Three Kingdoms Online Games: Battle For Hegemony Chapter 1363

Chapter 1352: Hao Zhao Offers Advice

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Shangdang, Nie County, Huangfu Chaobo is currently living in the best mansion in the city, but at this time Huangfu Chaobo is gathering a group of generals for discussion. Although I got the pigeon letter from Zhang Yan, I am not very clear about the specific situation of Zhang Yan's army, so Huangfu Chaobo did not give Zhang Yan an order easily, but waited for Zhang Fang to arrive, and waited for a detailed understanding of the situation. Make a decision.

Now Zhang Fang has rushed to Nie County after several days of endless rushing.

Huangfu Chaobo didn't care about Zhang Fang's hard work, so he immediately called in the generals to discuss the details of the war in Changshan.

After spending more than half an hour, Zhang Fang finally gave a detailed report to Huangfu Chaobo on the entire battle.

"My lord, the whole situation of the battle has not been recounted for the lord. Before we set off, my father said that he was willing to bear the mistakes of the truth. I hope the lord can give him a chance so that he can The merits and crimes will regain the truth for the king." Zhang Fang knelt in the hall and cautiously pleaded with Huangfu Chaobo;

Huangfu Chaobo coughed slightly: "The loss of this battle is not the fault of General Zhang Yan, so you don't need to worry about this. Moreover, now Wei Guo already knows that General Zhang Yan has already turned to his king and wants to regain it. It is no easy task to truly determine Zhucheng, so this matter is revealed, and Xiaowei Zhang does not have to worry."

"As for the arrangements for the follow-up battle, this king is also under consideration. You can retreat and rest first. After this king decides, there must be arrangements." Huangfu Chaobo was about to wave his hand to make Zhang Fang retreat and rest. At this moment, a voice was heard. Suddenly sounded.


Huangfu Chaobo raised his head and looked to the side, but saw Guo Jia standing up and walking towards Zhang Fang: "Majesty, regarding the arrangements for the follow-up war, Weichen already has some ideas in his mind, and I want to ask Zhang Xiao for some questions. Wei, please let the king agree!"


"Xie Dawang." Guo Jia saluted Huangfu Chaobo, then looked at Zhang Fang, and said, "Xiaowei Zhang, how many soldiers and horses can be assembled around Zhang Pingnan?"

"Go back to Lord Guo!" Although Zhang Fang has not seen Guo Jia, he often hears Zhang Yan's explanations for the people around Huangfu Chaobo. Combined with Guo Jia's appearance, he immediately guessed who it was and hurried to Guo Jiaxing After a ceremony, Gongsheng replied;

"According to the king's previous arrangement, the Heishan Camp originally had a total of 25,000 people in five schools in four steps and one ride. Among them, there is one school in Jingxing City and Tumen Pass, and the other three schools are led by their father and stationed in Zhending City. In addition, there are still 15,000 soldiers in Zhending City. After the war that night, the army successfully withdrew to Tumen Pass with fewer than 10,000 soldiers."

"What Zhang Xiaowei meant, there are still 20,000 soldiers in the Black Mountain camp?" Guo Jia asked;

"Not bad!"

"In addition to the soldiers, how many combatable soldiers can the General Pingnan recruit?" Guo Jia asked again;

"This..." Zhang Fanglue groaned, thinking about how to deal with it. He raised his head inadvertently but saw Huangfu Chaobo looking at him with a smile. Suddenly, he remembered that before he set off, his father told him so much. Let yourself know everything and don't have the slightest concealment.

Thinking of this, Zhang Fang was shocked and quickly kneeled down to the ground and said to Huangfu Chaobo: "Please forgive the king. The peace army was originally a thieves, although according to the order of the king, he selected elites from the middle to form the Black Mountain Camp. The prefecture and national soldiers were organized according to the court system. However, because they were originally the people of the mountains and the wild, and they were unsuccessful, if they were selected again, they could still form about 20,000 combatable soldiers."

After finishing talking, Zhang Fang looked up at Huangfu Chaobo, who was above the main seat, and found that he didn't have much surprised expressions, and he understood that, I'm afraid the court already knew this, but only asked Guo Jia's mouth.

In fact, Zhang Fangs guess is not wrong. In the past few days, Huangfu Chaobo and Guo Jia have discussed many times. Regarding the change of Changshan Country, the two finally thought of a chance to turn a bad thing into a good thing. There is only one chance. Method: Assemble the army and attack Taiyuan from Leping while the State of Zhao is not prepared to let the hidden chess piece of the Black Mountain Army play a little role. Although it did not catch a big fish, if it can take the opportunity to settle Bingzhou, it will fall. It hasn't let Tang Guo's arrangements over the past few years go to waste.

It is precisely because of this that Guo Jias question to Zhang Fang came into play, and its function is to eliminate Zhang Yans dissent. Although Huangfu Chaobo is not so worried that Zhang Yan will betray him, it is more assured to be able to confirm it. some.

Guo Jia heard this and turned to look at Huangfu Chaobo: "Majesty, in that case, the Weichen suggested that the king should order the General Pingnan to recruit more than 20,000 people and replace the 20,000 soldiers with the county soldiers in each city. Together with 15,000 soldiers, we are ready to send troops from Leping to Taiyuan."

"Of course, in addition to the 30,000 soldiers and horses, Weichen also suggested that General Zhao Yun will lead the White Horse Yicong and Tuss Cavalry to join the army. In this way, the army will have 50,000 or 60,000 horses and infantry. People, if they enter Taiyuan County from Leping, I believe that even Lu Bus Bingzhou wolf ride back is enough to protect themselves."

Guo Jia's words made everyone in the hall shine. Now the fighting in Nanguan has temporarily stopped. After more than half a month of attack, Tang Jun still has not been able to conquer Nanguan, which shows how dangerous Nanguan is. Another point is that news from Taiyuan that Chen Gong and Wei Xu have begun to rebuild a new pass at the north entrance of the valley road where Nanguan is located.

If the pass to the north is repaired, after Tang Jun has captured the south pass, he will pass through the valley road tens of miles long, and then he will need to attack another pass to the north. In this way, who knows how long will it take to attack Taiyuan County.

"Great King, the minister thinks that this is a very good move." Huangfu Jianshou quickly went out and said;

The other generals also nodded their heads in agreement. When Huangfu Chaobo was about to speak, he found that the few teenagers who had been arranged to attend were all eager to try, and Hao Zhao was even more eager to speak, so he asked: "Bo Dao, do you have any opinions?"

When Hao Zhao saw Huangfus Chao Bo point to him, he looked at him, and he hesitated for a while, saying: "The military division's words are very true, but I will not be thinking. If Lu Bu knew that my army had invaded the Taiyuan Basin, he would definitely return from the cloud. Army, we can release Jinyangs help-seeking messengers first, and after the capital goes north, arrange for the army to choose a dangerous place to ambush. With mental arithmetic or unintentional, we may be able to sack Lu Bu in one fell swoop. If this is the case, Bingzhou will calm down. Just around the corner."

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