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Vol 5 Chapter 2634: Lin Yun On Stage

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In fact, in the time when the challenge was constantly going on, there were already a lot of discussions, wondering why Lin Yun remained silent?

After all, Lin Yun's exaggerated goal was heard by the immortals on the scene.

Some people are even asking if Lin Yun only thunders but not rain.

The battle on the ring continues.

After a fierce battle, the immortal named Lu Sheng successfully defeated the opponent and replaced the opponent's ranking in the gods list, reaching thirty-eighth.

The immortal who was defeated by him was called Dai Ziyang, an immortal under the banner of Xiaoyao Tower.

"Dai Ziyang, you are really vulnerable. After years of absence, how come you have become so weak." The winning Lu Sheng, standing on the ring, asked arrogantly.


The defeated Dai Ziyang's face suddenly changed. This was a naked mockery of him, but it couldn't be refuted. After all, he was a defeated general.

Immediately afterwards, Dai Ziyang went back in front of the host of Xiaoyao Lou.

"Owner, I am ashamed of Xiaoyao Building." The immortal Dai Ziyang said helplessly, lowering his head.

"Victory or defeat is commonplace for soldiers. Failure is not terrible. You should practice hard and try to get the place back before the next settlement of the gods list." The owner of Xiaoyao Building held a folding fan and understated it.

"Hmm!" The immortal Dai Ziyang nodded vigorously. Obviously, this failure can also be transformed into a motivation to cultivate hard.

"This Lu Sheng is very arrogant." Lin Yun muttered as he looked at the ring.

Just now, when Lu Sheng defeated Dong Guo Wou-ki, he also satirized Dong Guo Wou-ki, saying that Dong Guo Wou-ki didn't know how many catties he was, and even dared to challenge him.

"No way, this guy's strength has indeed improved a lot." Dong Guo Wuji said helplessly.

Dong Guo Wuji could only suffer the previous irony. Who would let him take the initiative to challenge others and couldn't beat them.

If others are better than you, then there will be arrogant capital.

Standing on the ring, Lu Sheng said arrogantly: "It's really hard to play. After the 38th place in the gods list, who dares to challenge me? Is there?"

As soon as this remark came out, the scene fell silent within a short period of time.

According to the rules of ranking, those immortals who are ranked higher than him, even if they want to go on stage to beat him, are not qualified to challenge him.

Only immortals ranked lower than him can challenge him, but this guy's strength lies here, immortals ranked lower than him, almost no one has the confidence to defeat him.

"Since I am so crazy, let me go up and play with him." Lin Yun showed a playful smile.

Originally, Lin Yun planned to wait for everyone to challenge slowly before taking action later.

But when encountering such an arrogant one, Lin Yun didn't mind going there first.

The opponent is now 38th on the Celestial List, enough for Lin Yun... to warm up.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yun stood up.

"I will challenge you!"

Lin Yun's loud voice spread throughout the audience in an instant.

After the voice fell, Lin Yun stomped and flew towards the ring.

"It's Lin Yun!"

"This guy is finally on stage!"

The immortals on the scene immediately became energetic, and even the Queen Kunlan and other big men who had been closing their eyes and rested, slowly opened their eyes.

Now that Lin Yun is on stage, it's worth letting them open their eyes and watch.

"Lu Sheng is now 38th on the Celestial God List. Although he is not the top 20 on the Celestial God List, he meets Lin Yun's first goal, between 30 and 40."

"He wants to make it to the top 20 of the gods list. It's completely a fantasy. Even this Lu Sheng, I am afraid it will be extremely difficult to defeat."

"If he loses to this Lu Sheng, then he will have to attack the top 20 rhetoric before, but it will be a real joke."


There was a lot of discussion on the spot.

"Father should be able to do it!" Daughter Lin Kexin looked looking forward to and excited.

She can finally see that Lin Yun has truly demonstrated his strength.

"Lin Yun dares to challenge, he is absolutely sure!"

Lin Yun's relatives and friends also looked forward to it.

In the first row of the auditorium, Deputy Palace Master Yao and Song Lin, who is fourth on the Celestial List, sat together.

"This little guy is finally on stage, and I am looking forward to this guy the most for today's ranking." Deputy Palace Master Yao also cheered up.

Song Lin also said: "I would really like to see this guy's performance. This is the third time he has made a public shot since he entered the Celestial Palace, right? The first two times were when he first joined the Celestial Palace, and now there is a period of time. I dont know what level of strength it has reached since it joined the Celestial Palace."

Although the two of them are looking forward to Lin Yun's performance, the reasons are quite different.

Deputy Palace Master Yao wanted to use Lin Yun's action to verify the fact that Lin Yun killed two seven-level sky monsters.

Although Lin Yun showed the body of the monster at the beginning, it still made Vice Palace Master Yao feel unbelievable. Only when he truly saw that Lin Yun's strength could reach the level of slaying the seventh-level sky demon, he could truly believe it. .

As for Song Lin, he also became a registered disciple of the Emperor, and he knew that Lin Yun was also a registered disciple of the Emperor.

So he was very curious. After all, he was fourth on the gods list. His strength was beyond doubt. It was not surprising that he could pass the test of the human emperor and be recognized by the human emperor.

But it didn't take long for Lin Yun, a young fellow, to step into immortality. It is reasonable to say that Lin Yun's strength is tens of thousands of miles away from him. How did Lin Yun get the recognition of the emperor and become a named disciple?

He wanted to see Lin Yun's strength very much.

On the huge arena.

After Lin Yun fell on the ring, he stood opposite Lu Sheng.

"It's really interesting. I didn't expect you, Lin Yun, to come to challenge me. You are a man of the heavens." Lu Sheng smiled and looked at Lin Yun.

Before Lin Yun released the bold words to hit the'top 20 of the gods' list, this Lu Sheng naturally knew.

"What? Am I not qualified to challenge you?" Lin Yun also smiled.

"According to the rules of ranking, of course you are qualified to challenge me."

Lu Sheng's words changed: "Just in terms of strength and qualifications, you are probably too far away. It is not that Lu Sheng despises you, but your cultivation time is too short. No matter how bad the sky is, you still need enough time to practice. , Precipitation, right?"

Lu Sheng continued with a smile: "But your courage really makes me admire."

"Really? I didn't expect I could still admire you." Lin Yun smiled.

"Yes, I admire you very much. You dare to set the goal of hitting the top 20 in front of so many immortals. Your courage to not be afraid of being laughed at, I am afraid that few immortals can do it. "Lu Sheng said with a grin.

Lin Yun was taken aback, and then laughed again: "So you mean I am thick-skinned, or I am shameless?"

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