To Burris The Spellcaster And His Family Dependent Chapter 104

Chapter 104: In The Three Years After Fanwai 3 What Did These People Do

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He announced his official identity: formerly a researcher of religious studies, now he enters the mage tower to become an older junior apprentice. It has an ambiguous relationship with "Old Master's (er) disciple (child) Kreve".

Under the joint suggestions of Odette, Siegfried, and Augustia, he made the day of inheriting and leaving Black Lake as his birthday, and began to celebrate his birthday officially like humans.

They still sleep in separate rooms with Burris, but often stay with each other.

Adopted a second dog, a medium-sized dog, covered in black curly hair, Lott named it "Witch Catalina". Burris later discovered that the dog was male.

I still maintain my passion for romantic romance novels, and began to try to create novels personally. I am very confident in rhetoric and writing, but there are spelling and grammatical errors throughout.

I traveled with Burris (Kreve) to the Liberty City State of Fessit. I bought a red dragon statue carved from green crystal on impulse consumption-the color is green, and the physical characteristics are the characteristics of a red dragon. The statue was about the same size as a pig. It was accidentally broken during transportation. In order not to waste, the fragments were collected by Burris and sent to the magic item workshop.

I started to learn about human arcane knowledge with Burris, progress was very slow, study was not hard, did not like to read books, free and loose, refused written examinations, my favorite course was experimental.

It took me a month to learn how to use photosphere, but I learned to cook mysteriously. I am currently good at omelette and milk stew.


Burris Gelshaw:

Attended the Necro School summit on the Five Towers Peninsula as an old image, and no one saw the transformation spell on his face. Because he met Odette before attending the convention, Odette processed his transformation art with divine art.

Because of a fall at the summit of the Necromancy School, many young necrometic researchers rushed forward to help, and finally had to pretend to be angry to get out.

Received a large order from Sandenia. The main project is a magical defense system for some important occasions. Because of limited energy, the project was privately subcontracted to several former students, of course, black pine is not included.

Jointly research a new project with an alien school mage and set up the laboratory in a factory in the mountains. Lott pretended to be jealous of this move.

To show his position, the wife, son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, and three cats of the Master of Outside World Studies... were all taken to the villa in the mountains.

I thought that everything calmed down perfectly, but found that Lot still deliberately pretended to be jealous, and tried to use this as an excuse and an entry point to imitate the obscene passages in certain romance novels.

After three days of passive struggle, he finally took the initiative to cooperate with Lott's "birthday" with his script.

I found a series of novels from Lot's bookshelf and tried to learn Lot's way of thinking. After a week of trials, he finally chose to give up.

Learned the "Rebirth Blood" deployment method, but always pretended not.


Princess Estelin (with Sir Naylor):

In addition to the daily affairs that a princess must participate in, she also began to personally study the sequelae of stiffness on her face.

And set up an arcane security team at the Tower of Truth in the capital to secretly investigate magic-related incidents in Sargo.

Preparing to be officially engaged to Sir Naylor, and the ceremony is currently under preparation.


Black Pine (and his small adventure team):

She has maintained her blond hair, has not dyed her hair again, nor has her tattoos been renewed, but the aesthetics of clothing and accessories have remained the same. Still insist on makeup, seeking the effect of pale complexion and gloomy eyes.

Made an unprecedentedly gorgeous bone suspension chair, and made it very spacious. Attempting to invite Augilia to ride with her, but was rejected.

Going to the west of the Falling Moon Mountains with the adventure friends, looking for a certain treasure in transmission, was attacked by gangs such as the Western Wilderness Mountain Bandits, Orc Shaman, and Western Wilderness Warlock, and was kidnapped for ten days.

Ten days later, Augilia and Siegfried, who came after hearing the news, were rescued. They were said to have been tortured. The specific punishment method was "I dont have enough food every day, and I have to listen to them singing, and I have to make meaningful comments. ".

When the adventure team left the land of right and wrong, the island elves in the team stayed in the Western Wilderness settlement, and it is said that they fell in love with a mountain bandit.

He returned to his hometown in Silent Shuhai for half a year. During this period, he attracted many young elves with extensive knowledge, wonderful knowledge, and cool spelling methods. There were even a few underage elves who wanted to follow him out of Shuhai for adventure, and wanted to invite him. Practice teacher.

The Elf Council of Shuhai met with his parents, and the two had a friendly and in-depth conversation, and finally decided to allocate a small amount of "Randerer Fund" to him, asking him to continue his adventures and make sure to start as soon as possible.


Augilia, Siegfried:

Most of the time I play with the black pine, and regularly return to the Mountain of No Return to visit the owner.

Augilia learned to make-up. The biggest worry at the moment is how to match the color of her eyebrows with her silver hair.

Siegfried is still not good at transforming. Every time he changes the shape of the person, there is a subtle difference, and the purgatory aura on his body will make ordinary people feel a physical fear, so every time he returns to Wintergreen Village, he is a "very scary" Stranger", for this reason he always shed tears secretly in the middle of the night.



Settled in the north and monitored Yylil, who was imprisoned in the Northern Star City.

He usually uses two identities, a man and a woman, who claim to be "brothers and sisters of Oz" to the outside world. The elder brother is a warlock and often interacts with the knights of the Northern Star City, while the younger sister is frail and sick. The siblings are twins, both very beautiful, with long ebony hair, snow-white skin, blood-like lips and so on.

The biggest worry at the moment is that two Templar knights have fallen in love with the "Brothers and Sisters of Oz", and they have begun a preliminary courtship.



Was imprisoned in the Forbidden Magic Prison in the Otarot Temple in the Northern Star City. No noteworthy dangerous behavior has occurred yet.

He had a physical conflict with a cellmate recently. The inmate is a low-level necromancer. He was arrested for establishing a false **** church, collecting money and killing his life. The two used shoes to beat each other on the premise that they could not cast spells, and both were afraid of being discovered. He resisted the pain and didn't yell, but was eventually discovered and stopped by the guards in time.

I have seen Odette, but I didn't recognize who the beautiful black-haired young man was.



He was deprived of the right to use the tower by the elven council, and most of his property was sealed up. Because the commander of the Suhi Island Coast Guard voluntarily guaranteed him, he was exempted from prison.

When he was down, he received an invitation and became a clerk in the home of the commander of the Coastal Defense Forces.

After participating in the work for a period of time, I asked the owner to advance part of next year's salary in advance, and got approval.

After receiving the advance salary, he suddenly left without saying goodbye, leaving behind a tearful explanation letter, but the introduction did not follow.

A few months later, he secretly came to the Wuta Peninsula Advanced Training Institute, forged a new identity, pretended to be a pure blood tree sea spirit, and tried to enter the training institute, but failed to pass the entrance exam.

Currently gritting his teeth and preparing to participate in the next assessment.


Hai Fog (and two other apprentices):

I have been working in the Black Cliff Castle magic supplies shop for three years. After saving some savings, I said goodbye to the owner and went to the Hilda Church in the east of the land.

After the assessment, I successfully enrolled and listened to classes with junior apprentices who did not distinguish schools for the time being.


Charles and Tarina:

The Shire became the official commander of the Silver Falcon Fortress Defense Force. Because his height was still growing, he changed six sets of armor within three years and was affectionately called the Frost Giant by the soldiers.

Tarina was sixteen years old and showed her ability to cast spells to rescue civilians in a flash flood disaster. Not only did she not get rejected because of this, she also won the title of North Country Rose and the most beautiful warlock.



He lives in his own palace all the year round, and has invited his uncle Rose Green here.

Attempting to share the same bedroom with Roussey was refused.

Attempts to invite Rousai to bathe in the hot springs but was refused.

Invite a team of bards and dancers to perform in the palace, and invite Rosey to watch.

During the viewing, the two of them drank a lot and tried to get Rosey drunk.

Eventually, he drank too much, cried and laughed in public, and then passed out quickly.

Ignored government affairs, was too lazy to get out of the door, and rejected the old lover(s)'s invitation to meet.


Rossey Green:

He was taken to the palace by Norad and was imprisoned in name. In fact, he can come and go freely at any time.

Because the rejection of Norad was always not thorough, he was tortured by morality and guilt all day.

Once returned to the wooden house where he used to live with his sister, he pulled out a rose from the front of the house, and asked his sister the unidentified question "Are you allowed?" by tearing off the petals.

I plucked a lot of flowers, and each one gave a different answer.

Occasionally, I will guide Tarina to cast spells.


Prince Ranto:

Just thinking of the eldest son makes a gloomy face.

I comforted myself every day, at least the second son and daughter are very competitive.

Start to lose hair.


Earl of Hrolf:

Learned to find objects and people according to instructions, and was able to find a handkerchief used by the target in the rainy forest.

Learned simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Recently, he has been enthusiastically pursued by the male black curly dog "Katerina the Witch".

While Lott and Burris were out, under the crowd of two cats, they beat "Katerina the Witch" and succeeded in making each other bow their heads, so that they would never be hugged from behind again.




Finally a few nonsense,

After the end, I didnt reply to every post, my energy was limited and I was a little tired. I wanted to be a salted fish_(:)_...... But I read everyones replies! Thank you for your love!

Thanks to the readers who accompanied me all the way during the serialization, and also to the readers who jumped in to play together after the end~

Your affirmation and encouragement are as delicious to me as hot pot, salmon, snail noodles, sauerkraut and pork noodles, half-boiled cheese, Hong Kong milk tea... !

Thank you, I am full!

I also hope that you can eat and drink well in my post!

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