This Swordsman Is Too Steady Chapter 83

Chapter 83: New Skills

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Lin Yao was worried, for fear of the bad news, she received the message jade slip from the small servant of Daxia Commercial Bank and read the information in it.

Then, a very complicated expression appeared on Lin Yao's face, which contained both joy and surprise, as well as other special meanings that were indescribable.

After a while, Lin Yao hurriedly paid a sum of spirit stones, and also left a message, which he entrusted to Daxia Commercial Bank.

Daxia Chamber of Commerce quickly transmitted this message back to Zhenjiang City through its own channels.

After , the personnel from the Daxia Commercial Bank in Zhenjiang City will personally send Lin Yao's message to the Lin family.


Not long after Lin Yao left, Lu Qingshan's courtyard welcomed a new group of visitors.

are Su Shu and Xu Hao of Yinhu Team.

Lu Qingshan meaningfully looked at a man and a woman who held their hands in front of him, whose behavior seemed a little too intimate.

Under Lu Qingshan's gaze, Su Shu still looked as usual, smiling.

On the contrary, it was Xu Hao, who was tall and magnificent. Under Lu Qingshan's scorching eyes, he looked very uncomfortable, and his face was slightly stiff.

But even so, Xu Hao was not willing to take back his held hand, just rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

Su Shu gave Xu Hao a white, and explained to Lu Qingshan: "Big Brother Xu and I came here to thank you for your life-saving last time."

Lu Qingshan raised his eyebrows indifferently, and teased: "Except for Big Brother Xu, who is your captain, that is also my captain."

"The captain is in trouble, so he can help. It is the team's responsibility, and there is nothing to thank."

Xu Hao's temperament is straightforward, so he was not courteous with Lu Qingshan. Instead, he took out a blue jade slip from the storage ring and handed it to Lu Qingshan.

Lu Qingshan was a little surprised: "This is?"

Xu Haowen said: "After I reported the specific situation with the building, the deputy host personally came forward to the platform for us and went to the sticking place to be held accountable.

The sticking side was under pressure, but this time it was a lot of blood to calm things down. This is one of the prices paid for sticking. "

"I think there is a way that you should like."


Lu Qingshan's heart moved.

His current swordsmanship system, at least in his own view, is extremely simple and simple.

As far as his current performance is concerned, his most commendable is his instant explosive power far surpassing the monks of the same cultivation level.

The shocking power of the Soul Cry Sword, coupled with the instantaneous restraint effect produced by the linkage of the Secret Sword, the Wind Slashing and the Sword of Falling Light, this set of serial control is enough to instantly kill most of the monks in the early days of foundation building. .

is so powerful!

His explosive slashing skills can already be regarded as a self-contained attack method.

But Lu Qingshan also knows well that although his swordsmanship system still seems to be unfavorable at present, it still has to face monks with different means. In fact, he still has many big problems that need to be solved.

Although his battles during this period of time seem to be very smooth, it just happened that during this period of time he hadn't encountered a monk who could operate against his defects.

How crude and well-targeted is his current skill system?

Let's just say that, even on the offensive end that he is best at right now, he still has many shortcomings.

First of all, all his skills are single attacks, so he is extremely afraid of beating.

In the realm of comprehension, let's not mention anything else. To a large extent, to talk about animal cultivation is a natural enemy to restrain him.

If a beast cultivator like Xiao Zhi in the Yinhu team is taking the route of few beast pets but good, he is not particularly afraid, the big deal is that he will kill him with a sword.

But once he encounters a beast repairer who walks away from the sea of insects, his mastery is similar to the strange and weird things like bee swarms, Gu swarms, insect swarms and so on. Lu Qingshan's eyes are really black.

No matter how strong his sword style is, no matter how fast his flying sword is, he can't cut it at all in the face of this crowd.

Therefore, learning a group attack method to deal with this situation is one of the indispensable needs of sword repair.

There are two group attack skills that are the best and most common for sword repair.

The sword light differentiates, and the sword energy becomes silk.

The problem is that in order for sword light and sword energy to reach such a realm, first of all, the soul of sword repair must not be weak, and it is almost necessary to reach the level of the golden core monk.

Before obtaining the magic tactics to exercise spiritual consciousness, or before reaching the golden core, if you study the sword light and sword qi, it will be more effective than the gain.

Therefore, he can only temporarily shelve these two skills and put them aside.

Besides, he still lacks an escape technique.

Although he already has the art of escaping the sword, the sword is mainly used for flying kites.

What he needs is a special close-up evasion technique to meet the needs of the use of melee swordsmanship for transfer and movement.

Finally and most importantly, he also needs a set of defensive swordsmanship.

If someone thinks that Jian Xiu, as the most adept at killing monk among the six cultivators, can not repair defenses and devote himself to the offensive side, it can only be said that this person must have not experienced social beatings.

Lu Qingshan saw a lot of people like this in his previous life.

When the game first started the public beta, there was a considerable number of sword repair players who had been preaching a point: as a sword repair, that is to die, and you cannot learn defense skills. This is the belief of sword repair.

The result is that after these players died dozens of times, they finally took their heart: Oh, it is necessary for Jianxiu to learn a defense skill.


Generally speaking, occupations with poor blood volume, like magic and spiritual cultivation, have a common feature, that is, in the fight, you need to control the distance, and cast spells and spirits as far away as possible to attack. To avoid injury.

Sword repair is different.

In "Nine Heavens", one of the reasons why Jian Xiu is regarded as a cute new player Tiankeng is that Jian Xiu is a big crispy skin that is thinner than Fa Xiu and Ling Xiu, but it is often unreasonable. Need to recklessly hit the enemy's face for damage output.

And Jian Xiu is not like an assassin ~wuxiaworld.online~ silently touched behind others, shot out with one blow, no matter whether it succeeded or not, he flew away.

Sword Xiu's work has always been a major event that thousands of people have gone for.

As long as the target does not die, there is no retreat at all.

Needless to say, the difficulty of operation.

Sword repair is poor in blood, and often dances on top of the blade. For this reason, it has become the most beautiful and most beautiful career in "Nine Sky".

But also for this reason, Jian Xiu's defensive swordsmanship has become extremely important.

If you want to show off, then first practice defensive swordsmanship to the full level.

It's hard to say that it's solo. Once it comes to a large battle, there is no superb defensive swordsmanship. If Jian Xiu wants to enter, there are only two words to describe this behavior.

For nothing!

So its very strange. As a sword repair profession characterized by high damage, the level of defense skills has become one of the important criteria for distinguishing between cuteness and high play.

Just wanting to build a set of swordsmanship system initially, there are so many skills to practice.

In addition, on weekdays, I still need to spend a lot of practice techniques to improve my cultivation, and I also need to spend time and energy to raise my life sword.

So most sword repairs are facing a serious problem-energy is not enough.

For the player, the problem has evolved into-not enough experience points.

If you want to take into account all aspects and make yourself strong in all aspects, you need too much experience value, so in general, players must choose between these many skills.


Lu Qingshan took the jade slip, and his divine sense entered it.

A row of data information comes into view.

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