This Japanese Story Is Not Too Cold Chapter 525

: Fanwai. That's My Father 2500 Words

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This is a cold and dark hospital foyer.

The electric wires and loops on the ceiling all slumped down, looking like ghost hands from a distance.

In such a gloomy environment, people's five senses will be much sharper than before.

From time to time, rustling sounds will be heard from the dark.

Generally speaking, no one would come to this place in this weird and terrifying environment.

But today is different.

A burst of intensive footsteps sounded in the lobby of the hospital.

Then there was a small discussion between girls and boys.

"Hey... this place is really terrible... otherwise we'd better go back soon, it's already over seven o'clock..."

A girl made a scared voice.

"Yeah...and don't know why, I always feel so cold...it should be solved by a professional exorcist, right? It's so...or else it's here today?"

Another boy said unsteadily.

After hearing the words of these two people, the boy named "Ren" in front showed a calm smile.

He stretched out his hand to take a pat, standing next to him, holding his breath, observing the long-haired girl in the hospital in front of him, but his affectionate gesture was ignored by the opposite party.

Uh ...

The boy grabbed his hair a little awkwardly, and then said:

"Hey, what is there to be afraid of, I have experience in getting rid of low-level weirdness, and there are still fragrant pears here?"

Speaking of which, he also showed the kind thoughts he had condensed, and signaled that the girls and boys behind do not be afraid.

"...It's best to stop here." The girl named Xiangli lifted the hair scattered around her ears, and raised her pale golden eyes:

"It's true that there is something in it that can't be solved by a few of us. I have already called Aunt Qiu Xiao, and she should be able to send someone over to deal with this matter soon."

"Huh, look, even classmate Beichuan said so."

The boy next to him moved his mouth, just about to say something.


The blood... splashed out.


A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth countercurrently.

The boy stared blankly at the twisted palm pierced from his chest, his blood-stained hands could only subconsciously stretch out to the front.

"Let him go!"

The light gold kindness converges into an air current, cutting directly through the twisted palm in a blade-like shape.

Snap! ! !

The black liquid slid down, even with the palm of his hand.

Beichuan Xiangli caught the boy smoothly, and then rolled, the kind thoughts gathered into a light gold barrier, just to resist the hand of the swiftly flying resentful spirit.

As for the boy named Ren on the other side, he has pinched his traces of kind thoughts and looked at the resentful spirit in front of him with fear.

Doesn't this guy mean that he has eliminated the low-level weirdness?

Beichuan Xiangli glanced at her female friend again.

The other party behaved very simply, shrinking directly at the entrance to the corner of the hall.

"..." Beichuan Xiangli.


With her palms spread out, there was a patterned spirit mirror lying quietly there, Shannon quickly entangled, and slammed at the opposite spirit.

The wraith spirit on the opposite side was directly knocked into the air by this sudden attack.

The air was also full of burnt smell.


Beichuan Xiangli was panting.

The Spirit Summoning Mirror given to her by Aunt Ma Gong just now was able to issue a more powerful benevolent attack than usual for the time being.

But its side effects are also serious.

She staggered two steps forward, and finally managed not to fall.

After using this spirit-calling mirror, the whole body's benevolent thoughts cannot continue to work, and there will be a state of extreme fatigue.

But it's okay... as long as the resentful spirit can be got rid of... it's okay.

Beichuan Xiangli let out a sigh, then cheered up again.

The male student in front of him has not died yet.

For Beichuan Fragrant Pear, as long as it doesn't die, there is always a way.

The moment she wanted to reach out her hand to take out the phone, and wanted to call someone--

"Xiangli! Behind you!"

The girl who had been shrinking at the corner of the hall yelled in horror.

Behind me?

Beichuan Xiangli turned around strangely.

That is a face.

A pale, cold face.

The facial features on his face were deformed and twisted because of the bitterness.

There was a big hole in her chest, which was the big hole that Beichuan Xiangli had just blasted out with Shan Nian.

Actually still alive? !

Kitagawa Xiangli gritted her teeth hard, trying to drive her body to move with pain.

But the effect of this method is minimal.

Her limbs were limp and weak, and she could only watch the twisted and squirming palms...like a blade, cutting to her neck fiercely.


Bang! ! ! ! !

There was a muffled sound.

The huge figure of the Wraith Spirit fell heavily.

Jet black liquid splashed all over.

Part of it splashed into Beichuan Xiangli's mouth.

"..." Beichuan Xiangli.

Seeing the resentful spirit lying quietly in front of him, Beichuan Xiangli raised his head.

In front of her stood a tall figure lingering in darkness.

In the opponent's hand, there was a huge hammer with a hideous shape, which was still stained with the broken flesh of the resentful spirit.

He is tall and straight, but because he is hidden in the shadows, he can't see his expression.

"Fragrant pear!"

Beichuan Xiangli's best friend finally rushed out from the dark.

Although she was scared, she still stood in front of Beichuan Xiangli.

How terrifying is this black shadow in front of you?

The grievances that Beichuan Xiangli could not solve after exhausting all his efforts just now were solved by the opponent with a single hammer.

Then if he wants to kill Beichuan Xiangli...

"Xiangli! Run!"

She turned her head, looked at Beichuan Xiangli, who was standing in a daze, and screamed.

What's the matter, Xiangli is usually very clever. In this situation, he should have started thinking about countermeasures. Why did he still stand still in a daze?

Under the gaze of the buddies, Beichuan Xiangli's expression changed, and then she showed a bright smile:


"?????" The few people present were completely confused.


The shadow in front of me...?

The boy named Ren finally reacted. He looked at the man opposite in surprise:

"You, are you Beichuan Temple... Beichuan God?!"

"..." The figure haunted by the black air did not answer this question.

He dissipated the black air from his body, and then walked out.

The other person looked very young, and he felt as if he was only twenty-two or twenty-three years old.

His skin is not dark, and his deep facial features have a sense of coldness.

"Today is your mother's birthday, go home early."

Beichuan Temple said calmly.

"But... but... Dad, my classmate, he"

Beichuan Xiangli's performance with a hint of coquettish tone shocked everyone present.

That Beichuan Xiangli, known as the iceberg witch, the flower of coldness... actually looked like this when facing her father?

But even more surprising is that Kitagawa Xiangli's father glanced roughly at the seriously injured boy who was lying on the ground, and then

"It's okay, little injury."


Minor injury?

Was it just a small injury if my stomach was cut open?

So what exactly is a serious injury? !

Beichuan Temple did not pay attention to the thoughts of the children of this high school age.

He lowered his body and put his palm on the **** wound.

After about two seconds.

"All right."

He removed his palm, and the scary wound had disappeared completely.

"...You should have something to say to your classmates, right?" Beichuan Temple took out his handkerchief and wiped it, then glanced at the girl with little stars and the boy with an admiring expression behind her:

"I should go back. Otherwise your mother will get angry. Remember to come back early."

After he said briefly, his figure slowly turned into black energy and dissipated.

Beichuan Xiangli looked at the place where her father was just standing, her little face was full of her daughter's love for his father.

"Students Bei and Beichuan...the one just now...could it be..."

There was a voice behind him.

It is the boy who has been pestering himself and wants to pursue himself.

But this time it was considered that the true face of the other party was clearly seen.

This kind of coward can't be compared with his father at all!

She thought, and replied in a very proud tone:

"Yes. That's my father, Beichuan Temple!"

It turned out to be Beichuan Temple!

The boy and the girl looked at each other, both of them worshipped Beichuan Temple.

Three years after Zhu Saki's formation, the spiritual master has become a profession.

The existence of some unknowable things in the world has also become the norm.

In this weird era, there is a group of people at the forefront.

"North River God."

"Beichuan Temple."

"That's my father!"

Beichuan Xiangli's voice was filled with unspeakable pride.

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