To Burris The Spellcaster And His Family Dependent Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Fanwai Under The Bathroom That Night

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As soon as Burris had finished speaking, Lot had already embraced him. Burris tried to turn off the warm water and rain, but he tried two times to no avail. His mind was a mess, and he didn't know whether it was the wrong tone of the spell or the wrong gesture. He decided not to try a third time. Wouldn't it be more embarrassing if he made three mistakes in a row... So he changed it to an easier way: call the barrel golem in, let it turn off the warm water device and stay in the bathroom on standby.

As soon as they came out of the sweltering bathroom, both of them had goose bumps. Lott was afraid that humans would catch a cold in this situation, so he rushed into the bed net and stuffed Burris under the soft quilt.

Lott not only took Burris out, but also took out his belt. At first Burris didn't understand why, until he saw the small leather buckle bag on the belt that Lot opened and took out a shell-shaped pink box.

Lott tucked the hindering wet hair back, and then got into the quilt. Perceiving the little mage's gaze, he explained: "I bought this in a shop in Silver Falcon. If you have a better one in the tower, then use the one in your tower."

Burriss tower has everything, but there is no such thing. Burris blushed and asked, "When I was making the magic ring, you were buying this thing?"

"Yes. It seems that both of us are preparing for the future, aren't they?"

After that, Lott fished the little mage into his arms: "Do you want to look at me or turn your back to me?"

Burris froze for a moment before he understood Lot's meaning. Lott rubbed his lower back and deliberately increased his hand strength to urge him. Seeing that he didn't answer for a long time, he made his own mind and slid down his hip bone and flat belly to between his legs...

"Wait..." Burris wanted to stop Lot's hand. Both of them were in the quilt. He could only touch but couldn't see. When he stretched his hand down, he accidentally touched another hot object. His hands drew back, but Lot deliberately stood up toward him.

"What's the matter?" Lott kissed the pro-mage on the forehead, "are you afraid?"

Burris shook his head: "No...I meant to say, uh...I should turn my back to you..."

"Why, don't you want to see me?"

"...Look again next time."

This sentence made Lott inexplicably happy. He lay on his side behind the little mage, just like in the bathroom just now, letting the mage's back close to his chest.

He opened the shell box in the quilt. The smell of the balm is stuffy in the bed, and occasionally escapes a little with the movement, but it smells more obvious. Lotts fingers went all the way down the little mages tailbone and went into a more hidden place. He had learned extremely detailed knowledge in the book, and now it can really be used on the little mage. He felt a little unsure. Some are anxious, and a little proud.

He whispered in the ear of the little mage, saying all the sticky lines that are common in books. After talking for a while, he had re-dipped the balm twice, at first Burris had a somewhat patient look on his face, but now his frowning brows have loosened.

Lott couldn't help feeling that Burris hadn't heard those love words at all. If he did, he would be more shy, and he might even tell him not to say it... After all, those words are really numb, Lott himself has a little bit. Sorry to speak loudly.

He raised his upper body slightly and stared at Burris' face. The little mage squinted his eyes, and his eyelashes fluttered with tiny drops of water. When he kept breathing, he occasionally hummed a coquettish voice in his nose, which made people feel sore and itchy.

"Little Mage," he took possession of him and kissed Burris' ear, "I don't know if you can do it, but I can't wait..."

The mage said softly "Huh?", as if he hadn't reacted yet. Lott hugged him tightly and returned to them with the other hand. He was even more anxious, and his heart was even more senseless: Burris didn't look uncomfortable, it should be okay, but he never called it hurt, and he didn't let him touch that place. This is not the same as the plots in the book... So is the situation right now?

He left a hand between the mage's legs, and the part that had been hard for a long time also quietly rubbed over. Burris visibly stiffened, then moved his legs a little, and moved the upper leg a little bit while lying on his side... Lot didn't let this signal off, so he was so excited that he almost bite. Lips, while constantly kissing the back of the mage's neck, he moved his lower body to find the right angle, trying to squeeze himself into the place he had just tried.

He hadn't tried long enough just now. As soon as he entered for a short while, he immediately realized this. The mage didn't scream like what was written in the book, but like a sudden choking, the screen master breathed for several seconds before he eased.

Lot was a little worried: "Or I will come out first..."

"Don't move..." The mage's voice seemed to have a little bit of crying, and Lot's heart was even more bottomless. He moved the hand from the quilt to the mage and rubbed the semi-hard organ comfortingly, hoping that this would distract the mage and make him adapt faster.

He asked Burris if it was okay, Burris answered with an "um", he asked if it was too painful, Burris still said "um", he asked if he could continue, and the answer to him was "um". It seems that the little mage didn't hear anything clearly... Lot had to make his own judgment.

While taking care of the organs in front of the mage, he tried to get himself a little deeper. The movements on his hands were precise but slow, and the lower body used the same rhythm. Every time he pushed in a little, the little mage would hum At once, it was different from the name written in the book, but Lot felt that the voice was more sultry than he thought.

The little mage seemed to finally have enough energy to speak. He took a few breaths and said with a nasal voice, "I'm fine. You..."

Lot didn't hear the second half: "Huh? What do you want me to do?"

"Can you..." The mage tilted his head and buried his face in the pillow, "holding tighter..."

Of course it can, very much! Lott put one hand across Burris's neck, letting him rest on his arm, and the other hand supporting the mage's waist and abdomen, pressing on the protruding hip bone. He almost wrapped his body in a wizard who was thinner than himself, and could no longer maintain a slow rhythm.

He pushed in hard, and both of them became tight. His movement was a little sudden, and the place was so tight that he took a few rough breaths, the sweat from his forehead mixed with the wet water on his face.

He desperately kissed Burris' neck and stroked the trembling body, he knew the little mage must be uncomfortable. After a while, he tried to move, the wizard choked a little, but didn't make much noise. Lott was only going to try if he could continue, but he couldn't bear the momentum anymore. He couldn't bear it anymore, and the little mage's nasal sound was so nice... He stepped back a little, and again. The insertion, deeper and faster, and faster, the smell of balm continued to overflow from the shaking quilt, the four-poster wooden bed began to creak, and the mage's humming gradually turned into a broken groan.

Originally, Burris stretched a hand between his legs, almost touching Lot's hand. But as the stranger's impact became stronger, his hand loosened from the **** organ instead, and instead he grasped the sheet tightly. Lott sensed this and took the initiative to comfort him, and the movements on his hands became more and more intense, matching the rhythm of his lower body.

Gradually, the current posture is a little in the way. He withdrew slightly, raised the waist of the mage, leaned on the mage, and went in again. This time he pressed it too deeply, Burris whimpered, and Lot hurriedly kissed the mage's back comfortably, but the movement of his lower body did not stop there.

Lott felt lighthearted, unable to concentrate. He always felt that there was something imperfect, but he couldn't care too much at this time. After a while, he felt Burris breathing faster and heavier and heavier, his chest pressed against the mages back, and he almost felt the mages heartbeat... he was a little flustered. Thinking that it was Burris who was not feeling well, at this moment, the organs in his palm were convulsed, and with his tricky movements, some sticky things got on his fingers.

He immediately understood what was going on. At the same time, his **** were wrapped tighter, almost frustrating him. Taking this opportunity, he pulled himself out for a long time, and after calming down, he sank in again, twitching heavier and harder than before. During this process, the little mage's body was shaking as much as the things between his legs. If it weren't for Lott to hold, he would probably be lying on the bed and unable to get up. Most of the things he shot were in Lot's hands. , And Lott continued to move, while using caress, smeared these on the mage's abdomen and chest.

Bel Lisboa didn't make much noise when he came, and now his soft hum is getting softer. Lott hugged him tightly, sucking on the protrusion on his cervical spine, where his lower body could not be buried deeper, and struggling hard. After a long while, Lott only felt that there was a blank in his mind. In the drunkenness, he also left all his belongings in the mage's body.

It was early morning.

Originally Lot had a dream. He hoped that after doing it once, he would hold the little mage and say some explicit and nasty words affectionately... At this time, those words are the most suitable, but the mage was stripped off and there was nowhere to hide. Go away with strength.

But his dream has not been realized for the time being.

The two of them lay back on the bed together, clinging to each other intimately and contentedly, and then fell asleep unconsciously.

Lot awoke when the sky was faintly bright. He remembered what was said in a book: Don't fall asleep immediately after making love, and be intimate with your lover for a while... He once thought: If a person can't even wake up after sex, how bad is his body? This will definitely not happen to him. With his physique as a demigod, it is not uncommon to come several times a day, even if his lover faints, he can continue to do it for a long time... Although he is not willing to let his beloved little mage fainted.

As a result, what happened today shocked him. Both he and Burris fell asleep as soon as they were done.

It is not surprising that Burris is asleep, he is not only a human, but also a weak little mage. Lott was shocked that he fell asleep without knowing it.

He is not tired, and now he woke up in the middle of no fatigue... He smacked it for a while, and summed up his feelings: This fatigue seems to be from the mind, like a big event has been achieved, the long-cherished wish is fulfilled, at a celebration banquet Drink freely and sleep happily in the sweet smell of flowers and pastries...

He turned his head to look at Burris. Burris was resting on his arm and squeezed into his arms, and he fell asleep with a well-behaved and fragile feeling, exactly the same as it was more than 60 years ago.

After entering the room last night, Burris adjusted the light transmittance of the deep spring crystal window to a high level. He knew that Lott liked this window. He probably wanted the window to be transparent so that Lott could see the stars and the moon. Now the sky is getting brighter and the bed nets are open, and the sun diagonally through the huge crystal window, just shining near the bed. Lott couldn't adjust the light transmittance, Burris was resting his arm, and he couldn't get up and pull the bed net.

He couldn't sleep because the sun was shining, so he just lay in the same place and thought about it, such as: Little mage doesn't like to speak out, it's not normal, how should I start next time, shouldn't it be tonight, what day is the market in Holly Village, Shell Box Where is it? Nothing is painted on the top of Burris's bed. Why does it feel bright when I close my eyes? Does the house golem need insulated gloves for cooking? What should Burris say when he wakes up...

He turned over, turned his back to the sun, and fell asleep again after thinking about it.

As soon as the sun rose, Tali was quiet, the mage's even breathing sounded in his ears, and there was nothing important to do for the whole day... The atmosphere is too comfortable, what else can I do without sleeping.

After the day was bright, the house golems began to work one after another, and various slight noises came from the tower.

Near noon, Burris woke up. When he opened his eyes, he was not quite awake, as if temporarily forgetting what happened yesterday. He was startled when he noticed the sound of breathing in his ear.

Taking a closer look, Lot was lying on his side with one arm still on his chest. I heard that having a heavy object on my chest can cause people to have nightmares, Burris wondered, why did I not have nightmares at all? Is the arm of a demigod different from that of a human?

Burris supported the bed with one hand and sat up cautiously. He didn't want to wake Lott, Lott would definitely say something nasty after waking up, and now he couldn't bear this.

In the process of getting up, the soreness from his waist, thighs and somewhere made his face flushed... He calmed for a while, turned his head and looked at the crystal window of Deep Spring, the sun was shining on his face, and he touched his heart Position, slowly closing his eyes with a pious expression:

Ofa is on, I'm Burris Gelshaw, I will be eighty-five years old soon. I have been busy in my life, and I am considered to have done little. Now I have my own land and my own tower. I have also fulfilled the promises I made when I was young. For the first time, I have established a very close relationship with people... Yesterday, I participated in such an amazing, intense, and indulgent thing. This is a feat that only young people can accomplish! Therefore, from today onwards, I am no longer an old man. I am no different from a real twenty-year-old...

Then, he reflected on himself again: I was still too good-looking, too hard to let go. Yesterday I didn't even look at Lott seriously...

Lotte was sleeping quietly now, but he suddenly had the courage to stare at Lott for a while. Where the person sleeping next to him looked like a demigod, or something like a "Bone Maharajah", he looked like a handsome young man with black hair... At this time Burris thought of the Bone Maharajah having two forms. The human form came later, he should have been with devil horns and black scales.

Burris had seen Lotts form more than once. If Lott used that look with him yesterday... Thinking of this, Burris squeezed his eyebrows, his hands were so strong that he left two red marks on him. I forcibly interrupted my imagination, and my heart beat faster and faster. How can I do this early in the morning?

Good wizards have one characteristic: they can quickly regain calmness and focus after panic. Burris is particularly good at this. He calmed down again and began to recall every step of last night.

At the beginning, he tried his best to analyze objectively. Gradually, his thoughts turned into random thoughts, such as: I always turn my back to Lott. Will he be a little sad? Will he think I am reluctant and what should I do next time? I cant have the next time in the near future. Should I read some books? Yesterdays one feels normal, and that and that...and... By the way, where is the pink shell box? It should not be an ordinary balm It is not cheap. There is more than one kind of precious medicinal material in it, which is really helpful for relaxing the body. I should analyze the ingredients in detail...

Burris looked around, but didn't see the shell box. He silently cast the spell, allowing the quilt to float up slowly, and as expected, the shell box was not far from his feet. He kept the quilt suspended, and then grabbed the box.

When doing this, his gaze moved with the shell box, and he accidentally saw Lot's whole body under the quilt... Other things were fine, mainly because the thing sleeping between his legs was too eye-catching.

He shook his hand and almost dropped the floating quilt again. The more he wanted to look away, the more he couldn't help but glance again.

When he saw the thing, he also clearly recalled the details of last night... This made him firmer in his idea of "analyzing the composition of the balm in the shell box". He believed that he could interact with such an amazing object. There must be a lot of credit for this balm for deep contact and surviving.

After getting the shell box, Burris let the quilt float on a low level, moved slowly and rubbed off the bed from the other side, and then let the quilt fall back completely. Before Lott was awake, he wanted to take a bath first. This time he had to take it alone, not letting Lott follow.

Stepping on the carpet with both feet, the fatigue and soreness of the body are more obvious. Burris compared this with the experience of adventure in the wild when he was young. He concluded that the exhaustion of adventure in the wild is more intense and more devastating to the human body. Now this exhaustion is not particularly severe, but it brings People's mental pressure is greater.

While soaking in the hot water, he decided to take care of his thoughts and think about how to talk when Lot awoke.

Lot woke up again when the house golem brought hot tea and lunch.

He sat up, stretched his upper body, and saw Burris sitting on a pile of cushions under the crystal window. He had already put on his robes, tied his hair, and was reading with his back facing him.

Lott got out of bed, took a sip of fruit tea, and walked under the crystal window. Burris glanced at him and immediately looked away: "My lord, the clothes for you are by the bed..."

"Wait a while to wear it, it's not cold anyway." Lott smiled and sat across from Burris.

Burris lowered his head, as if he was reading intently, but he hadn't turned the next page for a long time; Lott sat cross-legged at first in a very unrestrained posture. Later, even if Burris did not stare at him, he remained calm. Pulled a thin blanket around his waist.

Lott looked at the little mage and turned the enchanted ring on his left ring finger: "Burris, I actually woke up once at dawn."

"Oh..." Burris raised his head, smiled stiffly at him, and quickly lowered his head to read.

"At that time, I thought about a lot of things, and I had a lot of things to ask you."

"You can ask..." Burris's hair on his back stood up, and he was ready for all kinds of shame questions.

"I'll pick one of the most curious ones to ask," Lott leaned forward, "Why is No Return Mountain Range called No Return Mountain Range?"

Burris finally raised his head and asked blankly: "Why do you suddenly remember this?"

"Look outside." Lott knocked on the crystal window. Looking down on the mountains and forests from the high towers, as different trees grow at different heights, the colors of the leaves form a subtle gradation from a distance. The non-returning mountain area is like a colorful carpet.

"This place is so beautiful," Lott said, "there is no eerie atmosphere at all."

Burris laughed and said, "Do you think that Mountain of No Return means if you dare to come, I will let you go forever or something?"

"Isn't it?"

"No. Actually, I didn't take the name of the Mountain of No Return. Before I acquired this land, residents in the distant towns already called it that way. People say that this mountain forest is too beautiful, like a temptation. Magic, people will be so fascinated that they dont want to go home when they walk in."

"That's it," Lott looked into the distance, nodding slightly, "It's nice to live here with you."

"Yeah..." The mage glanced at Lott, then quickly retracted his gaze. "Anyway, you like it."

Lott looked out the window with a smile, as if indulged in the beauty; Burris looked down at the book and smiled secretly.


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