To Burris The Spellcaster And His Family Dependent Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Fanwai The Bathroom That Night

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It is often written in the novel that as soon as the bodies of the two protagonists touched, the invisible flame ignited instantly, and the **** swallowed the two people's reason, and they were out of control. They will naturally start kissing, and then naturally make love crazy.

They take off their clothes quickly. At this point, different authors have different description preferences. Some people like to write "I dont know when the pants are gone", and some people like to describe the process of taking off the pants in detail. Others like not to write the process, and just write "When I recovered, two people were already naked"... In short, it sounds easy, just follow the feelings, no special test is needed.

Lot felt that he might have been fooled by the novel.

He dragged Burris into the bathroom, which was still raining warmly on the ceiling. In the heavy rain and steam, the mage was wet, his hair stuck to his face and neck, and water droplets pressed against his collarbone and rolled into his collar... Lott held the mages slender wrist in one hand and slowly moved closer... But things did not develop as he expected.

They had romantic physical contact, but they didn't start kissing naturally.

Burris was stunned for a while, and suddenly turned pale in shock. He took out two soft cowhide envelopes from his arms, threw them out from under the damp-proof curtain, then untied the belt, and threw them out together with the waist bag and the tin box hanging on them. After throwing things, he took off his shoes and kicked out, and finally gave an arcane language command to the barrel golem outside.

After doing all this, he wiped the water off his face in relief.

Lot understood, maybe there was something on Burris that couldn't get wet...but that's not right, Burris had been in a real rainstorm before, and he was not so panicked.

Seeing Lott's puzzlement, Burris said, "Uh, it's like this. The rain under this dark blue calcite layer is different from real rain. This kind of water can be used for washing, or for humans and animals to drink. Certain magical materials are corrosive..."

Lott collapsed his shoulders: "So that's it...I was too careless..."

Burris said quickly: "It's okay! Don't worry, those things are not broken, it's okay... They won't be damaged by exposure to the rain once, just for maintenance. It's better to be careful."

"Anything else? Can you check again?"

Burris actually checked for a while, then took out a few more things and threw them out. "This, in fact, she is not afraid of water," he said while tidying it up, "but it is more troublesome to dry it, so let's take it out...and this, water does not affect its efficacy, but why should I bring it in What about..."

Lot raised his left hand and asked, "Are we afraid of water in our ring?"

"Don't be afraid. It is not afraid of boiling water or fire... Strong acid can destroy its color and appearance, but it cannot completely decompose it, nor does it affect its efficacy. The fire from purgatory can burn it, you must be careful."

"it is good"

Lott touched the ring and suddenly realized: What am I doing? I pulled the little mage into the bathroom, is it to listen to him explain how to maintain magic items?

The two of us stood in the steaming bathroom, soaked all over, talking stupidly about what kind of purgatory fire, which is different from the development I expected!

Without further ado. He decided to avoid digression and went straight to the goal. He asked: "Seriously, do you know that I did it on purpose?"

"I know..." Burris answered honestly, "I know you pretended not to operate the water curtain and tricked me into coming in."

"That's not true. I deliberately pulled you in to get you wet too, but I didn't pretend that I can't operate the water curtain... I really won't."

Burris looked at him and chuckled: "Then I will turn it off..."

"Don't shut it off." Lott supported the wall with one hand and gently pinched the mage's chin with the other.

When kissing, he suddenly realized: Burris does not seem to be particularly shy? In the bathroom, the two were wet. I plugged him against the wall and kissed him. He seemed to accept it smoothly? Not resisting at all?

After the kiss, Lot realized the problem...because he hadn't taken off his clothes yet!

After entering the bathroom, he fumbled around, but he didn't take off his clothes! There is no sincerity in taking a bath!

So he let go of Burris, hummed a little song, and began to unbutton his coat.

Burris was a little nervous as expected, but said nothing. Lott threw aside his jacket, pulled off the scarf, took out the hem of his shirt from his belt, took off the two clothes together, and threw them away. The wet and full chest was completely presented in front of Burris' eyes. Burris didn't know where to look, his eyes drifted for a while, and he decided to stare at the gorgeous rhinestone shirt on the floor.

Lot began to untie his belt. He deliberately slowed down to observe Burris' reaction. "You should take off your clothes too," he said. "Are you going to wash your clothes with yourself?"

Burris said with difficulty: "My lord... you mean, shall we take a bath together?"



Lott said: "I deliberately pulled you in, and you acquiesced in my behavior, which shows that you fully understand what I am implying. Then, you remember that there are things on your body that are afraid of magic water, so you choose to throw them away. Going out instead of running out on your own means that you have decided to cooperate with my conspiracy. You are standing here in wet clothes, and after spending so much tongue with me, we still kissed, which means you know this is the wedding night Some kind of project. Burris, since you know everything and are willing, what else are you tweaking?"

Burris nodded silently and really accepted Lot's suggestion. He first took off the outermost robe and hung it on the towel rack. With this action, he naturally turned his back to Lot and slowly dealt with the button loop of the formal robe, as if he had been thinking about it on the wall.

A rustling voice continued to be heard behind him.

The dull sound is the sound of Lott kicking off his boots, and the hissing is the sound of him deliberately kicking in the water. The tile was hit by a small metal object, and there was a crisp sound. This is the belt buckle and the pants falling on the ground together. the sound of.

Judging from this series of movements, Lot should have no clothes on him now... Burris became more and more nervous, and the button loop became more difficult to untie.

Lott rubbed his hair while staring at Burris' back with a grin. Burris was obviously procrastinating for time, and it won't take so long to unbutton it. I heard that the mage's fingers are very flexible. Ordinarily, they should take off their clothes faster.

Lot decided: Since Burris is slow, I'll help him.

His hand touched Burris' shoulder. Burris stiffened a bit, and quickly relaxed again. He still turned his back to Lot, and took off his formal robe. Inside was a soaked shell-colored long-breasted shirt. He half-sided and hung the robe beside the burqa. When doing this, the wet clothes were completely outlined. Seeing the lines of his shoulder blades, Lott swallowed, suddenly reached out and took the little mage into his arms.

When Burris was nervous, the soles of his feet suddenly slipped and almost lost his balance. This fits Lott's heart. He tightened his arms. The wet back of the little mage was pressed against his chest, and there was only a thin shirt between them.

Lott lowered his head and kissed the mage's profile: "Go on."

"Continue what?" Burris' cheeks, ears and neck were red, and he was at a loss in Lot's arms.

"Continue to take off your clothes, and your pants. Didn't we have already said... Besides, isn't it uncomfortable for you to wear so much in the hot bathroom?"

Lott looped around his waist and placed his right hand next to his trousers. With a slight pull, the belt would loosen. But Lot didn't want to forcibly take off the pants of the little mage...the first time they were so close, forcibly taking off their pants seemed a bit unkind.

Burris wondered: Lott was right. They said everything that should be clear, and the ring was put on. At this time, he should be brave, like a real twenty-year-old. So he bravely fumbled for the button loops on his shirt, using as fast as he could, he untied a few more from bottom to top...

Lott kissed the tip of his ear, and then kissed it along the earring to the neck. Burris gave a sharp shot, and his hands froze in place. Lott slipped quietly into the hem of his shirt with one hand, still holding his arm around the waist of the wizard, he asked in Burris' ear: "Do you think the place where my hand touched is very hot?"

Burris really felt it carefully, and then answered honestly: "No..."


The mage whispered, "Being so close to you... In fact, your whole body is very hot. Maybe... the steam in the bathroom..."

Although this was different from what was written in the book, Lott trembled. His hands unconsciously used some force again, as if he was about to rub the little mage into his arms. "Burris," he put his lips on the mage's auricle, "if you are really embarrassed, let me untie it for you..." As he said, his right hand slid into the waist of the little mage, in cotton trousers. The belt has loosened slightly, "Burris, I have a thicker skin, and I have a lot of bad thoughts in my mind, so what I do is normal. Don't be too embarrassed."

Burris nodded. In fact, he vaguely felt that the causal logic of Lott's remark was not quite right...but he could only nod his head. He leaned in Lot's arms, his body was hot and humid, and his breathing was a bit suffocated, but not only was he not uncomfortable, but he also felt a kind of airy feeling.

Lott could clearly feel that the body in his arms gradually relaxed from the tightness. In fact, he was also tense just now, but Burris couldn't find it.

He was not in a hurry to take off the wizard's wet shirt, instead he wrinkled it casually and smoothed the wrinkles. When his fingertips rubbed somewhere in front of the mage's chest, he noticed that the mage was trembling obviously. He didn't ask anything. Burris was so shy that he couldn't ask any decent answer.

In fact, he had imagined this situation a long time ago...Sometimes he fantasized about Burris, sometimes he fantasized about a book, and sometimes he thought about it secretly. Now that the fantasy has become reality, he intends to explore the body of the little mage.

Men's **** will also feel. Lot has known it for a long time, and it has been explained in many books. He deliberately touched Burris' chest more. The more Burris wanted to hide, the more he shrank into his arms. At the same time, his naked chest was pressed tightly on the back of the little mage, and there was a kind of heat in his chest and abdomen. Feeling hot.

He also found that Burris' stomach was soft and his abdominal muscles were far less rigid than his. After thinking about it carefully, in fact, he has nothing to be proud of. His image is born like this. No matter how good his figure is, he does not rely on exercise and sweat. On the contrary, the body of the twenty-year-old young master is more vivid and interesting: the muscles of the chest, abdomen and arms. Thin, the right arm is stronger than the left arm, and the elbows are a bit rough. It may be due to working on the desk and not paying attention to maintenance... The little mages waist is a bit ticklish, and the protruding hip bones are not **** parts, but it makes He couldn't put it down, he couldn't help but rubbed his palm several times, and then moved forward along the abdomen, his fingers descended with the falling water drops, into the place he was curious about.

Burris suddenly shook his hand: "I, I can come by myself..."

Lott sighed in his ear: "Oh...Two people are together to help each other, how can they come by themselves at this time?"

The mage lowered his head, and the red on his neck had spread to his shoulders: "I understand... I just suddenly got a little, uh, a little confused in my mind... Generally speaking, don't people who live alone come by themselves? Things you can do... Im so embarrassed to let others do it... No, I know what were doing, Im the one who said the fool..."

Lott held back a smile: "If you want to say something in particular, just say "No" or "Stop", either."

"But..." Burris whispered, "I...I didn't think it was impossible, I was just a little embarrassed..."

"I know, let you just talk about it for fun, and I didn't intend to really stop it." Lott kissed the mage's neck again, "because I like you so much, so I want to touch you well... you can move around. , I will hold you and keep you from slipping."

As he said, his fingers pierced through the wet hair and lightly traced the shape of the organ. He said that the promise of "not letting you slip" was necessary, because with his movements, Burris almost slipped a few times.

"Those who live alone come by themselves", Lott also has a deep understanding of this sentence. Not only that, he also reads many books in this area, so his skills are not bad. The body of the little mage was getting softer and softer, but the organs he was playing with gradually stiffened. He wanted to say something to tease the little mage. Just about to speak, he was startled by the sound of his heavier breathing. Distracted, he suddenly forgot what he wanted to say.

He simply lowered his head and kept kissing the little mage's neck. The mage leaned in his arms, closed his eyes, raised his head, and his fragile neck was completely stretched out, almost like a small animal actively seducing a beast.

Suddenly the "little animal" opened his eyes in surprise. Lot knew why, something **** him raised his head. In this posture, it was just behind the little mage and was able to reach into his legs.

Lott took a few steps forward with the mage in his arms, using his body to trap the little mage against the wall. Burris's trousers and **** had already fallen to his ankle, Lot was still holding him with one hand, and the other hand brushed off the wet shirt hanging on his shoulder.

Burris turned around and finally faced Lott. The way Lot took off his clothes was almost what he had imagined...It was only then that he was surprised to realize that he had imagined this.

The heat in the bathroom and the vision is not clear, which is better for Burris-he wants to take a look at Lott now, but he doesn't want to see too clearly.

In fact, what can I do if I see clearly... Burris has seen countless naked men and women in his life. They come from all ages, races, and causes of death, but he has never seen a naked living person... except himself.

In the warm water and rain, their hair was attached to their faces and necks, and their cheeks and bodies were also red. Behind Burris was a damp tiled wall. The heat between his legs made his legs feel soft and he became a little unstable.

Lott took a long breath, took the little mage's face, kissed a few more times, and then said: "Dear Burris, tell you something, I think..."

In the second half of the sentence, he put his lips on the mage's ear, and the voice was as small as breathing, only Burris could hear it.

Burris's face can no longer be red, and if it is red again, the brain will be congested and mixed. Lot continued to kiss him, while kissing him, rubbing his back like a small animal, and then slipping from his waist before he knew it. Near the tail vertebra...

Burris took a few deep breaths, and finally he could speak smoothly: "Lets stop in the bathroom..."

"But we haven't finished the shower yet."

Burris buried his face on Lot's chest: "I can't stand steady..."

"Go to the bath?"

"I'll go later..."

"We will wet the carpet and bed."

"It's okay, there is a golem to clean up..."

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