This Japanese Story Is Not Too Cold Chapter 526

: Fanwai. The Happiness Of Two People 2500 Words

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"Oh, it's my daughter! I inherited my genes, just a little bit of dressing is already so beautiful!"

A sound of praise sounded, making Kamiya Miku, who was still struggling with his outfit, immediately flushed, and looked back:


Her somewhat humiliated voice made Chihiro Kamiya who didn't know when she opened the door and laughed twice.

"Today is your wedding with Sijun-and what I'm telling you is the truth! Even Zhi thinks so!"

Kamiya Chihiro said while pulling out Kamiyaji who was standing by the door.

Yes, today is her wedding with Beichuan Temple.

After returning from Mu Chi's home, Kamiya will wait day by day, night by night... finally this day has come.

As Kamiya Miku's father, Kamiya still maintained his composure and said calmly, "Congratulations, the future."

But the current Kamiya Future couldn't listen to this. Her complexion flushed and she couldn't help stomping her feet: "Even Dad said that!"



Accompanied by the crisp sound, Kamiya Mirai's pure white high-heeled soles... were directly slammed off by her.




Kamiya Chihiro and Kamiya Chihiro were stunned.

Even the party's Kamiya Future was stunned.

She also forgot.

After so many experiences of removing spirits, her physique has long been very comparable.

It is not a problem to break the heel of your high-heeled shoes at least once.


"The wedding is about to begin in ten minutes..."

Kamiya Chihiro's eyes widened, and he was a little speechless for a while.

To be honest, my daughter looks really beautiful in this wedding dress.

Hollow lace white gloves, layered wedding dresses, white wedding gowns are tightly attached to the chest, and the pink and white back is bare.

The original long hair was combed into a ponytail and bound with a knot-like white veil.

Kamiya Miku's face is covered with a light makeup.

The lip petals that were originally cherry pink shone with a crystal color, and the eccentric eyes were full of meek and well-behaved.

Match it with the bunch of flowers in your hands-

It can be said to be seamless!


In such an important link, the heel of the high-heeled shoes is broken? !

This is just kidding!

And now there are only ten minutes. Where can I find new pure white matching high heels for Kamiya Miku?

"Is the bride ready?! The guests are already in place! The wedding is about to begin!"

Rin Kitagawas question came from the front desk, making Kamiya's family a mess.

What should I do?

"Immediately! Ready now!"

Kamiya Chihiro reluctantly responded.

"Okay! Then wait another three minutes! I'll go to the temple and talk about it first. You guys are ready."

Rin Beichuan's footsteps were gone.

The Kamiya family looked at each other.

These problems are big...

At least these high heels are no longer usable.

Just as Chihiro Kamiya and the others were racking their brains to figure out a solution, Miku Kamiya stomped again.

This time the heel of the other high-heeled shoe also fell off.

"Okay! That's all!"

Kamiya tried to stand up in the future, and found that it was actually quite easy to move.

"...Future..." Kamiya Chihiro, who has always been eccentric, didn't dare to say strange things.

You know this is a wedding!

The most important day of a woman's life!

How could it just pass with regret?

"No, I want to discuss with Rin, I can't go there simply."

Kamiya Chihiro turned around and planned to find Kitagawa Rin, and then

He ran into Beichuan Temple, who was wearing a suit.

Beichuan Temple was originally 1.8 meters tall, but it became even more upright after wearing a suit.

"What's wrong? Aunt Chihiro?"

Seeing her panicked, Beichuan Temple simply asked.

"Uh..." Chihiro Kamiya glanced at Kamiya Miku, then at Beichuan Temple, and said everything.


"The high heels are broken?"

Beichuan Temple looks towards the future of Kamiya.

"I, I'm so excited!"

Kamiya Miku turned his head to the side in embarrassment, and after a while, he said:

"Yes, sorry"

She also knew that this was the wedding scene... it must be unsafe to have such an accident.

And this is the first time she has worn this look to Beichuan Temple.

"It's okay."

Beichuan Temple waved his hand and said blankly: "Accidents will happen at any time."

"Yes, yes." Chihiro Kamiya nodded vigorously: "In that case, Mr. Temple, there shouldn't be a problem with the wedding a little bit late for an hour, right?"

"Why do you delay it later?"

Beichuan Temple blinked uncomprehendingly.

"But now the high heels have been damaged like this, so it's not a complete wedding at all, right? Delay one hour later, and then buy a pair of intact high heels..."

Beichuan Temple waved his hand calmly, and then beckoned back.

God in Makie, Asamiya Eternal carrying something popped out from behind him.

At the foot of Beichuan Temple, there is the pitiful Nishikujo.

She was holding a box with her chubby arms.

"About this kind of thing might happen, so I asked Eternal and Makie to prepare two more wedding dresses and two pairs of high heels."

Beichuan Temple lifted up the little shoebox that was poorly raised in Nishikujo, and then opened it.

Two pairs of identical pure white high heels were quietly placed in the shoe box.

About this kind of thing will happen...so prepared specially?

Kamiya Chihiro and Kamiyaji looked at each other.

Then he nodded secretly.

I have to say that Beichuan Temple is as reliable as ever.

If he was there, he would definitely be able to give Kamiya future happiness.

"Wait! Temple! What are you doing...?"

Kamiya Miku suddenly let out an exclamation, and it was Kamiya's parents who were thinking about it.

They followed the direction of the sound, and then they saw Beichuan Temple pinching Kamiya Miku's small and delicate ankle.

"do not move."

Seeing his wife's face in panic, Beichuan Temple squinted at her and said calmly: "You are wearing white gloves. I'll do this kind of thing."

"But, but..."

Kamiya Mirai's face flushed, and the feet clinging to the white silk stockings trembled slightly.

But compared to Kamiya's future shyness, Beichuan Temple didn't care much.

He took out his high heels and put them on for Kamiya Miku.

The pair was serious, even with a trace of sweat on his forehead, and Kamiya Miku who was holding flowers in both hands was a little startled.


Apart from the spirit, would that monarch take one thing so seriously?

Kamiya's future didn't know until now.

It is not only that she values this wedding in particular.

Even Beichuan Temple is too.

Thinking of this, Kamiya felt an indescribable sense of happiness in the future.

She looked at Beichuan Temple's focused appearance, her thin eyebrows also bend silently, her black eyes narrowed into gaps, and she smiled cutely.

"All right."

Beichuan Temple let out a sigh of relief and raised his head if he felt it.

I saw that the future of Kamiya had stretched out his palm, and the hollow lace gloves looked exquisite and dignified.

"Monarch Temple. Hug."

"...The wedding will take place next."

"No matter! You just hug me out like this!"

Kamiya Miku reluctantly stretched out his hand.

See her look like this.

Beichuan Temple couldn't help but shook his head, and finally reached out his hand and hugged Kamiya Miku.

"Monarch Temple."

Asamiya turned into an entity forever and fell on the ground with a gentle voice: "All my friends are here."

"Yeah. Let's go then."

Beichuan Temple nodded.

He took a step subconsciously, and suddenly felt heavy on his shoulders.

It turned out that Poor Nishikujo didn't know when to lie down.

Poor Nishikujo today is also wearing a pure white bridesmaid's dress. She also changed her mouth to a smiling face, which looks a little less hideous and more warm.

"Poor littlesure enough, there shouldnt be any flowers in the wedding ceremony!"

Kamiya Miku stuffed the flower in his hand to Chihiro Kamiya, and then took Nishikujo pitifully into his arms.

"..." Beichuan Temple.

He did not comment on this, just walked forward.

After a while.

The voice of Kamiya Miku rang.

"Temple...I want to tell you one thing."


Beichuan Temple continued to move forward.

"I like you, I really like you. And... I am also very happy now."

Kamiya Miku leaned closely on the shoulders of Beichuan Temple.

She said these words without meaning, but in the future... she will always rely on the other party like this.

If you say these words again at that time, you won't feel the way it is now.

Therefore, Kamiya wants to speak like this in the future, sharing these accumulated feelings with Beichuan Temple.

"..." Beichuan Temple.

He stopped, lowered his head, and looked at the future of Kamiya in his arms.

Then Beichuan Temple nodded:

"Me too, in the future."

Then he raised his head.

"Let's go. It's time to enter the venue."


Kamiya Future responded.





The sound of a gun salute sounded in my ears.

The sky is full of colorful gift ribbons.

next moment--

Excited, happy, delighted...

All kinds of emotions are mixed together.

That is the best blessing.

"Happy wedding!!!"

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