This Swordsman Is Too Steady Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Invisible Sword Dun

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Invisible sword escape

Casting conditions: this skill can only be cast through swords

Description: Sword repair escape technique, rush skill, upper limit 20

Prerequisites for learning: the cultivation base has reached the foundation, and the flying sword technique has been mastered

Skill effect: After activating this skill, the sword repairer can fly with the flying sword for a short distance.

Additional explanation: The speed of the invisible sword escape depends on the speed of the sword repairer's flying sword, and the skill level only affects the distance that the flying sword flies.


This is a close-up escape technique, a type of skill that Lu Qingshan wants to build a complete swordsmanship system.

As Xu Hao said, Lu Qingshan really likes this skill.

Invisible sword escape, in the previous life, it was a slightly less famous skill.

Because once this escape technique is performed, the monk can cling to the sword and fly under the light of the sword, so this skill has another name-the low-profile version of the sword is one.

The power of the body and the sword is one, naturally, there is no need to say more.

Invisible sword escape, can temporarily increase the speed of sword repair to the same level as the speed of flying sword.

What is this concept?

Based on Lu Qingshan's current cultivation level, even if he uses the swordsmanship known for his speed, his speed at the limit is only one-fifth the speed of sound.

But his flying sword speed can already reach three-fifths of the speed of sound.

That is to say, his speed will reach the terrifying realm of 60% of the speed of sound when he casts the invisible sword escape.

Even if it can only move a short distance and a small breaking distance, it is still extremely practical.

Use a speed faster than a spell to approach the opponent. Among the same rank, the monks who can respond to it must be rare.

After practicing this skill, his instant kill system will be more perfect.

Of course, if you use this speed to instantly get out of the melee state, and then use the swordsmanship to run away, it is definitely extremely sharp.

Xu Hao smiled and said: "In order to suppress this incident, the sticking place not only compensated me for many spiritual stones, but also allowed me to choose a magic method from the treasure house in the building. I happened to see this method.

For the monks who practice this technique, the more exquisite flying sword technique is, the stronger this technique will be. We can all see your flying sword speed, and it must be extremely suitable for this technique.

In addition, your secret swordsmanship needs to be cast in close proximity. I think if you are proficient in this close close escape technique, you will definitely be more powerful, so I will help you get it over. "

Zhi Shou Lou, as the top power in the human race, has extremely rich reserves of exercises and spells in its treasure house.

Its just that the magic cannot be taught lightly. If you want to obtain these magical powers, you must be a Zhishoulou monk who has made great achievements or has accumulated a certain amount of contribution.

"Then thank the captain." Lu Qingshan solemnly thanked Xu Hao.

is so suitable for his method, it is obviously impossible to be like Xu Hao said, but he wanted to come here easily.

This method must have been carefully selected for him by Xu Hao.

Choosing such a precious opportunity to choose magical powers from the treasure house of Zhishoulou, Xu Hao did not choose a favorite method for himself, but used the opportunity for himself and chose this one for himself [Invisible Jian Dun ].

This is already a very big intention.

"What's so grateful for, it's a trivial matter, how can it compare to your life-saving grace." Xu Hao waved his hand indifferently.


Lin Yao thoughtfully left from Daxia Commercial Bank and returned to Lu Qingshans courtyard.

After wandering outside the small courtyard for a long time, Lin Yao finally made up her mind, gritted her teeth, and pushed in.

Everyone in the room turned their eyes to her.

Lin Yao was startled.

She didn't expect that there would be other people.

Besides Lu Qingshan, there is a man and a woman in the room.

The three of them sat at the table, tasting the spirit tea, and looked like they had a very happy conversation.

Looking at this situation, this man and woman should be Lu Qingshan's friends.

Lu Qingshan is meeting guests.

Lin Yao felt a little embarrassed about her rash entry.

The three of them didn't specifically hide their voices. With the six senses of the Qi-refining monk, she should have noticed more than one person in the room at the door.

just because she was full of thoughts, she didn't notice the situation for a while, so she rushed in.

Su Shu glanced at Lin Yao, secretly praised Lin Yao's appearance, then looked at Lu Qingshan with ambiguous eyes, and joked: "Is this Qingshan your Taoist companion? It's really pretty, it's indeed with Qingshan You are very good."

When Su Shu said about herself like this, Lin Yao, who wanted to quit, blushed and hurriedly explained: "I am not his Taoist companion..."

Lu Qingshan's expression did not fluctuate, and he took a sip of spiritual tea without rushing, and asked: "Captain, when are you and Su Shu going to have a banquet to announce that they are married, I'm ready to give a gift."

Treating Su Shu, if you explain it to her, she will be more aggressive with you.

Therefore, Lu Qingshan did not show mercy and directly let go of lore.

Hearing Lu Qingshans questioning, Su Shu was taken aback and glanced at Xu Hao, who was like a piece of wood next to him, bit her lip, and stuttered: "The captain and I are not what you think. ......"

A bad line almost exactly the same as Lin Yao.

Seeing Su Shu's cautiously nervous look, Xu Hao touched his chin, and took the initiative to answer the conversation, softly said: "In a while, there has been a big move in the building recently, saying that there will be a big move soon.

After this incident, I and Su Shu formally became a couple. "

"Don't worry, your gift will definitely not escape."

It has been a long time since Xu Hao and Su Shu have been in love with each other.

Because Xu Hao had been unsure of Su Shu's attitude towards him, he dared not act.

And Su Shu looks very bold, but in fact, his feelings are like ostriches.

So the two lovers have been together as teammates and friends for so long.

Until the life and death crisis a few days ago, Su Shu's unconscious emotions revealed, and the film between the two was pierced.

After this incident, Xu Hao also understood a truth: cherish the people around him.

As a monk, there are countless dangers. The last time Lu Qingshan was able to save him, will there be another Lu Qingshan to rescue him next time?

If you have anything you want to do, you dont need to hesitate to avoid regret later.

And what he most wants to do now is to become a Taoist couple with Su Shu.

So without hesitation, Xu Hao gave a formal promise.

Hearing Xu Hao's promise, Su Shu had no voice for a long time.

Xu Hao looked suspiciously at Su Shu~wuxiaworld.online~ and found that Su Shus eyes were already red at some point.

Xu Hao instantly became at a loss, not knowing what to do.

"Oh yes, the captain and I came to see you this time, and they also meant to tell you about this." After sniffing, Su Shu finally opened his mouth and explained to Lu Qingshan: "The host of Tantai said, in a few days we will There will be a new mission.

Although the specific task content is not yet known, this task is a collective task, and all Zhi guards will be dispatched.

A task of this scale must be something extraordinary. You should be prepared and ready to act at any time. "

Lu Qingshan moved in his heart, nodded and replied: "I understand."

Although the two of them didn't know the specific content of the mission, Lu Qingshan knew exactly about it.

-He has passed on to Tantai Qingrun the information that the price of the three flavors and first grade spirit materials for refining the strong corpse fluid has risen for so long. With the energy of knowing the tower, he should soon find out the matter, and it is time to close the net.

Explained clearly what should be confessed, Su Shu pulled Xu Hao to stand up and say goodbye: "Then the captain and I will leave first, and I won't bother you."

Lu Qingshan nodded.

When he left the house, Xu Hao glanced at Lin Yao, and added a demon, "Looking at this situation, I also seem to need to prepare a gift for Qingshan."

With the hotness of Xu Hao and Su Shu, they can naturally see that Lin Yao and Lu Qingshan have no such relationship.

The reason why the two ridiculed them so much.

Su Shu is because of her character, she just made Lu Qingshan's joke because she found it interesting.

As for Xu Hao, it is clear that he is venting his anger for Su Shu.

Lu Qingshan curled his lips and didn't care about Xu Hao.

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