To Love You Again Chapter 587

Volume 2: Volume 2 Chapter 589 A Supposedly Romantic Date

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Jang Shin's face was dark and his long narrow eyes burned with cold flames.

He clenched his fists.

"Where did they go...?" He asked through gritted teeth.

Xiong Zhi glanced at Jang Shin. "I heard they went to H.X hotel?"

H.X hotel was the hotel Tang Xinyang was familiar with. And according to Song Xuantin, it has a good view with a romantic ambiance.

Linfeng shook his head. "H.X Hotel... Tsk, tsk... Really, William, as expected of you..."

A gust of wind swept them as Jang Shin's shadow disappeared in place.

Xiong Zhi looked at Linfeng and smiled.


The man clearly ate their bait.


Tang Yin suddenly slammed her hand on the table, forgetting her demure white lily pretense.

"What do you mean by that?! My sister is strong, she will not be pushed down by a man so easily, except if the man is Jang Shin!"


Lu Yin Ze turned his head to Tang Yin with wide eyes, surprised yet again.

Jang Shin and Tang Xinyang...?

"Then, how about William?" he asked in confusion.

Was it a love triangle?

But no one answered him as Tang Yin looked at the couple in front of her, indignant. "Besides, you two did not see my sister before she went away. She is not wearing any dress. She is wearing a tracksuit!"

Xiong Zhi and Linfeng: ???

That woman wore tracksuit for a date?

But Song Xuantin clearly said that the date would be in H.X hotel, and everything should be set up as romantic as possible.

"Then, why did you say it is a date earlier?" Lu Yin Ze asked again.

Finally, he was answered.

"I said it is a 'suspicious' date, since my sister claimed that someone has finally challenged her into a date! Who would challenge her and call it a date? It is really suspicious." Tang Yin explained while massaging her frown.

For a moment, everyone's eyes were blank.

Then it finally clicked in Linfeng's mind.

"Perhaps, they are not going to date in the upper floor but on the lower floor instead..."

Xiong Zhi was curious. She tugged her boyfriend's sleeve curiously.

"What's with the lower floor?"

Linfeng smiled helplessly, "You'll know when you get there."


H.X hotel was a chain of hotels owned by the Tang family.

It was a luxurious hotel very popular with women and couples, with the best Michelin chefs and a delicately designed interior to create a romantic ambiance, as well as amenity features aligned with beauty and wellness. It was a place with good scenery and skyscr.a.p.er view while dining with beloved ones, giving off romantic vibes. Guests can also book a suite for a temporary place to stay.

But H.X hotel had one unique point that made it different from any other lines of hotels owned by the Tang family.

Not known to many people, it was a place where EMA members could stay freely without any charge. There were dedicated floors for these members to stay temporarily in. And because it was a place for EMA members to stay in, there was naturally a large area in the lower floors where EMA members could train themselves while staying in the hotel.

There had been some cases when EMA members wanted to test their strength with the others that the staff would temporarily set up a ring. A stage mechanism was set to rise from the floor whenever the need for a ring arises.

Because EMA members always had fun when other experts fought with the purpose of learning or comparing notes, this had become a normal routine and unique feature of H.X hotel. If any EMA members stayed in any H.X hotel branches in the country, they could visit the lower floor area and challenge someone whom they feel had the same capability when they felt like it.

This was an information solely known to the Tang family, the EMA members, and of course, the butler family subordinate to the Tang's--the Jang's.

Jang Shin knew this feature as well.

However, while driving his car furiously to H.X hotel, he totally forgot this important detail.

His mind was filled with the image of Tang Xinyang in a red s.e.xy dress, hugging the womanizer William as they flirted like an a.d.u.l.terous pair!

He already warned Xinyang!

How could she not take it seriously!

He should not have relaxed his vigilance.

Just like Xiong Zhi had said, Tang Xinyang is incredibly naive in this kind of matter.

That woman had no idea of her own charm and seductiveness. She never realized just how much eyes from men she had drawn in all of the previous events and parties she attended.

Just thinking of William smiling evilly while pushing the foolish Tang Xinyang onto the bed made his blood boil!

He dares?!

'Xinyang...! I hope you are sane enough and won't do something reckless!'

Jang Shin cursed inwardly. No matter how much he told himself not to care...he could not help but be overly bothered about it.


The subject of his concern, Tang Xinyang, was currently eating a feast in the upper floor of H.X hotel. With the magnificent view and classic music, it really gave off classically romantic vibes.

William who was wearing an elegant grey suit ate the food stiffly. Like a bird, he numbly chewed the meat slowly while thinking about 'life'.

"Senior! You should eat more!" Tang Xinyang, who was wearing a tracksuit, handed him a large slice of steak on his plate. "You should eat a lot more so you'll have energy later!"

William smiled forcefully and ate the meat like a robot.


Why did no one find this woman strange, wearing a tracksuit in such a formal and romantic place?!

He soon found the answer.

"Young Miss Tang, you visited us again. Have you already booked a queue slot on the lower floor?" A man in a formal butler suit came to them and asked attentively.

William chewed the food slowly.

So she was a regular customer?

"Manager! What great timing! Please book a queue slot for us two on the lower floor," Tang Xinyang said happily.

"This gentleman is...?" The tall manager looked at William, his experienced eyes instantly evaluating the young miss's male companion.

A handsome foreign man. Very tall and looked accomplished, with an innate confidence and magnanimous air.

He looked familiar. He must be one of the people in upper society.

The young miss got good eyes, as expected of the young miss!

William put down his fork and wiped his lips with a napkin.

"William," he answered curtly with a nod.

"Greetings, Sir William. Shall I arrange the two of you as a team, or will it be a duel between each other?"

William: (v)????

Did he hear it right?

Tang Xinyang's eyes were sparkling. "Duel. If possible, I want to cut in the line and have the match an hour later."

William: !!!!

He heard it right!

"Wait, Xinyang! D-duel..? What do you mean by a duel?" William asked with a dumbfounded look on his face.

They were on a date!

A date!

"Eh? You are asking for a duel, aren't you?"

"What? Xinyang, I think you are misunderstanding something. I invited you to a date between a man and a woman."

William took her hand and switched to his Casanova mode.

"Although it surprised me when you appeared in a tracksuit despite me wearing my best suit all prepared for this date, I still think that you are very lovely and unique."

He kissed the back of her hand.

He needed to do his best and finish this date perfectly for the remaining four days! So he could go back to his country fast!

Flattered, Tang Xinyang held her cheek, grinning widely. "Aiya~ I'm not that lovely."

William inwardly nodded.

'Good, Good.'

His talent for making women blush and feel elated had not yet disappeared! It made him feel like he was back to being William.

"But I thought you are asking me for a duel, since you wanted to have the date here in H.X hotel. Anyway, since we are here now, we should not lose this golden chance to duel!"

Tang Xinyang excitedly took her hand back and turned to the manager. "Manager please book a ring for us!"

William's eyes were dead.

What happened to the romantic date...?

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