This Swordsman Is Too Steady Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Lujia Shot

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Lu Qingshan put down his teacup and spoke to Lin Yao: "Tell me about the specific situation."

Lin Yao gritted her teeth bitterly: "It's the real Xing Yu of the Xing family..."

is not too different from what Lu Qingshan expected.

With the downfall of a large number of sect forces in Yuanshan City, during this period of time, the surrounding areas of Yuanshan City have been in a state of chaos in which various forces are fighting for resources and spiritual blessing.

Qianhezong and Xing family, because each had a golden core monk, they naturally became the two giants of Yuanshan City.

The two giants ate a lot of the spiritual resources of the fallen sect forces and grew rapidly.

The original Lin family's foundation, these two forces shouldn't be right.

But human greed has always had no upper limit.

Furthermore, the Xing family and Qianhezong also knew that if they missed this time and wanted to meet the next opportunity to grow their power unscrupulously, then they didn't know when they would have to wait.

So the two forces must take advantage of this great opportunity to make a lot of money.

-It's another matter whether you can digest these resources. It's definitely not wrong to eat them first.

In the realm of cultivation, if you want to annex other weak and small families, it has always been the lowest level way to do it.

In addition to crushing by force, there are many ways that can be used without blood.

So, a letter of appointment from the Xing family was sent to the Lin family. The content of the letter of appointment was that Xing Yu from the Xing family wanted Lin Yao to be a concubine.

"They said they wanted to accept me as a concubine, but in fact they had another plot.

Once our Lin family agrees to this letter of appointment, their Xing family can take over the magpie's nest naturally and take over our Lin family's property. "

Lin Yao is also very aware of the deep meaning behind the offer, and said angrily: "Besides, Real Xing Yu is already a four-hundred-year-old Jindan, who wants to be a concubine for him!"

"However, the Xing family is far more powerful than the Lin family, and we dare not refuse him, so..." Lin Yao's moist eyes looked at Lu Qingshan.

"If you want to get both people and money, this Xing family has a good calculation.

is just a small family with only one golden core. "

Lu Qingshan didn't care and said, "It's not difficult to solve it, just leave it to me."

Although the Xing family is one of the two giants in Yuanshan City, it is really nothing in his eyes.

For now, he has at least three ways to solve Lin Yao's troubles.

Lu Qingshan weighed slightly in his heart, and quickly determined his idea.


Mihefeng Lujia.

In the Qingping Temple.

"What's wrong with the elder this time?" Lu Bei finally entered the temple, looking at Lu Yuan and Lu Zhou who were already seated in the temple, frowning slightly.

Lu Zhou raised his eyebrows, a trace of dissatisfaction appeared on his face, and with his big hand raised, a jade was simply turned into a blue light and flew towards Lu Bei.

"Not a good thing your son did!"

Hearing what Lu Zhou said, a trace of surprise flashed in Lu Bei's heart, he took the jade slip, and his divine sense entered it.

Among them is Lu Qingshan's help message from Zhenjiang City.

Lu Qingshan asked the Lu family to come forward to suppress the Xing family, the source mountain city, so that real Xing Yu would take back his letter of appointment.

Lu Yuan explained in a deep voice: "We went to find out the specific situation. The daughter of the Lin family, Lin Yao, rushed from Yuanshan City to Zhenjiang City to search for Lu Qingshan yesterday.

After she met with Lu Qingshan, Lu Qingshan sent us this help message, and then Lin Yao also lived in Lu Qingshan. "

"Lu Qingshan spent a short period of time in Yuanshan City. It is estimated that he had some fetters with the Lin family at that time."

Lu Bei's eyes flickered.

"Your son is really his own. For a woman, you have to prepare your family to face a golden core monk. This romantic temperament is exactly the same as you?" Lu Zhou sneered.

Lu Bei smiled dismissively: "Then are you going to help or not?"

After a long silence, Lu Yuan said: "True Xing Yu is just a weak pill. If our Lu family comes forward, forgive him for not giving us this face."

Lu Zhou snorted coldly, and then said: "Since it's just a matter of raising a hand, it's not impossible to come out for him this time.

, by the way, let the kid who doesn't know the heights of the sky understand, don't take advantage of your own means to look down on your family.

Seeing that he was so proud in front of us that day, he didn't need to say anything like Lu Family Resources. This time he was in trouble, didn't he still have to ask his family for help? "

Lu Bei showed such a look as expected: "Since you have all made a decision, why call me for it?"

Lu Yuan and Lu Zhou's temperament, Lu Bei naturally knows very well.

With the performance of Lu Qingshan, although it is not said on the surface, in the hearts of these two people, Lu Qingshan must be regarded as the cornerstone of the future of the Lu family.

But with Lu Qingshan's posture that is more difficult to deal with than him, Lu Yuan and Lu Zhou are very worried in their hearts.

In order for a future major repair society to willingly contribute to the family, it must not rely on forced means, but through this kind of benevolence, through the bond of emotion, let Lu Qingshan volunteer to contribute to the Lu family in the future.

It is rare that Lu Qingshan took the initiative to ask them for help this time, how could they not make this move?

Lu Yuan looked at Lu Bei, who was already a little impatient, and he smiled: "If you are called, naturally there is a task for you. Since this is your son's business, then Qingling will take a trip to Yuanshan City this time. ."

After , before Lu Bei could respond, Lu Yuan raised his sleeves and left with Lu Zhou.

Looking at the back of the two quickly leaving, Lu Bei felt a little helpless.

These two old guys are quite careful.

played with the jade slip in his hand for a while, Lu Bei's eyes were erratic, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

After a long time, Lu Bei chuckled and said to himself: "Then take a trip, it just happens that I've been stuck on the bottleneck of the middle Jindan for a long time.

Retreat and hard practice should not be able to solve the problem. Maybe there is some opportunity to go out for a walk, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com just stepped past this bottleneck. "

Lubei's hands are full of aura, looking at the momentum, it is clear that he has reached the peak state of the middle Jindan.


Lu Qingshan received a reply from the Lu family on the second day after sending a message for help.

"The true man Qingling has gone to Yuanshan City."

Lu Qingshan smiled slightly.

This is the easiest way to solve the problem in his heart.

The Lu family can accommodate a romantic Qingling real person, Lu Bei, and naturally can also accommodate Lu Qingshan.

So it was the Lu Qingshan platform, it was unlikely that the Lu family would refuse.

Furthermore, although the Xing family is a giant in Yuanshan City, it is really nothing in the eyes of the Lu family, who has a long heritage.

The golden core monk of the Lu family has never been broken for nearly a thousand years. It is a family that is truly capable of cultivating golden core monks and has a great background.

The situation of the Xing family is that it takes great luck to encounter one or two golden core monks by chance.

The two are not on the same level.

As far as Lu Zhou's old fox's temperament is concerned, this kind of thing that can make him owe the Lu family a favor with just a small effort, he certainly won't shirk it.


The next day.

Lin Yao left Lu Qingshans courtyard and went to the Daxia Commercial Bank in Zhenjiang City.

She is going to send a quick message back to Yuanshan City through the channel of Daxia Commercial Bank, telling her father that she has found strong support in Zhenjiang City, so that her father need not worry.

Before she could send a message, Daxia Commercial had already sent the latest news from the Lin Family of Yuanshan City.

Soon, Lin Yao's heart jumped

Isn't something happened at home in the past few days when I left home?

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