He just instinctively felt that Jie Yun Dao didn't have such a dish.

Even if a large amount of kerosene was left in the so-called palace, he still looked a little bit petty.

There must be something for the robbery road.

For safety reasons, Xu Lao Er exercised military control over the city.

There is nothing wrong with being careful!

Otherwise, if he goes to memorize and follow in the footsteps of King Yan and Emperor Yongping, wouldn't it be a shame?

He, Xu Yuanba, is the first in bravery, but he also has a brain.

Fubao didn't know that his second brother was super cautious now, so he gave his second brother a thumbs up decisively.

As for the truth of this matter, it doesn't really matter.

The important thing is that Xu Lao Er does this thing beautifully.

After Fubao settled down in Bacheng, Xu Lao Er began to dispatch troops, planning to take down all the remaining county towns of Jiannan Mansion in one go.

However, after the army was dispatched, Xu Lao Er quietly reduced the most elite three thousand people into parts, and returned to Bacheng silently.

Xu Lao Er didn't know if his instincts were accurate, but he just felt that this fate of luck was defeated too quickly, and too unacceptable.

At the beginning, Jieyun Road was the first to erect the banner of rebelling against Datang, and it was to establish the country directly.

What kind of arrogance is this?

Even though Xu Lao Er didn't look down on the Path of Fate in his heart, but when it came to handling this matter, Lao Er Xu admired the people of the Path of Fate closely.

It's a pity that Xu Lao Er didn't know enough about the path of robbery.

At the beginning, the founding of this earthly kingdom was the plan of the master of the evil luck, and it was the plan of the master of the evil luck.

And in the path of the robbery, except for the master of the path of robbery, who is dedicated to building a human world, everyone else is a mess.

The fate of the nation is established, and they enjoy the benefits.

When the situation was not good, these people strayed decisively and went to be the rats in the gutter again.

Of course, even the rats in the gutter are different.

The hidden veins hidden in the dark place of the Fortune Road, except for the shameless identity of the Fortune Road, are basically a bit shameful in the local area. A large local gentry, and last but not least a small landlord in a certain town, with a wealth of wealth.

After Jieyundao established the country, they did not directly abandon their previous foundation. Instead, under the banner of visiting friends, they rushed to Jiannan Prefecture, changed their appearances a little, and became the upper-class figures of the Taoist country.

Now that they fled from Jiannan Mansion, naturally they went back to their homes and looked for their mothers.

At this moment, Xu Lao Er is obviously overly cautious.

He thought that Jie Yun Dao would have a secret move and wait for him to calculate, but in fact, there was no other way except Du Qingruo's secret move of burning the palace with kerosene oil.

"Sister, do you think this group of people in the robbery road have pits in their heads?"

Waiting for the entire Jiannan Mansion to be under control, Xu Lao Er didn't wait for the dark hands to come to Jie Yun Dao, which made him a little crazy, because it also meant that the backhand arrangement of Jie Yun Dao he thought was simply does not exist.

To put it ugly, from beginning to end, he was scaring himself.

Fortunately, he thought he was strategizing this time, but in the end, it was too long-winded.

"Second brother, are you stupid?"

Su Wu looked at his second brother who was a little frustrated, and wanted to give him a hammer. "The people of Fortune Road ran away. You easily won Jiannan Mansion. Isn't this a good thing?"

"Why do you look very unhappy?"


Fubao made no secret of his dislike of his second brother.

If her third brother is here and meets such an easy and easy-to-handle opponent, I am afraid that she will dance with excitement soon.

"Little girl, you don't understand!"

"Your second brother and I, but especially hid the most elite three thousand people in the city, just waiting for the people from the robbery road to do things."

"As a result, there is no shadow of the people in the robbery road!"

"Your brother and I, this time I lost a big face."

When Fu Bao heard his second brother say this, he blinked, okay, there is no way to say this.

She always felt that her second brother was a reckless person, but she didn't expect that he also learned to play tricks. If Jie Luck Dao really had a plan to play, it would really hit the blade. However, Jie Yundao had no future arrangements, and her second brother's arrangement became a wink to the blind.

"Sister, you said, why are people who are so unhappy in the path of fortune?"

"Even if they randomly arrange a bit of manpower to cause damage, it's okay!"

"Second brother, I see you, luck is too good!"

Fu Bao smiled at his second brother, "Look at you, since I came to Jiannan Mansion, this luck has always been invincible."

"I guess, the people in the road of fortune are probably scared by you!"


Xu Lao Er didn't want to admit it, he wanted to say that this was the inevitable result of his hard power.

But to be a human being, you still have to have a face.

Xu Lao Er can't do such a shameless thing.

He is really lucky to come to Jiannan Mansion here. And all this is definitely not because of his own luck, but because of his own little sister by his side.

That's right!

My little girl is here, unless the people of the robbery road are stupid, how can they do things?

With her little sister's invincible luck here, he pretends to arrange an ambush, isn't this superfluous?

Xu Lao Er has completely realized this!

"Sister, you are right, I want to understand!"

"This time, I was overly careful."

"Oh, a man, a mistake is a mistake. The brothers missed the opportunity to do meritorious service. I have to go and apologize to them!"

After speaking, the person walked away, leaving Fubao staring at the same place. What does my second brother understand?

(End of this chapter)

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