Three Kingdoms Online Games: Battle For Hegemony Chapter 1364

Chapter 1353: Fixed Plan

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As soon as Hao Zhao's voice fell, Guo Jia clapped and praised him.

"North of Jinyang is Langmeng and Yuxian. As far as Jia knows, although Yuxian is called a county, it is more appropriate to call it a pass. Ten miles to the south of the county seat is a pass called Shiling Pass. If the key link between the two cities is controlled by my army, when Lu Bu returns to the army, he will definitely be able to capture it in one fell swoop." Guo Jia laughed;

"The military division said it is quite true," Shi A said: "Shiling Pass is indeed a very good place to ambush. When Ah traveled with Master, he stayed here for many days. Although the pass is broken, it is The main body of the pass still exists. The pass passes through the pass. The pass is about a few miles long. If Lu Bu led the army to return, it would happen to be able to enclose it in the pass and get it in one fell swoop."

Hao Zhao said again: "My lord, there is no plan left. If we want to lead Lv Bu to quickly lead the troops back south, when our army leaves Leping, we can hide the whereabouts of the cavalry, so that only Zhao Jun can see a large number of infantry. As a result, the left-behind people in Jinyang were given the illusion that they had only infantry but no cavalry. After Jinyangs help-seeking messenger left, they quickly captured Langmeng and Shiling Pass, and beat the dog. Potential."

"Yes, this plan is very clever." Guo Jiadao: "If Lu Bu receives the news that the Black Mountain Army only has infantry troops to invade the Taiyuan Basin, he will definitely lead an emergency return. This way, it will be more beneficial to the strategy of encircling Lu Bu."

"Great King," Huangfu Jianshou also said, "In this case, in addition to General Zhao Yun, General Dianwei can also go with him for the sake of safety. After all, Lu Bu is so strong and well-known in the world..."

Huangfu Chaobo nodded: "Brother's words are reasonable."

"Zhao Yun, Dian Wei listen to the order!"

"It will not be there!"

Hearing the sound, the two hurried out of the queue, holding their fists together;

"Ling and Ru, with Zhao Yun as the main general, and Dian Wei as the deputy, led Baima Yicong and the Tushou cavalry with a total of 30,000 cavalrymen to Leping, where the generals of the Ping Army converged with 30,000 infantry, the west out Leping, and Taiyuan.

"If the general is not in charge, we must go all out and live up to the entrustment of the king." The two responded in unison;

Huangfu Chaobo nodded, then turned to look at Shi A: "Immediately give Zhang Yan an order and ask him to leave no less than 10,000 soldiers to defend the Tumen Pass, and collect no less than 30,000 soldiers, listen to Hou Zhaoyun The two generals sent troops to Taiyuan together and told him that Leping and Jingxing are temporarily responsible for the food and grass needed by the army to send troops. The Shangdang will soon mobilize food and grass northward."

"No!" Shi A bowed in reply;

Although the distance from Nie County to Leping is only more than 500 miles, there are mountains and mountains along the way, and the roads are basically difficult for the army to walk. If not for the past few years, Leping has been arranging people to move to Shangdang, so the road The situation has improved a lot, so Zhang Fang couldn't rush from Tumen Pass to Nie County in three or four days.

If the real army goes to Leping, it is basically impossible to arrive in Leping within half a month to 20 days, so Huangfu Chaobo only arranged for Zhao Yun to lead 30,000 cavalry lightly, and it would take about five or six days to reach Leping. At this time, Zhang Yan could also use these three or four days to gather soldiers and horses to prepare food and grass, and when Zhao Yun's army arrived, they would be able to send troops together.

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"Great King!" Hao Zhao once again went out: "Weichen asked to play together!"

Seeing Hao Zhao's invitation to fight, Huangfuli, Zhou Bin and Zhang Xiong looked at each other, and they all went out and said: "The king, I will wait for the fight!"

Huangfu Chaobo was about to refuse, but Guo Jia suddenly said: "The king, the minister thinks that the general will need to recruit tens of thousands of troops this time. After the previous Wei army's raid, the countering army has already suffered considerable losses. The increase in troops and horses this time, it is estimated that the generals may not be able to arrange all of them at the moment. It happens that the four young generals also need experience. It is better to let one of them lead a school. I believe there should be nothing wrong with General Zhao Yun under the command."

Huangfu was stunned for a moment, and was about to speak, when he suddenly thought of Guo Jia's meaning, the drunken man's intention is not to drink, this time is the best opportunity to intervene in Zhang Yan's troops. Although Huangfu Chaobo believes that Zhang Yan will not betray easily, but now in the entire Tang army, only the Peaceful Army is a special one. If there is a chance to truly control the Peaceful Army, Huangfu Chaobo will not refuse.

Thinking of this, Huangfu Chaobo nodded and said: "Since you wait for the battle, you will be all alone, but you can go with Zhao Yun and two generals. You four will go out with each of the leaders and a school. Everything is subject to the arrangements of General Zhao Yun. error!"

The four of them were all overjoyed when they heard this. They looked at each other and smiled, and hurriedly stepped forward to take the order: "No general takes the order."

"Well, you wait to retreat. The army will leave after an hour and head to Leping."

"Nuo!" When several people heard the words, they all took their orders.

After a few people left, Huangfu Chaobo looked at Zhang Fang and said: "Aiqing has worked hard all the way, and then he can send troops to Taiyuan with the lone army!"

Zhang Fanglue meditated, and then seemed to have figured out something. He stepped forward and said: "Thank you for the grace of the king, but I would like to ask for a battle if you are not a general. I will go to Taiyuan with General Zhao and hope that the king will be perfect!

Huangfu was taken aback for a while, but he immediately realized that Zhang Fang should have received some instructions from Zhang Yan, and that's why. However, since Zhang Yan is so knowledgeable, Huangfu Chaobo can't be too stingy.

"Well, in that case, you can also go with the army with the four of them. You can also lead a school and go to Zhao Yun to give orders. If you can make great achievements in Taiyuan this time, you will not be rewarded."

"Thanks for the grace of the king, Zhang Fang will definitely live up to the king's entrustment." Zhang Fang was overjoyed and bowed in prayer;

It was said that the army was moving lightly, but 30,000 cavalry and Dianweis 1,000 Feijimen went on the expedition. It took a long time in the camp to prepare the supplies for the army to go out. Then, Zhao Yun led the generals to leave. Nixian, heading to Leping in the northeast, and Huangfu Chaobo's messenger who ordered Zhang Yan to prepare food, grass, and horses had already set off early.

Five days later, the army finally rushed to the south of Shangai. This was the fastest Zhao Yun and the others could walk. There is no way, the road is too difficult to follow. For the past two years, the Montenegrin army has always had people taking this road to enter the Shangdang. Only then has it slowly stepped on a road that can barely be done. If the army carries food and grass. In that case, it is estimated that these five hundred mountain roads will take at least ten days and a half months.

Outside the city of Shangai, Zhang Yan, who had already received the news, was already leading people and waiting for Zhao Yun's army.

Seeing tens of thousands of cavalry like black clouds, slowly approaching, Rao Yi Qing Niu Jiao and Zhang Baiqi are all veterans who have been fighting for a long time, and they are also overwhelmed by this momentum. Until now, they realized that when Zhang Yan received the order to reorganize the army a few days ago, why did he take the order without hesitation? Tang Guo deserves to be the number one prince in the world, just these 30,000 cavalrymen, It was enough to destroy all the Black Mountain Army.

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