Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated Chapter 704

Chapter 678: Northern Barbarian High Priest: Surrender to me and allow you to fulfill your wish

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Chapter 678: North Barbarian High Priest: Surrender to me and promise you to fulfill your wish

Longxi Mansion, Longcheng.

The old man Xu sits here, as the city of Longxi Mansion, and now it is a city of military towns through and through.

All the people in the city have been relocated, mainly to Qiping Mansion.

The north wind blows and snow flutters.

Had it not been for Mr. Xu's early preparations for the winter quilt, firewood and rice grains, this sudden winter would have directly destroyed the 200,000 army guarding Longxi Mansion.

Nowadays, there are only two strong cities left in Longxi Mansion, namely the Dragon City guarded by Mr. Xu and the Pingman City guarded by Mr. Xu.

In fact, at the beginning of the founding of Datang, Longxi Mansion was under the control of Beiman.

At the end of the previous dynasty, the domestic people did not have a living, the border was repeatedly ransacked by Beiman, and the court lost control of Longxi Mansion.

It was not until the founding of the Tang Dynasty that the national power grew stronger, and then the Longxi Mansion was regained.

However, the main battle was Taiping King Xu Zhengqi, but he died of injury not long after he was regaining Longxi Mansion.

Datang's conquest of Beiman also came to an end with Xu Zhengqi's death.

This Pingman City was originally a military town built by Xu Zhengqi to completely wipe out the Beiman, and he transported ordnance here.

Unfortunately, with Xu Zhengqi's death, Pingman City lost its original meaning. Over a hundred years, Pingman City has slowly evolved into an ordinary city.

It was not until Father Xu and Boss Xu arrived that Pingman City re-existed as a military town.

Dragon City and Pingman City are each other's horns. They can attack and retreat. They are the front line set by Old Man Xu to resist Beiman.

In order to prevent Beiman from looting the Quartet, the people in Longxi Mansion have been moved.

When Mr. Xu routinely patrolled the city again, he saw a team of scouts roaring from outside the city, and red flags fluttered in the wind and snow.


Not long after, the scout entered the city and quickly arrived in front of Mr. Xu.

"But is Beiman here?"

Old man Xu looked at the scout who came in a hurry, with a solemn expression.

The winter of this year came so early and the weather was so cold, the life in Beiman must have been even more difficult.

The war is inevitable.

Father Xu knew very well that Beiman had to go south in order to survive in such bad weather.

Even if the Beiman himself did not want to migrate south, the savages further north would force them to go south.

Even the same savages are different.

For example, the northern savages who appeared on the side of the Glacier Mansion some time ago, they had some communication with the people of Datang, and they were not truly barbarians.

But the savages in the north of the Northern Barbarian Land are real savages, savage and cannibalism. They have no knowledge of the same race, even people from the same tribe can be called food.

These people, it may be inappropriate to call them wild people, and it may be more appropriate to call them human-shaped beasts.

At the beginning, when Mr. Xu heard the existence of such a savages from Beiman's mouth, it was really hard to believe. However, just before ten months ago, Mr. Xu saw such a savage with his own eyes.

He didn't know how these savages crossed the territory of the Northern Barbarians, but theirs did appear in Datang Longxi Mansion and attacked a scout team.

If it were not for the fact that the equipment gap between the two sides was too great, the scout team sent by Old Man Xu would eventually be annihilated.

By this time, Mr. Xu had to sigh with emotion that his daughter told her how powerful the military training method was.

Fubao wrote a letter to his father, Mr. Xu, telling him how to train soldiers in later generations. It was not specific to the actual operation, but only a general meaning, that is, to let the soldiers have the will to never give up. Do not abandon, do not give up.

It was precisely with this will that this scout team was not defeated by the fighting consciousness, fought these savages for the last moment, and finally wiped out the opponent.

An elite scout squad, fully armed, was almost wiped out by savages with fewer than them. This is really a lesson for Mr. Xu.

His scout is the elite of the whole army.

From this, we can see how cruel these savages are.

"Master Huihou, it is the High Priest of Beiman!"

"I was waiting a hundred miles outside the city, and I met the messenger of the North Barbarian High Priest, and I have a letter!"

The scout quickly presented a letter to Old Man Xu.

"A letter from the High Priest of the North Man?"

Mr. Xu was really taken aback, and couldn't figure out what the Northern Man High Priest meant to write to him.

Speaking of the North Barbarian High Priest, it was really mysterious.

In the entire Tang Dynasty, it can be said that no one knew the name of the North Man High Priest, but no one knew what kind of person this high priest was, whether he was a man or a woman, whether he was young or old.

Last year, the North Barbarian Ju clan attacked southward, which was planned by the North Barbarian High Priest. Even with that, Xu Huairen, the father of Xufu Antai at the time, became a puppet, and his methods were not uncommon.

Now, the North Man High Priest sent him a letter, but Father Xu didn't think much about it.

"Master Hou, let the subordinates come down!"

Everyone knows that the high priest Beiman's methods are weird. Regarding the letter sent by the high priest, no one can guarantee whether there is any mystery.

"It's okay!"

Elder Xu waved his hand to stop the guards around him.

If this letter is really problematic, why should he let someone else's son suffer for him?

If he is afraid of being passive in this letter, he can completely destroy this letter.

Mr. Xu quickly tore open the envelope and took out the letter paper inside.

There is only one page of stationery, on which is written a rather beautiful line of text: Surrender to me, and allow you to achieve your wish!

Seeing the words on this page, Mr. Xu couldn't help but smile.

This Northern Barbarian High Priest is afraid it's not a pit in his head!

What he wished was revenge for his mother!

What he wants is to step down the North Man!

What he wants is peace in the world!

Every wish of his can be achieved with his own hands, without resorting to the means of others. What about the High Priest of Beiman? What about the mysterious and unpredictable methods, he couldn't get the other party.


The moment Mr. Xu threw the letter in his hand outside the city, another scout turned back and brought back the second letter, which was still from the high priest of Beiman!

"I want to see, what can you say!"

Mr. Xu tore open the envelope twice and unfolded the letter paper.

"A hundred years ago, the family teacher promised Taiping King Xu Zhengqi to live again!"

"I don't know Wu Chenghou, can you ask for something?"

Compared with the first letter, the second letter gave Mr. Xu a shock, like a bolt from the blue.

One hundred years ago, Taiping King Xu Zhengqi led troops to conquer the Beiman, and eventually died before he was defeated. But now, if what the North Man High Priest said is true, then Xu Zhengqi's death should have something else hidden.

Suddenly, Mr. Xu was not calm anymore!

(End of this chapter)

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