To Love You Again Chapter 586

Volume 2: Volume 2 Chapter 588 Fanning The Flames In Jang Shin's Heart

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Jang Shin had been busy recently.

That guy Linfeng had advanced the developmental plan for ZD Comprehensive Project. The layout was now being executed in full swing. Now, the lines of business under the project was beginning to expand into a larger scale. The company also upgraded ZD World's system with Simsung Tech. Jang Shin had to run to and fro the various departments of the company, wishing that his body could be divided into several copies.

The man clearly did not want him to rest with all the things he needed to do!

Jang Shin sighed as he sent yet another message to Linfeng.

[You have to go. Shinichi said that he might stay here for a long time. You should receive him, aren't the two of you friends! It won't feel right to suddenly see an unfamiliar face when he is expecting you.]

Linfeng had given to Shinichi the contact information of Jang Shin for all business matters, as Jang Shin had been promoted to the position of co-CEO of SC Company in this period of peak growth.

It was like dropping this whole pie of business to Jang Shin's plate as well.

Yesterday, Jang Shin suddenly received a message from Tanaka Shinichi that he would like to visit SC with the purpose of overseeing the cooperative project personally. The man was already on his way and might come today.

It was so sudden that Jang Shin immediately contacted Linfeng.

Now that Shinchi planned to stay for a long time, who would entertain this important partner?

Jang Shin was already busy enough with the company matters, and now with the sudden arrival of an important guest, he really could not divide himself further to fill in the role of babysitting this person in his full-packed schedule!

It would be offending and rude if he ordered his employees to accompany a Tanaka who happened to be the company's partner. SC was still considered a budding company and to show their sincerity, the top executive leaders in SC should meet him and show him around.

However, Jang Shin did not really have the time!

So he had told Linfeng to receive the man. Alas, Linfeng's answer was short and abrupt.

[I will be busy tomorrow. Since you are the CEO, you go to receive him.]

'Busy, my ass! I am hundred percent sure that you are and will be with your beloved young miss!'

This Linfeng was not the type of person to prioritize others over his business, except for his young miss!

Didn't the guy already took leave from his post?

Jang Shin kept pestering Linfeng to stop flirting with his young miss and return to the company.

The phone vibrated, halting his thoughts.

Linfeng finally replied after a long time.

[Tanaka Shinichi is not my friend, but he is a decent man. I can't leave here yet, there's a bug flying around. If you really can't handle it, I know a person who can help you receive him. Contact this person. -(attached file) ]


Jang Shin blinked. What did Linfeng mean by that? Was it a spy whom Linfeng was investigating?

Then it must be important.

Jang Shin sighed and turned his attention to the file. He curiously opened it.

It was Gu Zhen's name, picture, and contact information.

Jang Shin recognized the man immediately.

"Hm? This is Miss Song's boyfriend. Oh! Mr. Gu Zhen is in a close working relationship with Simsung Tech. I can ask for his help. But what to do? I am not really close with this guy to start asking for a favor..."

Then it occurred to him that Tang Xinyang and Song Xuantin were very close.

'Hmm... Should I ask her?'

It had been more than a week since they last met, and their parting was not in good terms.

Jang Shin put down his phone.

Was she still angry at him?

Should he pay her a visit?

His heart itched.

"Right, right. This is important to SC. I need her help with this. It is Linfeng's company, so she will definitely help, won't she?"

With that reason in mind, Jang Shin went to the Tang Mansion.

However, he was informed that Tang Xinyang was not in the house. The entire Tang family had visited the Lu family.

After hesitating whether to wait or not, Jang Shin decided to go to the Lu family and wait for them there.

However, once in the Lu Mansion's living room, an unexpected combination of people greeted him instead.

Linfeng, Xiong Zhi, Lu Yin Ze and Tang Yin.

Jang Shin was stunned to see Linfeng. He pointed a trembling finger at his traitorous friend.

He tried to suppress his voice and hissed instead. "You! Why are you here?! I thought you are chasing some bugs! Yet here you are, having a peaceful tea party while I was working my ass off!"

Xiong Zhi, Tang Yin, and Lu Yin Ze glanced confusedly at Linfeng.

'Chasing some bugs? Are they the bugs?'

Linfeng calmly drank tea. "Why are you here? Are you looking for Xinyang?"

Xiong Zhi: !!!

She straightened up slightly on her seat.

Jang Shin immediately quietened like a tortoise.

Linfeng continued, "If you are looking for her, then she is not here. She went with William earlier."


"...With whom?"

"William. He asked her for a date."

Jang Shin was stupefied.

Linfeng: "She went happily with him, she is all dressed up. I think she is wearing that red dress with a long slit..."

Tang Yin's eyes widened.


'Does my sister even have that kind of dress? Moreover, you did not even see her, ah!'

Xiong Zhi put down her teacup. In tandem with Linfeng, she added, "Indeed, she wore a really pretty dress. I wonder why she is dressed like that. Xinyang usually doesn't dress up like a doll, except for important occasions."

Jang Shin: !!!

"But earlier, her eyes are sparkling, and she is smiling widely while she hugged William's arm when they walked away. I wonder, what are they going to do on their date?"

Jang Shin: !!!!

Tang Yin: !!!!

Linfeng smirked knowingly. "I wonder about that too. William is known for being a womanizer. But he really expressed well earlier his intentions, that he is serious with Xinyang. I heard his elders have been pushing him for marriage. Maybe... he is planning to tie down Xinyang with marriage?"


Jang Shin: !!!!!!!

Tang Yin: !!!

Lu Yin Ze: (0)!

Xiong Zhi wanted to look worried, but her rather blank face did not cooperate.

So she covered her mouth and fanned the flames even more. "That is... likely the case. Xinyang told me personally that she wants to move on from a hopeless case of unrequited love. However, I still can't trust William. His reputation as a womanizer is very disturbing, you know. What if it is just one of his whims, to get Xinyang on his bed...? I am worried about Xinyang. Xinyang is really naive and can be easily taken advantage of."

Tang Yin: ???

Are we still thinking of the same person?

Lu Yin Ze almost choked. He reached out for his tea to moisten his throat.

This is big news!

Tang Yin and William...?

He never noticed!

Meanwhile, a cloud of darkness shrouded Jang Shin.

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